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  1. He actually came back to life in the second half scoring lots in a short spell of time No, not that many actually. Maybe 1-2 each season and I don't rotate that heavily either. In France, some months are really cramped (like February) and others are almost like off-season. Guessing they make room for European football or someting.. Thanks for reading!
  2. Second half of the season We did it! A fantastic February showed the way. We lost the fourth place to Marseille in the last game of the season but hell, who cares. The Golden Generation from last year was followed up by this rubbish. Only Adama Sinara worth mentioning but he came with a pretty bad personality. I decided to put him in the first team squad and the goalkeeper mentor group with Lecomte & Berthé (both fairly professional). After just 6 months he had a balanced personality. I have a hard time seeing him as more than a back-up Adama Berthé given he is older, better & has a better personality. Academy player Richard Costa is another player who had a positive effect of the mentoring. From "Realist" to "Spirited". Rüfli wanted to move back to Switzerland so I promoted Costa to the back-up to Georgen so he has been given a fairly amount of game time this season. I can Costa playing in this team for a long time and being a mentor himself. I splashed almost my entire budget on Lecomte last year but what a signing he has been. Highest average rating in the league and came in second behind Navas as the Goalkeeper of the year (clearly winning by reputation). Milan placed that loan bid I mentioned in the previous post men never came back. Now Sassuolo have been sniffing around without placing a official bid. Hope we can keep him now that we have European cups to offer. Some nice tidbits. FINALLY able to spend some money on the facilities.
  3. First half of the season So, I have played the first half of the season and the season is going very well. With a little meatier squad we hope to push for European qualification and finally make some money. We still score a lot but have been better to close matches with a 4-5-1 version of the existing tactic. Dylan Saint-Louis have been on fire while the top scorer from last year Adama Sarr have been quite the opposite, only scoring twice in the league. A few highlights from the first half of the season so far. The little "rebellion" was ended rather quickly. I dropped Bong for a short time, playing Koné & Youho but every time Bong got the chance he delivered so no hard feelings. Not for the moment at least. Lecomte scored against Nantes from the spot. By mistake I chose him as the penalty kick taker and he bagged it. Phew! This came in late of the first half. Arguably my best player and in the beginning of the season Dylan was magnificent, only Pellegri have scored more so far. This is a very hard blow as Adama Sarr have not been able to scored in the capacity as last year. As a result of this injury I move Adama Sarr to the role of the Advanced forward and Kevin Fortuné come in as the deep-lying. The latter has quite good work ethic so thinking of trying the pressing forward on support. Always this guy... This time I didn't even had to say anything. Worth something I guess. The mentoring finally worked! After only 6 months at the club Benjamin Lecomte is not only team leader but he managed to change the personality of Adama Berhté from Unambitious to Fairly professional. Very glad over this. As a result I deem Adama ready to advance to my back-up keeper, still available for the U19 team. Sent Calvin Haidara to Le Mans on loan. I had plan on doing this already but when he demanded a loan it was an easy decision. Academy player (and third choice on the right wing) Sylvain Dugain got the nod in the cup fixture against Caen and he delivered! 1 goal & 3 assist and a match rating on 9.4. Well done. AC Milan came sniffing around Lecomte and placed a loan bid with and optional fee on €5m. Obviously turned it down since I don't have a replacement in the squad or any money to go shopping. Milan still have Gianluigi Donnarumma as their first choice and Robin Olsen as back-up. They are however selling Antonio Donnarumma but I'm not sure what they want Lecomte for but he wanted the move so I agreed to sell him if anyone bid €6.25m. I have Maxence Prevot line-up as the replacement if anything should happen.
  4. Yeah, I think that was pretty uncalled for. Won against Monaco after this so it seems better already. But Bong have been dropped to the bench.
  5. So this ending from last year... ...and this beginning... ..led to this. Now I have 90 days to create a happy dressing room.
  6. They went down via play-off as well. If this was a different kind of save that would have been a interesting project!
  7. Pre-season, transfers & Tuchel - I really liked the look of Benjamin Lecomte so I decided to splash the cash here. He replaces Demaconnay as both keeper and vice-captain. I actually think he is perfect for us. - Kevin Fortune comes in as the back-up striker. He should work as the deep-lying forward and Adama Sarr can move up to the advanced forward role. He was very cheap with great mental stats. - Needed more depth behind Julien Lopez as the inside forward. Even though Alexis Claude-Maurice is a central player by his nature but I think he can to the job from the wing. Also have some plans for a 4-4-1-1 as well... - Alec Georgen comes in on a free from PSG. Hoped to off-load Karamako or Rüfli here but no luck. However, like the potential and his club DNA attributes - Last player in was Jordan Pierre-Charles, I was looking for a younger left-footed CB but when I couldn't find a suitable back-up for Yohann Etienne I went for Jordan as he can play both positions with those attributes. Two birds in one stone. Overall quite happy with the dealings this off-season. The transfer budget was quite hefty compared to the funds in our pockets. Meaning I could sign players but not convince the board to invest in the training facilities. Hopefully soon... This is the squad I go to war with for the third season of this project. The depth is much better this season I can hope we can avoid the collapse we had at the end of the previous season. This is our mentoring set-up at the moment. Since the players in the senior squad train in different units my thinking is that the mentoring groups should reflect that to make sure the younger players spends as much time as possible with the mentor on the training pitch. Not sure this is the best way but we'll try it! I choose the following three as my squad mentors: Benjamin Lecomte for his personality. Main purpose with this is to develop Berthé and get rid of his awful personality. Frédéric Bong for being team captain & team leader. Also decent balanced personality and OK mental stats. Kevin Fortune for his personality and mental stats. I have quite high hopes for Kiaku & Borie so hope to develop their mental attributes Local talent 20 players from the 26 are from the region surrounding Paris. Breakdown below. For this transfer window I have created a player search filter for Paris + the regions included in the Petir Couronne, when the clubs grow we might have to look at the Grande Couronne. 77% of the squad comes from Île-de-France ------------------------------------------------------------- 69% come from the Petit Couronne (which was the outlined as the target area for recruitment) 42% comes from Paris 15% comes from Haut-de-Seine (Jordan Pierre-Charles, Alec Georgen, Adama Berthé, Sylvain Dugain) 11% comes from Seine-Saint-Denis (Samuel Yohou, Alexis Claude-Maurice, Garpard Borie) 8% comes from the Grande Couronne (Dylan Saint-Denis, Richard Costa) ------------------------------------------------------------- 23% doesn't meet the home-grown requirements Pre-season done and dusted. Easy fixtures where everyone got minutes and are match fit. The youngsters also got some game time and impressed. Doubtful if they get any minutes in the league since they are all so young. Decided to **** off Tuchel once again at the press conference before the season premiere against Marseille. We face off against PSG in the second fixture of the season
  8. Review & squad evaluation Even though I am happy with the season I think it would be good to have a look at all the positions to see if we need to upgrade or even change something. I have separated the squad into Goalkeepers, central defenders, fullbacks, central midfielders, wingers and strikers. From there we can see the following the highlighted attributes for the positions + the proposed club DNA followed by some stats important for the positions. Goalkeepers Vincent Demaconnay have played the majority of the matches. Calvin Haidara filled his placed when he was injured and the odd cup game. Demaconnay have announced his retirement after this season despite having one more year on his deal. No big loss actually as he has declined quite a bit during the year. Having a short goalie playing sweeper keeper with awful physical stats (pace, agility) proved to be a very bad idea. Also, I don't like his personality as I want my senior goalkeeper to mentor the young ones. A new signing is essential here as Haidara is not prepared to be no1 and academy players Berthé still hasn't lost his bad personality Future plan: Sign a quality goal keeper with good personality to cover this position for the coming years and develop Berthé. Might send Haidara on loan. Central defenders Same thing here, wasn't much rotation here. Captain Bong & Yohou played almost the entire season. Frédéric Bong is being a force back there, really happy with some of his stats. Looking at this Koné maybe should have played a bit more. The age of Bong is soon becoming a problem and all three central defenders are quite similar; tall, strong and right footed. Should need some more depth and a left foot. Academy not producing anything here unfortunately. Future plan: Bring in a young left footed player. Replace Bong after this season (probably) Fullbacks There is some work to be done here. Yohan Etienne is my best fullback and works good on left side but I do not have any back-up here. On the right side, I wouldn't mind letting Rüfli and/or Karamako go as their performance (Rüfli) or attributes (Karamako) just isn't good enough. Another solution would be look at the tactical set-up on the right side as Rüfli seem to be very prone to mistake (highest count of all the players in Ligue 1). Rüfli have a "good left foot" so might keep him if a decent left back back-up isn't found. Aim to include Richard Costa to the first team as he might benefit to mentoring + many of his stats are OK/good for a 16yo. Future plan: Ditch Karamako and/or Rüfli and bring in 2 new fullbacks OR change the tactical set-up. Maybe look at a Inverted fullback tactic? Central midfielders I included Julien Lopez here. Even if his is starting on the wing as a Inside Forward I don't see him as a winger. But unfortunately I don't have anyone to compare him with. It is also unfair to compare Mandouki with Bernede (for example) as they are playing with different tasks on the field. But that goes without saying. What we can see is that Bourgrine have better stats than Bernede in almost every category. He creates more chances, more key passes, more shots and even more interceptions per 90 min. He have more mistakes but that is acceptable. Mandouki have similar stats as first choice Akichi but have a better stat when it comes to interceptions. Given he is natural as a BWM when Akichi is a BBM. Future plans: Letting Garland Gbelle & Alexander Viera go from this bunch. Other than that I'm quite happy with this set-up for the coming season. Bougrine/Bernede as the AP role & Akichi/Mandouki as the defensive midfielder. Might promote Priso from the u19 as the third choice for the latter position and make him available for tutoring. Wingers Axel Bakayoko & Fumu-Tamuzo is battling for the position as right side winger. I have favoured Bakayoko but looking at this I might have made the wrong decision? Fumu-Tamuzo have better stats in almost all categories. Interesting. Letting Ourega go and will promote Sylvain Dugain as the third choice and make him available for mentoring Future plans: Nothing for the forthcoming season. Both wingers needs to prove their spot in this squad. Strikers Wow, this duo. Sarr coming in second fir the golden boot & best scorer in Ligue 1 the past year. And Dylan Saint-Loius had the most assists in the league. Love these guys even though Sarr is not from the area. Future plans: No need for any major amendments but will need to bring in a back-up striker and maybe promote one of the strikers from the "golden gen". Those guys are like 14 years old so maybe no rush. Summary 1. New goalkeeper 2. Back up for Yohann Etienne at left back 3. Back-up striker 4. Add a centre defender to the roster. Left-footed is a dealbreaker 5. Should also try and save money to be able to upgrade the training facilities. Not liking the lack of progress here. I also plan to create a more defensive tactic to be able to close some matches. Losing 3-0 leads twice in the last month was very... bad? Temped to change the inside forward to a advance playmaker as I want him operated centrally behind the strikers, that would also give me the option to strengthen the central midfield with a runner rather than a playmaker. We had some problems with top heavy teams, Monaco and their 4-2-4 especially. But that is for later.
  9. No, missed out unfortunately I am actually quite suprised that came to visit to see Bernede as he haven't played in the first XI that much. Not only Manchester U are interested so hoping for a bidding war!
  10. May 2019 Against Saint Etinne we were 3-0. Draws 3-3. Against Marseille we were 3-0 up. Loses 3-4. wtf All season we had a very very slim squad and towards the end we just couldn't pull through. But we are happy anyways with our first season in Ligue 1 and aim to build on that. Against Rennes in the last game we played our first academy player when Richard Costa got the nod to start at right back. He paid me back with assist. He might Hopefully he can be part of the match squad a little more next season. Our first choice right back Vincent Rufli have the most mistakes in the entire league which isn't something I'm happy with. Especially not since he is 31y old and not from the local area. I just have to highlight the surreal contribution Adama Sarr had at the business end of the season. Even though the team struggled, he carried the offense in a very satisfying way in the deep lying forward-role.
  11. April 2019 The win against Lille secured both the Ligue 1 spot and the best-ever position for the club. Happy times. After his two goals Adama Sarr got injured and missed the following matches. And with him our attacking potency went. A well known visitor
  12. March 2019 Kings of Paris (at least for one night....) A little sooner than I thought but we manage to beat PSG! Taking the lesson from last time we went into turtle mode after our goal. With this team I haven't played this before. Although we are still very early in this quest for local talent from Paris we managed to include 10 players in the squad from Paris. Here it is, the historical goal from Dylan Saint-Louis. Part from the fantastic result against PSG we had a painful month against pretty good opponents. Never stood a chance against either Angers or Lyon.
  13. The extra would be needed for sure. Way of the wage budget and the board have started to complain. Monaco is coming strong now under Jorge Jesus and will make a push for the euro spots. They are still in the cups however while we have a pretty generous amount of training days between the matches going forward
  14. February 2019 - youth intake This came early and new HOYD Dominique Bijotat seems to be happy about this work as he boasts about a "golden generation". That remains to be seen but I like the look of the future striker partners Borie & Kiaku, coming out of central Paris & Aubervillies (Seine-Saint Denis). They are already tearing it up in the u19 series. I also like the look of defensive midfielder Frank Priso from Boulogne Billancourt (Haute de Seine). Overall I like that this batch of players had slightly better personalities than the previous (still not great...) I notice that this intake was very young and the plans for the upcoming years is to invest in good coaches for the U19 and also the training facilities. As soon as I have the money ofc. Bijotat can stay another year... In the first U19 fixtures Kiaku have scored LOTS. Which is very promising. Strange month, lots of goals and old man Vincent Demarconnay seem to have lost his ability to move and are conceding some easy goals. Since he has announced his retirement after this season I am thinking of playing Haidara instead. Jorge jesus and Monaco knocked us out from yet another cup. They seem re-born and we will have to fight to keep hold of the last EL qual spot. I love Adama Sarr. He might no be born in Paris but he scores a lot.
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