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  1. Hi guys, thanks for bringing this up. This is actually not something we've removed but an issue we need to fix. The Player Comparison does not currently appear on higher resolution displays when the zoom is set to over 100%. This has been logged to be fixed with the dev team.
  2. FM clearly hasn't seen him play FIFA Pro Clubs.
  3. Thanks for the response Clarkey. We're seeing a few people reporting this issue and trying to get a better idea of what's causing it. Are you playing FM21 on PC or Mac?
  4. Hi Ste, don't worry, you're in the right place. Can I ask what platform you're playing FM on?
  5. Hi Clarkey, sorry to hear you're having this issue. Have you tried adjusting your resolution/zoom preferences. It looks as if the options to leave the preferences screen have disappeared off the bottom of the display.
  6. Everton doing to United what West Ham did to them in '95. Damn you, Ludek Miklosko.
  7. So, I've had a look at a few similar examples and haven't encountered your issue so far. Could I ask who the unhappy player was and who you signed in order to try to fulfill the promise?
  8. That's poor wording on my part. Any favoured personnel should have fulfilled the promise. If you have a save,let me know, if not, no worries, we're already looking into it.
  9. Hi @maxfriend, do you have a save from before the friend was signed? If you do, upload it to our cloud service, post the name of the save here and I'll have a look at what's going on. If not, I'l do my best to reproduce the issue in-house and get back to you on what happened.
  10. Glad to see this is largely going down well, guys, keep the first impressions coming. Addressing the Team Fluidity/Shape issue, yes it is still present in-game but is now altered indirectly by other factors rather than being a direct choice the manager makes themselves. If instructions you give your team and players give your team a fluid style, you'll be told, likewise if your instructions combine to form a structured shape, that will be represented too. Hope that clarifies things!
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