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  1. Let's see... There's Venezia back to Serie A in Italy, Rayo Vallecano back to La Liga, Rapid Bucharest back to Romania's First Division, Estrela Amadora promoted to Liga Portugal 2, Cruzeiro having the biggest crisis of their history to name a few
  2. Oh yeah, I saw that. Doesn't work on my side for some reason
  3. Gotta report these in the adequate threads!
  4. Are there any mods working so we can start on season 21/22 with real results and promoted/relegated teams?
  5. Thanks for all the hard work! Just one thing though: Avispa keeps appearing on AFC Champions League on a new save
  6. Well yeah, that's kind of expected considering how far you are into the save, still Portugal rising to Top 4 is surprising! I wonder if there's new big clubs aside the usual big 3 (Benfica, Porto and Sporting)...
  7. FC Vaduz would be the most popular choice!
  8. Wait, does that mean there's no way to salvage the data? What does Karin say about it?
  9. Sure thing! I am eager to play the new season's version, the 2020 one has a huge gap in the season schedule due to COVID that bothers me. Probably will play as Cerezo
  10. Euro semis and Euro League A? That's quite a jump of quality! Of course it helps when you have a few clubs with superb facilities. Finland is such a sympatic country, hope they manage to qualify for a World Cup in real life!
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