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  1. 2,226 seat Victoria Stadium, home to all Gibraltarian football
  2. It's a terrible screenshot and from FM19 and only 66, 957 seater but here you go!
  3. They've hovered around in the top 5 although the last couple of years are interesting reading! And now up to 18th for this season in mid-Feb
  4. Man City have sat bottom for most of this season and have reached the heady heights of 19th in January of 2057
  5. My current set of three are Tooth, Beak and Claw
  6. It's up there with "You've signed a number of new players for the team" Well, yeah. I've been there for 31 years...
  7. I had a Swiss winger a few versions back called Hans-Peter Peterhans
  8. From what I can see, this only happens if your throw ins are set to mixed. Setting it to any of the specific instructions seems to make the striker behave according to his instructions.
  9. Outshooting an opponent 20 to 2, winning 4-0, but only having 41% of the possession and the entire press conference focussing on how we 'scraped a win' after being 'dominated'
  10. Only really watched highlights of Arsenal under Arteta so take these suggestions with a grain of salt! Regarding your central mid pairing, does Ceballos get forward consistently or sit more deep and help recycle possession? If the latter I would lean towards DLP D for Xhaka and DLP S for Ceballos, perhaps with 'take more risks'. If the F9 role doesnt work, I would also possibly consider a DLF A for Lacazette as this will still get involved in the buildup and offer a threat in the box. In possession I would probably try just one of 'shorter passing' or 'play out of defense' initial
  11. The news item about possibly 'losing' a player simply because they 'only' have 19 months left on their contract
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