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  1. Hi guys just brought the great neymar from santon for a 1 mimillon pounds hes a 15 year old back them on fm2008 just started a new game have to wait to get him until 2010 bit strange
  2. Any fix on this yet starting to get sick off useing control paste on keyboard then right click doing a data update on fm2019 when i click ob right mouse button select copy dosent work so have to use keyboard way thanks.
  3. I am having the same problem to all ready started a topic about it
  4. I can copy things in the editor by using copy but can't paste have to use control c to do it thanks
  5. Will there be a fix or patch for this soon thanks
  6. Its works when i click on contol and paste on someone name but right details where its got cut select paste undo clear dosent
  7. When i hight light his name to copy then paste it comes up like that there no copy or paste right just details fm2019 editor fine
  8. Hi guys i cant copy or paste in the editor when i click on someone name paul pogba on man utd details then copy his name to people to search it wont work copy or paste attribtues either dosent work i have to use key board instead when i click right paste comes up with copy paste cut clear thats what i mean i high lighted his name dosent paste
  9. i will do my best to give you more information.When i use the fm2020 pre editor if i click on an item like people or cities or clubs it will let me copy but it wont let me paste in the fm2020 editor.As i said earlier fm2019 was fine so was fm2018 editor thanks.
  10. I can copy on a player name but cant paste it to another editor just a blank like fm2018 editor keen to do updates useing fm2020 pre editor any fix for this yes all other editors work fine thanks
  11. I fot got to mention that when i copy on a name say Jacob Harry Maguire then paste it to firefox or chrome it wont paste every thing was fine on fm2019 editor and fm2018 thanks
  12. I want to do a data update for fm2008 using the fm2020 pre editor everytime i click on copy then paste to fm2008 editor dosent work.then i loaded fm2019 editor copy and paste it works without a problem bit stuck thanks
  13. Hi guy just started a new save game with fm2008 i brought Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior from Santos for 100,000 pounds hes worth 0 at start at game but have to wait one more season before i get him he age 15 in the game lets see how he goes
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