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  1. Awesome Regen Names

    It's a few versions ago now and a couple of re-images so I don't have the picture anymore, but I had a Hans-Peter Peterhans bossing the midfield for my Vaduz side
  2. Brexit

    You'd have to convince an English player to move abroad for that to be an issue!
  3. Chala Shoyunch https://forvo.com/word/tr/çağlar_söyüncü/
  4. Affiliate club help

    Is Mike Ashley still owner? If so, it seems totally in character for him...
  5. Staff, responsibilities and personal assistant works, but I'm not sure if you have that option whilst clubless
  6. I remember every team doing this to Mike Williamson when he was playing for Newcastle. They'd press all our other players and then sit back and wait for him to hoof it aimlessly up the field.
  7. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Could've done with Gignac scoring. Need to leave for work
  8. Germany v Italy| Quarter Final| BBC 1 20.00

    Germany win No keeper penalties
  9. Germany v Italy| Quarter Final| BBC 1 20.00

    Muller still can't score at the Euros
  10. Germany v Italy| Quarter Final| BBC 1 20.00

    I'm kinda hoping it goes long, that way the keepers have to take penalties
  11. Germany v Italy| Quarter Final| BBC 1 20.00

    7.30 am here, but I've been up since 5 to watch it. Off about 3 hours sleep :/
  12. The Quarter Finals are here! QF1 - Poland VS Portugal

    It reallyreally didn't...
  13. Who was positive about England

    If FM is anything to go by, Roberto Martinez will get the job. And he is available right now...
  14. Next England manager?

    Pulis is Welsh...