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  1. No recent contract renewal and no release clause.
  2. I had no idea this is still a problem. 170k offer for a 32 million player... One that's not even transfer listed. Not that it matters, it's still ridiculous.
  3. Shouldn't this thing be a negative? I think it could lead to complacency, especially if the player is lazy or unprofessional. I guess I could see it as a slight positive as well, maybe it gives the player some peace of mind that he won't be replaced soon so feels less stressed or something, but I don't think this is actually implemented in the game this way. So how come it is considered a positive thing?
  4. Thanks for answering! To be honest, I can't say that it makes much sense to me. Your first paragraph, where you describe technique as "their skill with the ball and how well they control it", isn't that like an obvious prerequisite for good dribbling skills? How can you even attempt dribbling without having those skills in the first place? I mean, you can, but you almost surely won't succeed... Because, as much fun as it must have been to watch that football player you mentioned, I'm not sure I would describe his attempts as "dribbling", lumping the ball forward and trying to outrun the opponent. That sounds like something a player with no technique and no dribbling skills would attempt. I understand the need to have those two separate skills in the game as they mean different things, nothing to object here, it just doesn't seem logical to me that they should work as they do, with dribbling possibly being higher than technique. But thank you again for trying to clear it up!
  5. This is something that has been bugging me for quite a while and this player reminded me of it. How can you have technique 8 and dribbling 13? The way it works in my mind is that you shouldn't be able to dribble well unless you were a technical player in the first place. Good technique is a prerequisite for good dribbling skills. Good technique means stuff like being able to receive and control a difficult long pass or being able to run with the ball at your feet without tripping over yourself and losing it. Also being good at dribbling is like the next level in technical ability. We see many defenders with decent technical abilities but that doesn't mean they can dribble successfully. I guess what I'm saying is that maybe a player should not have a dribbling skill higher than the technique, if dribbling is 13 then technique should also be at least 13.
  6. Hi, Louie! Is it safe to start my career after this latest update?
  7. Hi! It's me again... Was yesterday's update that last one? It brought some "stability fixes" according to the playstore description.
  8. Is the update that we got a couple of days ago the last one for FMM21? IIRC, last year, with FMM2020, the update with the January transfers was also the last one to fix some bugs. Nothing after that. I am asking this because I usually don't have time for more than one long career and I prefer to start it after the last update, hoping that most bugs will be fixed by then. Thanks!
  9. Can you give us an estimate of how much RAM would be required to be able to safely run 8 leagues? Full leagues, including all lower ones. From your response and my limited knowledge I am assuming that it is indeed a question of RAM and not storage space. That being said, memory management is no longer such an issue these days and the OS simply closes as many background apps as are necessary to run the current app that's in the foreground. That "reboot every five days" thing is a thing of the past... And with no disrespect to those sticking to their Galaxy S3's and such, but we should not have to suffer (not sure if that's the right word) such limitations because of a small percentage of users that are still using antiquated hardware. At least give us the option and maybe limit access to this settings based on how the game assesses your phone's performance. Thank you!
  10. Are you telling me that some players are using Samsung Galaxy S II and S3s to play the game?! Wow... Anyway, just because some users have ancient hardware doesn't mean those with more recent phones, and I mean like 3-4 years old, so not even the latest generation, should be limited in how they can play. I think that increasing the amount of loaded leagues would add tremendously to the game's appeal. Thanks for the response!
  11. Regarding this topic, when you buy a player you sometimes get a message saying "adjusting to the team's style of play" or something similar. Does that actually mean anything or is it simply cosmetic, for "immersion"? edit: also, sometimes after a bad performance we get the message "players confused by unusual formation" in the list of negative things after the game is over. This usually happens if the bad performance coincided with a change in the usual formation. This would suggest the change we did had a negative effect on their performance... Unless it is also just cosmetic...
  12. I have been playing this game since the 2014 edition and the one thing that hasn't changed over these years (and is number one on my wishlist) is the number of playable leagues. Why are we still limited to only four? It cannot be a hardware limitation as phone performance has increased so much over the years. Why can't at least those with a sufficiently powerful phone activate more? And it's not like it even requires such a strong SOC, one of my friends plays it on a 3-year old phone, powered by a lowly Snapdragon 625 with 4GB RAM, and has absolutely no issues running four major leagues (Italy, Germany, Spain and England), including all possible lower leagues, enhanced match engine and a database of almost 25k players. So how come we are still limited to only four? Any chance for an upgrade to at least six and maybe a setting for eight, if your phone's hardware can handle it? Also, as a fan of statistics, any chance we can keep all the data from previous seasons for us to enjoy? Does it take up so much storage that it would be impossible to keep? At least provide an setting that we can activate, to keep the data, with a warning about the increased storage space or something. Thank you!
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