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  1. Thanks. I've done the autoselect for both of my computers and seem to run alright. But if I select the highest on the 1050 Ti it will run smooth though? Sorry for the amounst of questions though.
  2. Thanks for the answer. For the PC with the Intel one I am considering a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X. I guess that would run everything on high without major problems/lag etc?
  3. Hi. I currently play FM on two pcs. The one which graphics card have been decreased due to problems and can only reach 1 star while the new one I bought some weeks ago has 3 stars. I'd like to know what graphics cards requirements to get 5 stars on the capability because playing on low graphics isn't nice to watch, while on higher is smooth and nice. The pc I get 3 stars on is running an AMD Radeon 520 while the one which can only get 1 star is running an Intel HD Graphics 4600. Thanks.
  4. Sorry if I am doing something wrong. This is my first time here and since I just got of the toilet taking a huge **** I just got an idea I'd like to share. It might already be there but I have not seen it so far so yeah... As the title says, it's an advanced opposition instruction. You can already put in opposition instruction and player instruction but what if you could put in opposition instruction for player instruction? For example: you are playing as Barcelona, and facing Liverpool in an important Champions League match. A Barca fan favourite has signalized Salah as their main threat and you start to put in instructions. But there is no opposition instruction you can put in on the player? Like you want Jordi Alba to mark Salah all the time because he has some pace and will be able to stop him. Like add opposition instruction for your players. Players can be instructed to mark a specific player, maybe close down a lot, mark all the time, get stuck in in tackles etc. Chase that player for all the game when the player is not joining in on any other face of the attack for example. It could be more useful to have specific players take on specific players. Like you can put your strongest centreback to follow and stop anything coming from CR7, so you can have a better chance of winning without CR7 being there, and your player emptying his pocket finding Ronaldo furious there as he could not get anywhere near the box to attack. If you have any suggestions based on this idea then feel free to comment :)
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