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  1. Hi. I'm a big fan of FM and really like it alot, but the fact and matter is that I suck at tactics. I usually start a save but ends up quiting before I've reached January. I can't create tactics, I just suck. I've watched alot of youtube videos explaining how they work and what would work, and I know that there is no ultimate tactic that works for everything. I've tried the presets, I've tried making my own, and I've tried downloading tactics (allthough I prefer to make my own or use the presets). I struggle alot with knowing how to fix up with the problems that occure. Whenever something happ
  2. What kind of striker is he? What role and his stats?
  3. I usually play with normal and dark skin. Haven't really touched the light skin but I have seen photos of it and tried it in the previous title and it just wouldn't work for me.
  4. Thanks. I've done the autoselect for both of my computers and seem to run alright. But if I select the highest on the 1050 Ti it will run smooth though? Sorry for the amounst of questions though.
  5. Thanks for the answer. For the PC with the Intel one I am considering a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X. I guess that would run everything on high without major problems/lag etc?
  6. Hi. I currently play FM on two pcs. The one which graphics card have been decreased due to problems and can only reach 1 star while the new one I bought some weeks ago has 3 stars. I'd like to know what graphics cards requirements to get 5 stars on the capability because playing on low graphics isn't nice to watch, while on higher is smooth and nice. The pc I get 3 stars on is running an AMD Radeon 520 while the one which can only get 1 star is running an Intel HD Graphics 4600. Thanks.
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