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  1. Awesome! Any chances for a version with promotion/relegation? It would hit the spot!
  2. Huh. That's something curious indeed! Maybe I will add some points in the CB position for those players that served as cover.
  3. I was about to start a save with Floriana but they only have two centre-backs available, is that right?
  4. Incredible job! This is one of the most intriguing countries of Europe, so making a save would be pretty nice. Question: is it just me or the teams are short of defenders in general?
  5. Author's choice. That makes more clubs available and that makes state championships more even.
  6. Thanks! Now the only important one that's lacking in Asia is Thailand~
  7. Cool, in real life CSA is a contender for Série A promotion this year - hope they go up! There's also Série B champions Fortaleza (managed by legendary goalkeeper Rogério Ceni) if you would like a challenge - it's been a while since both state rivals Ceará and Fortaleza are together in Série A! EDIT: CSA went up in second place! Awesome!
  8. Every state has their own piece of historical trivia, tidbits and club legends. The "strongest" states are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, followed by Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais. You could try a state from the north/northeast of the country, maybe try to bring some silverware to the capital Brasília, maybe develop Espírito Santo so it matches their successful neighbors... There's many oprions available!
  9. "I've won the World Cup with San Marino!"
  10. Allow me to explain: in the first four months there's State Tournaments (similar to regional leagues) which, depending on the clubs' final position, grants them places in Série D (which they play for the rest of the season). The way it's set up means there's no relegation, every year has different clubs joining in with the State Tournaments acting as qualifiers. Série D has a league phase and a play-off phase, so to get promoted a club has to reach Série D's play-offs. That's pretty much it.
  11. Wow that was amazingly quick! I had thought of creating only the most important players for this year's FM but you beat me to the punch! Thanks again~
  12. Sounds interesting! Brazil's clubs don't have much of a "power difference", so there's always a potential of a top-of-the-table challenge. There's also passionate supporters and a lot of variety with the State Championships! You can bring former champions and former Série A participants back to the top (Portuguesa, São Caetano, América RJ, Bangu, Santa Cruz, Gama and others)!
  13. There's also Hidetoshi Nakata. Anyway, as someone said up there, it must be that he wasn't deemed to be good enough for Kuwaitian league level.
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