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  1. Hi, thanks for bringing this up. "Suit and tie" style of management is just a phrase. It doesn't literally mean the manager must wear a suit if you've set him as a more tactical style. Since the management style and avatar creation are completely different, you can have a manager whose management style is "suit and tie" who also wears a track suit.
  2. So, I've had a look at a few similar examples and haven't encountered your issue so far. Could I ask who the unhappy player was and who you signed in order to try to fulfill the promise?
  3. Not a problem. I'm looking into similar examples as we speak.
  4. That's poor wording on my part. Any favoured personnel should have fulfilled the promise. If you have a save,let me know, if not, no worries, we're already looking into it.
  5. Hi @maxfriend, do you have a save from before the friend was signed? If you do, upload it to our cloud service, post the name of the save here and I'll have a look at what's going on. If not, I'l do my best to reproduce the issue in-house and get back to you on what happened.
  6. Hi, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll look into this and keep you updated into any progress.
  7. Hi trevez, thanks for bringing this up. First, to get the obvious out of the way, are the columns being hidden by the scrolling? Ie is there a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the squad list that can be moved to reveal the missing columns? Sounds like a silly question, I know, but I like to rule out the simple things before moving on to complicated solutions.
  8. Hey @The Dude, your reports of the future are a little concerning but it's good to talk to someone in the know. One question about the days to come has always bugged me and I hope you can answer it. How far has auto-save technology come? At the moment we have a system where, if they so wish, the user can set up their system to periodically save the game automatically every so often. That way, when an issue occurs, the user can grab the last save that was generated and hand it over to anyone who requests it along with some advice such as "The issue occurs a couple of days after this save" or similar. I can only assume that, since a TARDIS, by its very nature, potentially exists in all places at all times, it has little or no need for such technology. That said, if you have the option to turn it on, specifically for Football Manager, that would be of great help to us in resolving your issue. Thanks!
  9. Hi, thanks for pointing this out. You're right, there did used to be a link in the Coach Report panel and I honestly don't know where it has gone. I will log this with our coders to be fixed. In the mean time, that screen can still be reached by going to the relevant player, Development > Tactics.
  10. Hi, thanks for reporting this. I am unable to replicate this here at SI. Firsty, make sure that FM19 is fully updated. Attending AI vs AI matches was temporarily disabled in early versions but has been restored in latest updates. Secondly, you are currently only able to choose to attend matches through the relevant Competition > Matches > Fixtures and Results screen as seen below. Click on the "v" symbol to attend the game. If you are still having problems, let me know.
  11. Hi, thanks for reporting this. I see from your screenshot that you have docked a couple of widgets on the right-hand side of your screen. The "Show Match Info Between Highlights" check box only works when there are no widgets/floating, unpinned widgets on screen. When you have pinned widgets or are viewing widgets in split view, you will see the empty pitch in between highlights.
  12. Hi, thanks for coming to us with this issue. We've not been able to reproduce the problem here at SI. The best way to move forward with this would be for either of you to provide a save from just before the contract is offered. That would give us the best chance of replicating and fixing the issue. You can find out how to send us your save here Just FYI, we tend to keep regular Monday - Friday 9am-5pm GMT office hours (our families want to see us sometimes ) so any threads posted over a weekend may not be responded to until the following week.
  13. Ciao, grazie per aver segnalato questo problema. Questo sembra essere un problema che riguarda solo le impostazioni della lingua inglese. Ho informato il nostro team di sviluppo e stanno lavorando per risolverlo.
  14. Hi allisiaa, thanks for the feedback. You're right, this screen should really save whatever state you choose as far as highlighted attributes go. I will feed this back to the dev team to see what we can do.
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