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  1. Oh! New update 21.2.2 with "Addressing issues connected to player ratings"!
  2. What ? I was aware that the ratings were low for many but there are differences in the same game between championships simulated at the maximum and others at the minimum?
  3. Same problem here with the ratings of my defensive players... I manage to win 5-0 and, yet, my defenders manage to have scores of 6.1. I don't know if this is normal or it is a will with the last patch to not necessarily raise the notes of the defenders but it comes as a shock when we compare with the old versions of FM. Hoping that we have an answer on this subject even if I understand correctly that it is the holidays.
  4. Thank you a lot @michaeltmurrayuk for this, I was talking about it a few days ago, I like this kind of coincidence! I just have a quick question: the attached image is from your first post, do you think it is possible to change the text color to purple on this panel? Purpleon purple, it's not the most readable thing in the world! ^^' (besides, your project reassures me that it is impossible to see the Sharpness Icon and the Mistakes Data in the Player Ratings in this FM21 unfortunately... too bad, but at least it's clear and clean!)
  5. Amis du jour, bonjour, ("good morning friends" in French but without the rhyme so less stylish) I imagine no one has positive answers for me here? I continued my research yesterday and today but without success, unfortunately...
  6. Hi everyone, First of all, excuse me for this dreadful level of English, like any French guy, I have a hard time! I have a problem with the new FM21 Sharpness icon (PftI) while I'm in match mode. This one doesn't want to show but still shows the fitness status when I hover over the empty space in the column "FPH" (to the right of the heart and the smiley). I did several tests (as you can see in the join picture) but, nothing to do, I can not display this little icon .... does someone have the same problem as me on this and have found a solution? And, likewise, I also cannot
  7. I imagine that, apart from Michael (which I hope has nothing serious), nobody looked too hard at this new match interface (ibh) which seems very complicated to handle? It's so sad ...for me, it's clearly one of the most important panels and Michael's first screen was very interesting (with the option to resize each panel). If no one is dedicated, I can be interested to find something even though I'm far from having the talent and experience of some here. I'll tell you if I ever stumble upon something nice.
  8. Hi Wells, thanks to you, I finally managed to figure out what to do to change the style of the titlebar. I just have to find a suitable pattern so that it is as clean as yours! (tests will start)
  9. Hello Wells, thank you a lot for this ! I just have one question about your gradient effect, I love it and tried to do the same with your instructions but without success (I'm a noob and a French guy : not the best combo I agree). Can you help me on this one ? Thank you (again) !
  10. Hello, "Touché". My apologies and have a good day.
  11. Hello, First of all, thank you for the corrections that there were with the subject of the beta ("responsable des prêts" and the categories of training centers in particular). I note here a small error on the word "recruteur" which must be "recruteurs" in the plural on the same basis as the word "préparateurs". On the same picture, we have "0/3 analyse du recrutement" which must be, for me "0/3 analystes du recrutement". The same for the word "kiné" which must be, for me again, "kinés" (not on the picture). Thank you and have a good day !
  12. Hopefully someone talented and generous can recreate a format similar to the "Match Screen Mods" on this FM21 in the coming weeks/months, I'm having a lot of trouble with this whole new interface as well.
  13. Hello there, Do you know if it's possible, through LNC files or another method, to grant a different gender (not English language ; here French) for a short name club and a long name club (same club) ? I know the string CLUB_GENDER_CHANGE (LNC file) which works correctly but will define the gender of the two names (long and short). The strings CLUB_LONG_GENDER_CHANGE and CLUB_SHORT_GENDER_CHANGE work, but they too change the genders of the two different names at the same time. So that was my question, I know a lot of you play in the English language (so no gender) but I sincerel
  14. Thanks for the reply but I have already been able to test everything that was written on this page without success unfortunately ...
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