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  1. That’s what I recall the devs saying previously. It’s rather annoying though lol
  2. Fantastic, this is the answer I wanted to hear 😁 (not being sarcastic either) In addition to your ways of making the game more difficult may I also include that you could maybe include real life transfer rules that aren’t in the game too. So many ways to make the game more difficult. We’ve had a huge debate on Vibe about a difficulty setting and I’m in the “we don’t need one” camp. Thanks Marc
  3. I’ve witnessed the same as the OP to be honest, never seen a VAR review give a goal, always disallows it.
  4. By any chance, are you guys contemplating including a difficulty setting withing the game in the near future?
  5. Scrap this. Since the iPhone XR support update yesterday it’s not happened
  6. I’ve tried turning “display post match training” off after the recent update and it’s still popping up after each match. Just wondering if this is a known issue? Device: IPhone 8
  7. I’ve noticed this too, a player could get a 10 day injury but won’t be fully fit for a month sometimes
  8. I’ve actually had this happen when the player asks for a heavier training regime, then goes to complain that he’s being pushed too hard. I then change it back to normal, only for him to demand a heavier regime again 😂
  9. Have you tried pressing “suggest terms”?
  10. It bloody should though! He’s been sent off, his rating should reflect that
  11. Quite possibly! He’s a top player in a poor-ish league and we had a stunning season so it’s likely I had a bid for him, I wouldn’t have acknowledged it as I’m not a selling person once I’ve assembled my squad! I’ve not had it happen since, but if I’ll keep an eye out
  12. no idea, i only checked at the end of the season for a screenshot. Doh! apologies. think ive done it right this time nickthomas_asensio_fake_transfer.zip
  13. So according to my outgoing transfers page, i sold marco asensio to spurs? the thing is, i didnt. He's still at the club with no future transfer arranged. save attached nickthomas_asensio_fake_transfer.zip
  14. The DMC issue is worse than ever guys! No matter what I do, they can’t even get a decent rating - which in turn hampers his development through the new training system, and then also hampers his morale. Usually by around January his morale is shot which does affect overall results.
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