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  1. Hairy


    Having the same problem as well only started a few weeks ago fm2014 fm2015 fine i can but fm2016 17 18 19 cant access steam workshop via downloads get error code 1 mate your not alone i am from australia to mate thanks.
  2. http://wwhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/uw2r7w7ugt41onl/MiNiMaL_FuSS_07_v4%2B_alter_%28Chelsea%2C_Aug_2006%29.tac http://www.mediafire.com/file/uw2r7w7ugt41onl/MiNiMaL_FuSS_07_v4%2B_alter_%28Chelsea%2C_Aug_2006%29.tac/file There you go mate found 2 of them in my tactics pack folder in fm2008 hope links work mate never up load file before
  3. Can somebody who this tattic upload loaded thanks i wont to give it a go thanks the above link is not avaiable thanks
  4. Hairy

    Paul Progba

    I heard resources in real life that man utd are offering 200 millon to join barcelona fc but i will wait and see if he goes in my save game thanks.
  5. Hi guys playing fm2018 manageing man utd heading into the 2019 transfer season he made a request to join barcelon fc i set and asking price of 150 millon is that to much for him thanks. ]
  6. I was just thinking if it a good idea to play the club songs after matches in football manager newer version of fm if its possoble i would like it.I would love to here Glory Glory Man Utd every win just a thought thanks guys not sure if its brought up before.
  7. wont work fourntley due to micrscoft updates something to do with scrdive drm i think that why mate they remove it still want to play this great game have another crack it but mine wont work either on windows 7.
  8. Just wondering whats every ones bad habbit is in football manager i always save a game before a match.
  9. Hairy

    Size of player faces

    Try using a differant skin that's what i idid then they became bigger.
  10. You can with facepacks and backgrounds pictures, but not sure about skins.logos yes i try it myself.
  11. hello i thinking about giving football manager 2005 ago can any one remember what number the last patch was thanks.
  12. Hairy

    In game editor

    I think i just saw it in preferences interface there's a box that says show in game editor in menu bar, so i think just untick it and press comfirm.
  13. Can anyone help me with panini facepacks on football manager 2008 some pictures show up but not all of them.They work on football manager 2009 fine thanks.
  14. I would like to see them do a cricket or even a golf game.
  15. Because that i heard that xp games don't work probably on windows 7 home and they do on Ultimate and Professional windows 7 and also xp is no longer updating after april 2014 that's why i had to get a new computer just ask if they will work or not.