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  1. Currently managing Blyth Spartans... and groundsharing at Loftus Road
  2. Was there nowhere closer for me to groundshare? It's roughly 300 miles away and a 5+ hour coach trip!
  3. Poor Gibraltar... (I was neither of the teams, just saw it in the news feed)
  4. Nope - managing Portugal and called up from a club in Portugal
  5. Kane doing a Rooney? Dropping into defensive midfield?
  6. Henderson's passing hasn't been great today, but he reads the game brilliantly
  7. Kane constantly pulling wide means there's noone in the box. Lingard and Rashford haven't had anyone to aim either of those balls at
  8. Young's looking tired. Not closing anyone down anymore
  9. Reluctance to make any substitutions before 75min doesn't help either
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