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  1. Who really is? It is annoying how SI will revamp stuff that wasn't even that bad compared to others that really should have been changed for a long time.
  2. So i'm trying to sign Nasri on a free transfer, my scouts report tells me he is suspended, but nowhere in his page I can see for how long. Any help, please? This is one of many things that annoy me in the game layout, things used to be easier to find. I can't see for how long someone is suspended?
  3. Can I use this with another transfer update or it has to be solely this? And is that link at the top the only thing i need to download?
  4. Upvoted. You sir, are completely right. Though I have only registered today, I have been reading the boards for too long to know this is true. But then again, all die-hard fans act this way. They always have something to complain, but they keep playing and buying. Proof is that they are here every day.
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