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  1. I remember every team doing this to Mike Williamson when he was playing for Newcastle. They'd press all our other players and then sit back and wait for him to hoof it aimlessly up the field.
  2. Could've done with Gignac scoring. Need to leave for work
  3. Germany win No keeper penalties
  4. Muller still can't score at the Euros
  5. I'm kinda hoping it goes long, that way the keepers have to take penalties
  6. 7.30 am here, but I've been up since 5 to watch it. Off about 3 hours sleep :/
  7. It reallyreally didn't...
  8. If FM is anything to go by, Roberto Martinez will get the job. And he is available right now...
  9. Pulis is Welsh...
  10. I thought he'd missed that!
  11. Looks like Sturridge is the man after all
  12. A few comments down from Del wins the thread
  13. England looking so much more dangerous now