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  1. Allow me to explain: in the first four months there's State Tournaments (similar to regional leagues) which, depending on the clubs' final position, grants them places in Série D (which they play for the rest of the season). The way it's set up means there's no relegation, every year has different clubs joining in with the State Tournaments acting as qualifiers. Série D has a league phase and a play-off phase, so to get promoted a club has to reach Série D's play-offs. That's pretty much it.
  2. Wow that was amazingly quick! I had thought of creating only the most important players for this year's FM but you beat me to the punch! Thanks again~
  3. shimera

    Brazil - FM19. Who? What? Why?

    Sounds interesting! Brazil's clubs don't have much of a "power difference", so there's always a potential of a top-of-the-table challenge. There's also passionate supporters and a lot of variety with the State Championships! You can bring former champions and former Série A participants back to the top (Portuguesa, São Caetano, América RJ, Bangu, Santa Cruz, Gama and others)!
  4. Using FM Speeder while creating a save file helps.
  5. There's also Hidetoshi Nakata. Anyway, as someone said up there, it must be that he wasn't deemed to be good enough for Kuwaitian league level.
  6. shimera

    Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB?

    First of all, it's for FM17 not FM18.
  7. shimera

    Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB?

    Interesting, will test it out. I have tried to do the same idea before but it crashed upon loading in the game. Hopefully this one will work.
  8. shimera

    Regen players when creating a club

    It depends whether you tick "Add players to playable clubs" or not while creating your save file.
  9. shimera

    Splitting Nation In Two

    Oh I see how it works now! Thank you very much.
  10. shimera

    Splitting Nation In Two

    I may be overlooking something, however I can't add a second nation to "Nation Rules".
  11. shimera

    Splitting Nation In Two

    I can't click on "Add Nation Rules" again though, it only works once.
  12. shimera

    Splitting Nation In Two

    Alright, how do I enable two Nation Rules in one single file?
  13. shimera

    Splitting Nation In Two

    I don't get it. I have a file with West Brazil replacing (old) Ireland and I have another file with East Brazil replacing CIS, but when I merge them there's only one Nation Rule.
  14. shimera

    Splitting Nation In Two

    Okay, how do I make two nation rules in the same file? I have some experience in creating single custom nations but not two or more at the same time.
  15. shimera

    Splitting Nation In Two

    I have some experience with the Pre-Game Editor but still have to ask: how could I split an existing nation in two halves? For instance, if I were to split Brazil in two nations (taking in account the local regions) how would I make the two Nation Rules work within the same file?