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  1. The lag occurs in Lollipop

    Just tried this but no luck. So my only option for now will be to use the original ME for a new game? Or can I switch to using it on an existing save? And then wait for the update to see if that works? Is this something that can be taken up with Android to see where the changes has been made in the OS to cause such a significant impact to performance?
  2. The lag occurs in Lollipop

    Yep, confirmed on the HTC M8 too on an existing save game! I'm now lost for what to do on the train! Was really into the game as well but guess too eager to update! Need to nip this one in the bud as carriers are releasing updates in coming week. Happy to help test, and provide save games etc...
  3. FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    On the Split screen during the match, being able to split one of the side panels in two. I'd like to have my team stats on the left, and then on the right have the match overview + match stats (and the right side being the one to show key highlights). Team talks would also be good and being able to give a team talk just before instant result which would match the style/approach for the win.
  4. On a flight to India when the entertainment system on the plane had broken I closed everything possible to maximise battery life and ran FM in the quickest, low power consumption mode possible. I think I managed 3 hours! Lesson was fully learnt, the next flight I got myself a plug adaptor and managed 6 hours of playing time! Not bad at all.
  5. Having just got to grips with the dragging on the team screen, I still think its something that needs a lot of consideration. I think without any radical screen UI changes, the first thing would be to drag and drop the 1st X1 on the mini pitch with the subs as it is (as said above). As an alternative to this, I'm not sure what's possible given the limited space on screen. You could have it so that when you click the little square next to the player, it assigns the next position. So if you had no players selected, you would then select you GK first and it would assign that player to GK. And then you select your defenders etc. What also might be easier is to have a player who is injured (fully injured) to be automatically deselected from the squad. (Obviously, this would only happen on a match day - i.e. a small check on matchday so if a player is injured then de-select him).
  6. Agree with you there. I have it for "ye olde" 1st gen touch and thought it would be painfully slow but its far from it. Perfect for travelling as when it is processing i get a chance to look at which station I'm at and ensure I don't miss my stop! I put it to the test on an hour train journey the other day whilst listening to music at the same time and my battery life hadn't decreased by much at all either. I'm hoping to write up a little review on this too but trying to find time to do so (i'm either playing the damn thing or working!)
  7. That is not going to happen! The next version of Windows will be 32 bit aswell - there is no way everyone with a PC will make that switch to 64-bit by the time the next Windows is out! They would be very very stupid to make it only 64-bit! You also have to think about many businesses with software (be it large or small) which will only run on 32bit and therefore these will be the need for 32-bit systems for a long time to come.
  8. FM 2010, have a look!

    There is a dark skin in the demo...
  9. This has just happened to me and really annoying! I am fully patched and its to do with the year 2021 and the international dates! The internationals are played on the first weekend of Sept or a certain number of weeks from the start of the season. And 2021 seems to be the year they clash. Normally there would be premiership games that weekend and they would be moved/changed for another week but this doesn't apply for the Super Cup for some reason! I lost 5-1 and had a squad full of 16-18 year olds and even some of my youth team were on international duty.
  10. Tis a bug. May be worth posting it in the bugs forum.
  11. Moral in FM2009

    I don't get it. Why would that happen? Do you have any real examples? It wouldnt make sense for a player to just all of a sudden become unhappy and It doesnt happen a lot in real life so would say it wont be in the game.
  12. Moral in FM2009

    How do you mean by unexpected? There won't be any external factors that influence the morale because of a few reasons but mainly legal - ie. Player taking drugs etc
  13. Is this thread for real? If you're bored, do something a little more productive surely. Who cares if its after tax or not - it doesnt make a difference!
  14. Is this thread for real? If you're bored, do something a little more productive surely. Who cares if its after tax or not - it doesnt make a difference!