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  1. Good stuff Harold be very interested to see how things go. Small note Oriel is no relation to Sergio
  2. Randomly linked to this now starting my 3rd season with Napoli and haven't been able to set the code of conduct
  3. Just a few little more updates to show before I use the Editor to change him back, as you see he has 8 Irish caps One funny thing about the above when he was Irish he was touted as the Next Dave O'Leary now he's Tony Adams As you can see below those games included WC Qualifiers
  4. I've just had my 20 year old dual international defender withdraw his commitment from Ireland to play for England. Issue is he's played 8 games for me 6 nations league games and 2 WC so he should have been cap tied. Unless I'm missing something in the new eligible rules. He has now been called up for England U21 team. I'll have to use the in game editor to recommit him as I believe he should be locked to me.
  5. Enjoying so far, just qualified for the CL group stage. Nice draw of Real Madrid, Manchester United and Rennes 😬 Obviously hoping for 3rd place.
  6. Thinking of doing a save in Russia anyone recommend a good challenge was thinking one of moscow teams or perhaps Krasnodar
  7. Here is the results since I arrived in the League That Racing result was key as I finished 1 point ahead of them. My plan is to stay with Independiente to try and secure the Copa Argentina and Copa Sudamericana.
  8. 5 games left in the league It is all to play for Remaining fixtures are very interesting should I beat my city rival Racing I'll go within a point of them which should put them under pressure.
  9. So I've reached the end of the transfer window with Independiente. The board is very pleased with how I've done in regards to signing High-Reputation players Firstly I was able to get rid of a few I didn't want/ didn't want to be here In terms of the ins, there was 5 in total Augusto Battalla 3m from Atletico Minerio comes in to be my number 1 (Well number 22) goalkeeper Next in 1 of 3 players the board really liked On a free Gonzalo Higuain, Ok he might be 35 and in the twilight of his career but his finishing is still on point.
  10. Small update My First step into International Management. After crashing out in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup Colombia became available. I'll admit I was hoping that one of Mexico and USA would come available given the Gold Cup is in the summer of 2023 but they went to the quarter final and FINAL (in US case) so they didn't become available. Also in terms of the other big South American jobs well Scaloni held onto his job despite a Quarter Final exit and Brazil won the World Cup so Renato Gaucho stayed in his job. Though saying that Colombia have some great players , in
  11. Club 4- Club Atlético Independiente Independiente is based in the city of Avellaneda in Greater Buenos Aires. The club is considered one of Argentina's Big Five football clubs. Independiente holds a longstanding rivalry with neighbor club Racing in the Avellaneda derby, referred to as El Clásico de Avellaneda. The club has won a record 7 Copa Libertadores earning them the nickname Rey de Copas (King of Cups). The rules for the Argentinian league are quite simple starting on in July ending in May Obviously that means the season is at the half way point he
  12. Got a new job quickly enough on to Argentina
  13. USA Done, though I may return again to try conquer the East Side
  14. Supporters Shield!!! My path to the MLS Cup
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