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  1. I don't have an example from the current version, but in an FM17 save I did this! There was a regen 25yo AM RLC/S C playing for a League 2 side banging in the goals. His attributes were OK, but nothing particularly special and I figured why not take a chance. It was an absolutely Vardy inspired search btw. This player had come through at Arsenal and been released, went to the Conference and then come into League 2. First season in the Premier League and he managed about 4 goals in 17 but his attributes jumped pretty significantly. Second season he scored 31 in 36 and got called up for England. I think FM absolutely can do it if the player is willing to take a chance
  2. Ah... I was thinking the problem was the Tuesday because the popup was underneath that. Should've looked a bit closer
  3. Is this not already in the game? Certainly in FM 19 there is an option in the training schedule underneath 'Extra-curricular' for 'Community Outreach'
  4. John Curtis in CM2 would always be released by Man Utd and sign for anyone. Many times he led us up the leagues. O'Neill Donaldson from Sheff Wed seemed to have random attributes but in at least one save he scored 50+ goals a season for me as an F R (back when that was a position)
  5. A few versions back (FM17 maybe?) I had a regen keeper in my Lusitania save who had 19 for set pieces and pens. Used to get double figures for club and 2-3 a year for Portugal once I took over the national team too
  6. The attacking play is quite nice, but I have to ask why on earth the defender heads that? He's under no pressure and has plenty of time to let the ball come down and control it
  7. My guess would be any play down the left is being channeled through the DLP leaving your LB with less 'final balls', but you'd need to be watching the game to confirm
  8. Currently managing Blyth Spartans... and groundsharing at Loftus Road
  9. Was there nowhere closer for me to groundshare? It's roughly 300 miles away and a 5+ hour coach trip!
  10. Poor Gibraltar... (I was neither of the teams, just saw it in the news feed)
  11. Nope - managing Portugal and called up from a club in Portugal
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