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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"


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    A FM player that can barely stick to a save for longer than a season.

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    FM player since FM18, allthough have bought it since FM16


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    Football, music, TV

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    Manchester City

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    Inter & Liverpool

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  1. Hi. I'm a big fan of FM and really like it alot, but the fact and matter is that I suck at tactics. I usually start a save but ends up quiting before I've reached January. I can't create tactics, I just suck. I've watched alot of youtube videos explaining how they work and what would work, and I know that there is no ultimate tactic that works for everything. I've tried the presets, I've tried making my own, and I've tried downloading tactics (allthough I prefer to make my own or use the presets). I struggle alot with knowing how to fix up with the problems that occure. Whenever something happens, like I concede a goal, I can't understand what's going on and what I am doing wrong, I just don't understand it. I've had good saves before but I am slowly on a decline and on the phase of giving up completely, which is quite unfortunate since I have a lot of hours on this game and it's one of my favorites! If anyone could give me some links for simple tutorials or come with tips to help my motivation or help me get better at tactics that would be great. I know alot about the game and have my routines such as giving my assistant multiple roles that I cannot perform. I also fill up the staff to upgrade it overall wherever I am.
  2. What kind of striker is he? What role and his stats?
  3. I usually play with normal and dark skin. Haven't really touched the light skin but I have seen photos of it and tried it in the previous title and it just wouldn't work for me.
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