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  1. It's compatible and works fine but is not optimised which is apparent in the 3D match engine (i.e. the pitch lines are constantly flickering). You can find it under SEGA (or just search for a prior version and click through). Lack of optimisation aside it's good and using the S Pen is a joy. Edit: I have the Wi-Fi 256GB version with the Keyboard Book Cover. The trackpad is also useful for navigation.
  2. Or just ignore them. I've had a player subsequently decide they no longer wanted a new contract.
  3. The key is in the word estimate. You will often find that players moving from lesser leagues or clubs will demand far more than the estimate. If you keep the save for long enough and are successful enough you can expect to be paying European level salaries in future.
  4. Then you should be aware that the game functions as expected and your only option is the editor.
  5. I'm playing on Android (Nvidia Shield K1). It definitely feels like a step up from previous versions. I've only played a few quick challenges to get a feel for it but everything appears to be more responsive while the interface is intuitive and a good use of screen real estate (my tablet is 8"). I was dubious about the tactical overhaul but the playing styles are very distinct and it makes it easy to quickly create your own approach. The move to being able to adjust your mentality in possession, in transition and off the ball is a good one and you can see opposing styles reflected in
  6. I've only ever used a Shield K1 for FMT. There are a few bits that might require scrolling to see all of the information but they are few and far between. E.g. on the default match day settings I need to scroll if I have more than 7 subs and in the match stats box I need to scroll to see the possession row. Same obviously applies to any long lists. I've never had an issue with it.
  7. I'd settle for them not getting in the way of the camera on corners.
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