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  1. So two CB’s with superb stamina and great work rate. Yet get knackered after playing a match in a dominant team who I doubt have to get out of second gear most times. Great logic there like 🙄
  2. if I’m not mistaken a high press doesn’t even involve your CB’s pressing. It’s the forwards and midfielders that do the pressing for you when possession is lost. So I’m my opinion a CB should in no way be getting jaded/tired every other match, it’s ridiculous. What are Ramos and Koulibaly’s stamina levels like @Mikee1984?
  3. I’m guessing that he means something like the Forbes richest clubs list.
  4. Will do 👍🏻 It’s strange indeed, I went back to the same highlight a good few times just to make sure I wasn’t going insane but it was clearly wrongly disallowed. I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know
  5. What you’re asking is impossible in my opinion. Even with the most narrowest of formations you’re always going to get some crosses delivered in. Sometimes even more so depending on how compact your opponent is defending. If play gets tight through the middle you’re more likely to see the ball played out wide for a full back or winger to send it in to cause chaos. The most narrowest of formations always have an out ball in a wide position
  6. I’ve had this happen on a few occasions now where a goal is wrongly ruled out for offside. The last one wasn’t even close, ball comes in from a throw in, nodded back to the edge of the box for a midfielder to rush in and rifle it home with about 8 opponent bodies in the box. Flag goes up though 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Can’t be done mate. All the information is reset at the beginning of a new season
  8. I’ve always been under the impression that traits mean nothing in the mobile version.
  9. Resetting my preferences corrected it. Thanks for that! Feel Free to close the thread
  10. I’ll give that a go and let you know how I get on. Thanks!
  11. As the title suggest, I can’t seem to save my set pieces for some reason. Im playing on iOS and every time I creat a new routine and go to save it I get a load of different files on the right hand side and no idea which one I should be saving into. Each one I select just says that the file can not be saved. Any help in this would be massively appreciated!
  12. That’s fine 👍🏻 I managed to grab his goals total from the best XI area or there abouts anyway 😁
  13. This is exactly the point I’m trying to make This game is as non linear as they come, and it should remain that way. Just because they’ve given you a transfer budget of £180m or whatever it was it doesn’t mean you have to spend it, same goes for your striker. Just because his position states striker, doesn’t mean he won’t do a job for you elsewhere 😛 obviously not in goal but you know what I mean
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