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  1. I had a Swiss winger a few versions back called Hans-Peter Peterhans
  2. Case in point. Clearly we were the weaker side...
  3. From what I can see, this only happens if your throw ins are set to mixed. Setting it to any of the specific instructions seems to make the striker behave according to his instructions.
  4. Outshooting an opponent 20 to 2, winning 4-0, but only having 41% of the possession and the entire press conference focussing on how we 'scraped a win' after being 'dominated'
  5. Only really watched highlights of Arsenal under Arteta so take these suggestions with a grain of salt! Regarding your central mid pairing, does Ceballos get forward consistently or sit more deep and help recycle possession? If the latter I would lean towards DLP D for Xhaka and DLP S for Ceballos, perhaps with 'take more risks'. If the F9 role doesnt work, I would also possibly consider a DLF A for Lacazette as this will still get involved in the buildup and offer a threat in the box. In possession I would probably try just one of 'shorter passing' or 'play out of defense' initially. The presence of 2 playmakers in central midfield should already draw the ball through them rather than straight to the forwards. Your in transition description sounds a lot like you want to click 'Regroup' yet you've chosen no settings here! Looking forward to updates
  6. The news item about possibly 'losing' a player simply because they 'only' have 19 months left on their contract
  7. Pull back a bit on all of the instructions and simplify it! You're compressing the opposition and trying to win the ball back in high space and drive to the goal - your players are going to be trying to attack the box and will lump it in. Lower the defensive line, LOE and pressing and take some intensity out of things. I've also somewhat frustratingly found that WBIB tends to lead to an increase of crossing because they'll pass it round for a bit before getting frustrated and just crossing.
  8. Not sure I'd be complaining to be honest
  9. This is the 'official' rule in real life - I'm not sure exactly how FM interprets it Guest Player – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on one Guest Player who must satisfy the prescribed marketability criteria as approved by FFA. In the past it's been used on players like Del Piero, William Gallas, David Villa and Romario from foreign players and Australians Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill and many more.
  10. I had a great save a few FMs back with Viikingit in the Finnish leagues. Chosen almost entirely because of the name The Swiss league is also good fun, particularly as Vaduz - I think they can also now qualify for the Champions League if you win the Europa
  11. I think the roles need to exist as presets but there shouldn't be anything hard coded or 'under the hood'. What's the difference between a carrilero and a CMs set to stay wider? According to the set of instructions they are exactly the same but behave different because of hidden mechanisms. Why can't I have a striker set to hold up the ball, dribble more and NOT move into channels? This way you can use a role to pre-load a set of instructions and then tweak according to what you want - even if that results in you effectively reproducing another role! Maybe the game can even look at your selections and suggest "It looks like you're trying to create a deep lying forward. Would you like to use that role instead?" as a toggle-able option.
  12. I see your Pitbull and raise you a King SalamI!
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