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  1. i will do my best to give you more information.When i use the fm2020 pre editor if i click on an item like people or cities or clubs it will let me copy but it wont let me paste in the fm2020 editor.As i said earlier fm2019 was fine so was fm2018 editor thanks.
  2. I can copy on a player name but cant paste it to another editor just a blank like fm2018 editor keen to do updates useing fm2020 pre editor any fix for this yes all other editors work fine thanks
  3. I fot got to mention that when i copy on a name say Jacob Harry Maguire then paste it to firefox or chrome it wont paste every thing was fine on fm2019 editor and fm2018 thanks
  4. I want to do a data update for fm2008 using the fm2020 pre editor everytime i click on copy then paste to fm2008 editor dosent work.then i loaded fm2019 editor copy and paste it works without a problem bit stuck thanks
  5. Hi guy just started a new save game with fm2008 i brought Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior from Santos for 100,000 pounds hes worth 0 at start at game but have to wait one more season before i get him he age 15 in the game lets see how he goes
  6. Yep working for me to now i can access store and downloads thanks.
  7. Thanks drakiri its annoying thanks for the imformaton by the way i am a crows suporter and man utd thanks
  8. Thats what i am getting to mate its a pain in the back side still getting it
  9. Having the same problem as well only started a few weeks ago fm2014 fm2015 fine i can but fm2016 17 18 19 cant access steam workshop via downloads get error code 1 mate your not alone i am from australia to mate thanks.
  10. http://wwhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/uw2r7w7ugt41onl/MiNiMaL_FuSS_07_v4%2B_alter_%28Chelsea%2C_Aug_2006%29.tac http://www.mediafire.com/file/uw2r7w7ugt41onl/MiNiMaL_FuSS_07_v4%2B_alter_%28Chelsea%2C_Aug_2006%29.tac/file There you go mate found 2 of them in my tactics pack folder in fm2008 hope links work mate never up load file before
  11. Can somebody who this tattic upload loaded thanks i wont to give it a go thanks the above link is not avaiable thanks
  12. I heard resources in real life that man utd are offering 200 millon to join barcelona fc but i will wait and see if he goes in my save game thanks.
  13. Hi guys playing fm2018 manageing man utd heading into the 2019 transfer season he made a request to join barcelon fc i set and asking price of 150 millon is that to much for him thanks. ]
  14. I was just thinking if it a good idea to play the club songs after matches in football manager newer version of fm if its possoble i would like it.I would love to here Glory Glory Man Utd every win just a thought thanks guys not sure if its brought up before.
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