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  1. December December seen my first official loss of the season as I crashed out of the Coupe de la Ligue on penalties to Strasbourg, A game I should have won in the allotted 90 minutes but I just couldn't find a way through. Juan Bernat missed his penalty and I was out. One positive of the game was being able to give some rotation and young players a chance Stepping up and becoming the youngest player to play for the first team was Adil Aouchiche, the young playmaker played the full 90 minutes and done very well, he'll definitely be one i'll be keeping an eye on for the future It was another perfect month in the league and with Lyon dropping more points as you can see from the screenshot below I have a very healthy lead. In the Champions League I topped the group by 6 points, given that I was top seeds it meant I would avoid some potential big names but the draw wasn't too kind to me as I drew the Germans Champions. Bayern Munich, a tough trip if there ever was one. Though it may have been worse As I may have drawn Real Madrid who had finished behind Man U in the group stage on goal difference..
  2. Already drawing up plans for the summer window, I don't think I'll be adding to the squad come the winter, The only squad changes will see Dani Alves replace Saelemaekers in the CL who has gone on loan to Grasshoppers Zurich until the end of the season (Thought this would take effect come January but he went in November) OUT I think a bit of a clear out will happen in the summer. Here is the players at whose futures are in the air Thiago Silva- despite being captain at the club (Even though he seems reluctant to help with any squad issues- despite only having one of these so far) and a decent player at 34 I think it may be a good time for him to go with Malang Sarr coming in next season, the old man Silva may just go if I can find a buyer (Man U were interested earlier in the season) Buffon- This is a big one he is out of contract, but I can extend for a further year, so far this season I've rotated between himself and Areola with Rajkovic playing once or twice (he'll start the cup games for sure), My only issue is that he be 41 come the end of the season and my coach reports are claiming his stats are starting to decline. He is great for experience though and is a leader in the dressing room, so if I am to see Silva then his leadership will be key to bring harmony to the group Dani Alves -Dani is out of contract and is 35 and is one of the very higher earners at the club, unless he does a brilliant job in the 6 months he has left then I won't be renewing. Meunier- This all depends on what price I can get for him, he is still wanted by Man U, Arsenal and Shandong in China, so we'll see who is willing to pay 20-25m for him which is around my asking price. Also depends on bringing in a replacement. Draxler/Di Maria- One of them will go at the moment I'm more leaning towards the German as I think he'll demand a better fee and Di Maria has been a very good influence in the team and so far hasn't complained about his playing second fiddle to Neymar on the left wing and Veratti in the Mezzala role (which he isn't actually natural at but has done a decent job there when called upon) unlike Draxler who has had a bit of a moan which tbh was resolved by me telling him there is plenty of football to be played. Cavani- Again another who people will think but why? Simple answer Mbappe is now ahead of him and given he is now 31 I think it may be time to cash in especially as Simeone is also nudging ahead of him. IN One thing I found is a lack of French home based players I just got to the 8 required for CL so Home Grown is key here. Malang Sarr- Already bought he'll replace Silva giving me another home grown player Miralem Pjanic- I've been scouting him for the season so far, I think he'll be fantastic as a regista and give Paredes a break as the moment I'm playing Kehrer and Marquinhos there when Paredes needs a break. Home Grown at Metz and Lyon so he'll add to the squad in that sense replacing the outgoing Draxler/Di Maria void. Will probably cost close to treble figures but will count towards a high profile signing which the board currently state I haven't met. Mauro Icardi- Another who I've been keeping a close eye on, from what I've seen on the Serie A thread, if he doesn't leave in January then he will most likely be on the transfer list come the summer, this all depends on Cavani going as it will be a like for like replacement in terms of non Home Grown players. Nordi Mukiele- this is one which may not happen but he is on a list of right backs I have in mind to replace Meunier if I sell him, i'm also keeping an eye on what Benfica choose to do with Sebastian Corchia who will be French and available for only 7m and who has experience from Lique 1 with Lille and also is a local Parisian and I don't think he'd have much issues being rotated with Saelemaekers, I remember him being a fantastic buy around in FM15-16 but I never had a chance to get him in the 17 or 18 and I think real life injuries may have caught up on him, but he remains an option.
  3. Alexis Saelemaekers is another great young belgian currently with Anderlecht I've brought him to my PSG team and he's quite good
  4. Yep Bayern have a nice habit of changing formation when they are winning, drawing and losing at certain times. From my notes they usually line up with a 4-3-3 normally with the one of that 3 dropping into the hole usually Thiago or Martinez If they are leading and are comfortable they usually drop that back to 4-1-4-1 with the two wingers dropping back to have two banks of 4 and that one in the middle mopping up. They do have a nice habit of going for it when they are losing and going for 3-3-4 type formation, making them very susceptible to direct counters over the top into the wings, this is how I destroyed them 6-1 with Dortmund after I went to 3-0 up they went for it, (I usually have the formations widget on during games) I dropped Witsel back to DM position and he pinged balls out to Sancho and Reus and took advantage of that. Monaco also do something very similar and again I was able to take full advantage of that.
  5. I've bought Vagnoman in my Dortmund save so wanted to go down a different path but I agree he is a fantastic full back on either side. One more big piece of news The club is in talks to buy Parc de Princes after I suggested they do so. This will not only give me the opportunity to expand the stadium, but also take away the current 5m a year the club currently spends renting the stadium and will mean we'll keep all the stadium revenue going forward. So a big step forward for the club
  6. November Another unbeaten month, Some high scoring games in there too, November really was the Neymar, Mbappe and Pavon show, those three just work brilliantly with each other most notably it that Monaco game where Mbappe scored 3 while Pavon got 4 assists and at home to Ajax were both himself and Pavon got two while Neymar assisted 3 and scored 1 himself. That Ajax win puts me through to the next round with a game to spare Even with a one more game played I'm 8 clear of Lyon. The draw for the Fourth round of the Coupe De La Ligue was made and I'll play Strasbourg though as you can see that isn't really important though I will look to of course win everything I can to continue my French domination. My December is as follows
  7. October So as mentioned in the last update October was a big one with games against Napoli and Lyon and the Classico to contend with, well it could not have gone better... Two big wins in the Champions League seen me take control of the group, and 3-2 win over Lyon put me charge of the Ligue 1 race. though the big one for me was the hammering of Marseille November will see a trip to Bern and to Monaco as well as Ajax coming to Paris On November first I got the nice surprise of the board giving me 84m Euros for transfers for January though I don't think I'll be looking to bring anyone in unless someone leaves first.
  8. September Month of September down Overall a strong month in the league unbeaten. Was a bit disappointed in the draw with Ajax and Rennes but clean sheets in all the other games was a nice bonus (especially for the squad) That draw gave Lyon an early lead in the title race but a 0-0 draw to Nantes in their last game brought us level, they remain top but only on alphabetical order. Stats wise Neymar leads the way with 7 goals in 9 games followed by new signing Bruno Fernandes who got two on his debut against St. Etienne and followed up with another 2 in the next few games. It's a big October for me with two Champions League games at home, as well as a top of the table clash with Lyon and the Classico to finish it off.
  9. Looking back over Sporting CP previous squads was definitely FM15 Starting XI and formation was Capel---------Montero-------Carrillo ---------J Mario--------Gauld-------- ---------Carvalho-----Adrien Silva------- Silva--------Gyömbér------Cedric ---------------Patricio-------------- Only player I bought was Gyomber on loan with option to buy Such a great fun save that was, Ryan Gauld was god in that game. I remember just deciding to go with the WM as it just fit their squad Carvalho as an anchor man / half back and Adrien Silva as DLP. I wonder if there is any other team around who'd have the team capable of playing a similar formation.
  10. I had a great save with Sporting think it was FM15 were I used the WM formation, got to the semi-final of the CL were in the first leg I beat Barcelona 5-0 at in the Nou Camp and was buzzing as the other semi final was PSV and Sampdoria so I had a real chance at winning it. I then proceeded to lose the 2nd leg at home 7-1 In terms of alter ego why not go with Karl Heinz Riedle Dortmund and Germany legend
  11. How about Sporting CP in Portugal @BadAss88 Very good youth setup and the only one the Portuguese big 3 to not yet win the Champions League Edit sorry didn't see they were on your initial list
  12. A bit of both if I'm honest. I'm big into my scouting and analysis in the game. In every save I do, I try to watch the teams I will play at least once or twice myself before I play them, I'd also fully utilise my the full strength of my scouting team (if I can) and Analyst team. I'm actually quite old school too when it comes to it too as in I'd watch the full games a notepad and take notes on what they do and then compare to what my Assistant, scouts and Analysts have said. It's one of the reasons it takes me ages to do a season as I spend so long preparing (For example in my Dortmund save-I spent about 6 hours preparing for a Bayern game). If I could go full Bielsa and see their training I probably would.
  13. That's an interesting one I do have a shortlist of French players who I'm keeping an eye on. The way the French League is set up TV wise I seem to be playing a lot of games on either a Friday or Sunday night leaving me free to attend games on the Saturday to scout both players and opposition
  14. It would be more then the whole of the island of Ireland combined I'd say.
  15. Possibly but they will cost a good bit of money, For the above Fernandes transfer I had wanted to go for Houssem Aouar but Lyon were looking for 86m for him so after checking the transfer list Bruno was the one I went for. Though I will say the lure of Paris for French players is quite big, for example with Sarr I was initially quoted 60-something m which I rejected and he complained I went back in and got him for around 25m (rising to 29m). If you pursue them they'll be capable of getting in at a more reasonable fee.
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