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  1. You did your best! Time to bring another teams into the limelight
  2. Great job with Caxias! Love when people play in Brazilian leagues, it's an unique experience
  3. Hello. In the former versions of the Editor, if I were to remove all foreigner-based rules I would select every nation, click on Relationships and add every continent to "Nations Treated as Non-Foreign". On the FM20 version of the Editor, I can't multi select to do it any more. Is that right?
  4. Did you have to change every single country, one for one? I've tried to multi-edit before but the Editor doesn't let me
  5. Nice work regarding the Kazakhstan issue! Sorry for joining in randomly, but is there a way to select multiple nations and change them all at once? For instance, If I select Asian nations to add South American nations as non-foreign, how would be the quickest way to do it?
  6. Question: why can't I select to loan players that are listed for loan? That's something crucial for gameplay, please fix it. Screenshots:
  7. Beijing Guo'an has "Beijing Sinbo Guo'an" as full name, when it's actually "Sinobo". https://www.transfermarkt.com/beijing-guoan/startseite/verein/3176/saison_id/2018
  8. The Indian Super League STILL doesn't have any clubs assigned to them, even though they are now recognized as a Tier 1 league. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Super_League I know India isn't a main country of the game, but there's several things on the database to be checked again.
  9. Fluminense's home kit is wrong. In real life it's the usual green/red vertical stripes with white details, while in the game it shows as white with a top red stripe.
  10. FC Köln and Viktoria Köln are both named only "Köln" in the "choose team to manage" screen.
  11. Awesome! Any chances for a version with promotion/relegation? It would hit the spot!
  12. Huh. That's something curious indeed! Maybe I will add some points in the CB position for those players that served as cover.
  13. I was about to start a save with Floriana but they only have two centre-backs available, is that right?
  14. Incredible job! This is one of the most intriguing countries of Europe, so making a save would be pretty nice. Question: is it just me or the teams are short of defenders in general?
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