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  1. Not so much a bug, a query if you like. Under the club history section you receive from the chairman when loading a save, are the trophies meant to be interactable? As in, are they meant to show how many times the club has won them during their history etc. Also if you look closely on the screenshot provided, the carabao Cup seems to have been cut at the edge. Maybe a scroll bar would be convenient there for clubs such as United who have won a fair few trophies?
  2. Not sure if this happens on every save, I’ve literally only just got the game. Example: The “sit narrower”, “stay wider” & “hold up ball” instructions appear on a white background and the text is barely recognisable. I only recognised it from experience. Any chance that text colour could be changed?
  3. A slider may be the answer to this if viable at all?
  4. Not sure where to post this or if it’s supported in anyway. For those of you struggling to get Switch screenshots onto your mobile for bug reporting, I’ve found this guide pretty helpful: http://nintendofuse.com/how-to-transfer-screenshots-from-nintendo-switch/ Again, if this isn’t supported on here then feel free to remove the post Thanks
  5. Have a look at this guide over on Vibe, it may be useful https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/42810-fmm19-tips-for-lower-league-success/
  6. FMM news is always in the final week (maybe two) before release. It’s just a strategic move to increase impulse buys on release imo. Absolutely nothing wrong with that either, although it’d be nice to receive some news earlier
  7. When setting up a new save have you got the “use fake players” ticked? (It’s one of the options on the left hand side) If you start a game with that not ticked then you really shouldn’t be getting fake players unless of course you’ve pirated the game
  8. £225m is literally a built in cap. It has nothing to do with how the board sees things, it’s just the maximum cash you can offer. I’ve spent that on a league two player before to see if the board would stop it and they haven’t.
  9. Not a big deal but thought I’d bring it up anyway. I started a new scouting assignment for a striker who could play as a target man. I ended up finding one myself anyway so I edited that assignment to a CB who could play the Central defender role but the desired attributes are locked in as Target Man attributes. Does all that make sense? I can get some screenshots if required
  10. Hi lads just a small text error for you here. I received the news item below which says we are the European champions when in fact we were runners up as seen in the second screenshot. No big deal but thought I’d throw it your way all the same
  11. I haven’t I’m afraid. I’ll see if it reproduces in the next season
  12. The manager Profile attributes has “hands on approach” listed, it’s alway right down at the bottom, probably as there’s very limited to no player interaction on the touch version. Would it be possible to scrap that in future versions? It’s an unnecessary eye sore on my otherwise flawless Profile 😀
  13. I finished 3rd in the premier league with Leeds so automatically qualified for the group stages of the champions league. The board expectation on the following season however was to reach the group stages. Shouldn’t the expectation be reaching the knockout stages at least?
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