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  1. Welcome to mulitplayer with FM19, which is easily one of the worst multiplayer implementations of recent times. Matches are still incredibly buggy, horrible lag in certain parts of the game (manual scouting almost impossible) and minor display things that haven't been addressed since the beta days. If you have a good working game in an older version, I'd stick with that and hope that FM20 has a better implementation.
  2. Yes it is pausing the game that causes the issue, but it's realted to the matches themselves. We have found that if you join a game after an interval (e.g. after the match has started, after half time, after full time going into ET) this issue resolves. If you join a game from the start and the person watching doesn't leave at any point, the game runs difference versions for each user with the actual user who's game it is being the correct one. When the game gets paused it causes all of the matches to stop and the game doesn't know what to do with all the different versions running. If everyone leaves and comes back it resolves itself. Has been this way since FM19 was released.
  3. Yeah this one is a real pain. Whether it be in penalty shoot outs or the games themselves, it's just a real deal breaker. Looks like some of the issues around multiplayer that existed pre-beta where never really resolved. It appears now that for whatever reason, the game decides to sim multiple games at the same time based on the number of users. I've abandoned all hope in the multiplayer in FM19 and gone back to FM17. Might look at it again if it ever works as intended.
  4. It's like the game treats a shot as a pass and if the player is offside when that happens, it gets disallowed.
  5. Viewing other matches was an issue during the beta that were trying to fix before release. Does it actually go into the match, show any weird screens or just do nothing?
  6. There is a difference between sitting through the replay of the incident and watching a ref run to the sidelines and look at an imaginary screen and then the text indicating the outcome. If the time taken for the review was a replay itself, that would be better. In RL you get to see multiple replays whilst the decision is made.
  7. I don't have an issue with it being added as it can't be any worse than it is in RL. It's more having to watch the referee animation each time as he runs over to the sidelines and kills 20 seconds. Sure it may not happen very often, but just being able to disable that would be good. You should be able to see the incident as a highlight anyway without the need for the ref part.
  8. Looks like something that was in much older versions of the game in the Championship Manager era. Question will be how much benefit will there be from the extra time taken to set all the individual training plans.
  9. If you can't turn VAR off, at least have the option of turning the animation off. Do we really need to see the ref running to the sideline and look at an imaginary screen? I know VAR is the way the game is going but I'm yet to see an implementation in RL that actually works and for sure it will add to the frustration like when you get game after game of dodgy referees.
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