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  1. I'll just leave this here. It's absolutely ridiculous, not a single match between those four. Wasted players, by a silly AI, that's what they are. And from what I read stuff like this won't get fixed because why bother with new updates when you can just release new game. Shameful...
  2. In case it helps: immediately after winning the title with Karslruhe and playing the EL final I had Continental reputation and 598 points, manager rank 31st. That was before resigning. Currently, after all I described above with Ireland and Columbia my reputation is National and I have 677 points. I can provide screenshots.
  3. Hi! Any updates on this? Anything I can do to fix the bug? Or maybe edit my reputation and nationality to circumvent the bug somehow? Or is that not possible?
  4. Update: another full season unemployed. Applied to anything ranging from Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United to a variety of lowly 2nd division teams. I also applied to several national teams like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Austria, even Ireland again. All useless, this time I couldn't get a job even at a national team... Some of the teams I applied to chose absolutely mediocre managers, even some with "Regional" reputation. Just to be clear, I have no issues getting offers from 3rd division teams... If I apply, that is... Clearly, my achievements and reputation are not considered good enough for anything higher than that. If this is how it's supposed to work then it's absolutely ridiculous... I should be able to land almost any job, including top European teams. If it is a bug, well, then I don't know what to do to fix it. Except maybe hex editing my save game but that's not how I imagined I would play this...
  5. Uploaded the oldest save in a zip, original was too big. Will continue updating this thread with my career.
  6. Update: after two amazing games I managed to win the Copa America, beating Brazil and Argentina. My reputation is still "National". I did gain a few points, nothing spectacular though, I kinda expected more. Will resign and try my luck with clubs again... edit: don't understand why my reputation dropped from Continental to National after I accepted the Ireland job. Does it have something to do with me resigning from Karlsruhe or accepting the Ireland job? Also, is there a way to edit my own profile? I bought the in-game editor but I found no way to do this, despite being able to edit all other managers...
  7. Hi! Yes, I have the latest patch. And no, I'm afraid I don't have a save game so far back. Oldest save is about three months after I resigned from the Ireland job, it's from October, when I was hoping to get a club job again. If you want I will upload it. Right now I have played almost a year and a half with Columbia, through one World Cup and right now Copa America, currently semifinal match still to play. I am planning on resigning after the tournament, hopefully this semifinal or maybe even final will help my reputation... In the meantime I have applied to various teams, from mid-top level clubs like Valencia, Villareal or Lazio to relegation-threatened Bari in Serie A or Brescia in Serie B. No luck.
  8. Update: after spending a full season applying unsuccessfully to various clubs in all top 2 divisions I figured I'd try my luck at managing another national team. Landed a job managing Columbia... So absolutely no issues with national teams it seems... regardless of my Hungarian nationality... So how do I go about finding a club?!
  9. I know this has probably been discussed to death before but I find myself unable to continue the game due this issue. So, I'll keep it as short as possible. Started game in division 3 with Karlsruhe, Hungarian nationality. Achieved consecutive promotions all the way to the Bundesliga. Won Bundesliga title in 3rd season, won German Cup and Supercup in 2nd. Played CL semifinal 2nd season and EL final 3rd season. Reputation increased to Continental after winning title. Resigned because I got bored of the same team and German championship. Landed a job managing Ireland, thought I'd keep myself busy until I find a new club. Reputation immediately dropped back to National. Why?! Should I be ashamed for managing a mediocre (sorry, they kinda are in my game...) national team? Applied to any job I could find in any of the top divisions in Italy, Spain and England. No luck. Tried Germany as well, including my former team!, just to see what would happen. No luck. In the meantime I qualified for the European Championship with Ireland against all expectations. Started applying to 2nd division teams, no luck. Had one offer in one a half seasons, from a bankrupt and basically relegated to 3rd division Nottingham Forrest. Wasn't interested. I am in no mood to continue my career with a crappy, 3rd division team again. With my reasonable achievements I should have been able to find a job in any top division, regardless of my nationality or whatever other criteria there may be. Don't want to start over with a different, more "popular", nationality. Resigned from Ireland manager job after the Euro Ch., thought that might be the problem. Played another full season. No luck. I would edit my reputation back to Continental with the in-game editor but that doesn't seem possible. Why? Maybe it would help, I dunno... I can edit any manager in the game but me... What to do?
  10. Is it possible to change your personal reputation or anything related to your own profile? I can edit any manager's data but not my own. Am I missing something?
  11. Ever since I started the game (2nd season now) I have several players from Schalke04 continuously saying they want to leave the team. Schopf, Embolo, last season it was Goretzka. Not a week goes by without getting news that one of these players feels like " a big fish in a small pond" or some such. Every single week. And it's always this one team with these players.
  12. I have noticed this in my game too. Playing as Karlsruhe, newly promoted to 2nd division, I played at home against Hamburg and they went Attacking from the get-go. After going 1-0 up they changed to Overload for the entire game. And I had this happen several times, this was just the last example. I also had mediocre teams go Overload against me despite being considered the weaker side.
  13. I started a game with Karlsruhe, German 3rd division. Already have one full season finished. Since the beginning of the game the German national team is made up entirely of those "imaginary", greyed-out players. Not a single real player has been called up, ever. Haven't noticed anything like this with other national team, this one seems to be the only one affected. I don't think it's a coincidence and is maybe linked with me starting my career in Germany.
  14. Well, not knowing what else to do, this morning I restarted the phone and the saves have returned.:)) I'll be damned if I understand. However, I suspect this is an issue with my phone, or rather a bug in the OS, possibly from Android or from Oneplus' modifications to it. I say this because after restarting I remembered I had other files in the Documents folder and those had disappeared and reappeared together with all of FM's files. So it's most likely not the game's fault. Thanks!
  15. I started a game yesterday with Karlsruhe in German 3rd division. After playing for a couple hours (still first day in the game) I exited. During this time I saved manually several times, over the same slot. I also have autosave enabled. When I relaunched the game a bit later it started by analyzing (again) the phone's performance, which shouldn't have happened since it wasn't the first time the game was launhed. After that I realized I could not resume my saved game as it had disappeared. It was as if I had started the game for the first time. I exited and checked for the saved games location and sure enough, the folders we're all empty, including saved formations and tactics. I searched a bit online for this issue then decided to launch the game again and start over. To my surprise my saved game had reappeared and I could continue as if nothing had happened. Today I wanted to continue the game and guess what, my saves are gone again! All of them, since I started saving in all four slots. I checked the folders and they are again empty! The autosave is also gone of course. Phone is OnePlus 3, stock OS with 8.0 Android, no root, no nothing. I also don't have any kind of cleaning apps that could have deleted something. The game also has permission to write to storage. I made sure about that. One last thing: on the first day, between the second launch ( with no saved game appearing) and the third launch (when they reappeared) I checked the settings for the storage permissions and disabled/reenabled it. Just to make sure. But that doesn't explain why the files dissapeared then reappeared. If the game didn't have permissions to write the saves wouldn't have existed at all.
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