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  1. FMbeginner

    Good solid lb& cb

    What's your current team? What system are you playing?
  2. Is anyone playing with Sassuolo? I got bored of my Roma save and fancied a different save in Serie A. In the first season I finished 9th with 53 points, which I was very happy with, although I crashed out the TIM cup early on. My transfer budget was nicely cushioned by the outgoings of Alfred Duncan for 19mil and Politano for 15mil as well as various other players for a few million here and there. I was able to sign the following players: Zlatan Sehovic 500k, Tonali 9mil, Graca 725k, Lovro Majer 5.25m, Plizzari 10.75m, Nahitan Nandez 9mil as well as loan deal for Arana (2 years) and Orsolini I also have Marcos Senesi for 9.25m joining in January. The second season has been bit of a struggle with the team not scoring many goals.
  3. Cheers @RandomGuy. Neither Corbo or Bettella have really developed on your game. Have they played many minutes in the first few seasons other than the current season?
  4. Enjoyed my first season with Roma, winning the league on the last day! Been given 40mil to spend and with a few sales I've now got 60mil. Not quite enough to compete with the likes of PSG, Liverpool, Man City etc, but enough to make some improvements. Centre back and Goalkeeper are my focus points. Missed out on Rugani to PSG for 41mil, Pavard to Liverpool for 52mil and Lucas Hernandez for 58mil. Instead, I'm looking at: - Eder Militao from Porto (who can play at CB, RB, DM and CM) who will cost 45mil - Wesley Hoedt from Southampton for 25mil I also want to sign a young italian defender.... How have Gabriele Corbo from Bologna and Davide Bettella from Atalanta developed in people's games?
  5. @RandomGuy. Congrats on winning the league with Roma. What system are you playing and how are you getting the best out of the squad?
  6. Can anyone let me know how the young players at Roma have developed? Luca Pellegrini and Alesssio Riccardi in particluar
  7. FMbeginner

    FM19- Bundesliga Thread

    Starting a game as Hoffenheim. First ever year for the team in the Champions League, only one trophy won in their history, and a decent squad.... a great team to write yourself into the history books with! Lots of potential. There are 5 important players out injured at the start of the season: Amiri, Geiger, Kramaric, Rupp and Demirbay with all players due back at different times throughout the season. The centre of midfield is pretty light with those injuries, but there is enough quality to make do until Geiger comes back (due back in 2 months). I've just got to the first 1st round of the DFB-Pokal, against Paderborn, and I'm feeling optimistic. Enough decent youngsters to bulk up the squad and the team has played OK in pre-season. I am a little unsure of what tactics to go for as it stands though. Toying with a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 DM. Is anyone else starting with Hoffenhein? Any suggestions for tactics or player roles?
  8. FMbeginner

    FM 18 - Russian League

    Any save in Russia outside Zenit, Lokomotive and Spartak are challenging saves financially. CSKA Moscow is a save I've really enjoyed. Give youth players a chance, scout Russia well and you can find some good players in smaller teams for cheap. I have a 5 star potential CB who I picked up from a second division team for 100k and a 5 star potential GK from another second division team for 500k. Chalov and Kuschaev have been really good for me after giving them plenty of game time in the first 2 seasons. As long as you're getting Champions League group stage football, and occasionally knockout rounds, financially you'll be fine going forward. Look for a few bargains and frees to bulk up your squad. Enjoy!!
  9. FMbeginner

    FM 18 - Russian League

    I'm playing my youth players Chalov and Kuchaev in pretty much every game, and they are doing fairly well admittedly. The defence is a problem, especially as you said @Bigpapa42 how slow their CBs are. Only Vasin is probably going to be kept for the second season. How is your season going as Lokomotiv Moscow?
  10. FMbeginner

    FM 18 - Russian League

    Started a final save as CSKA Moscow, hoping to bring through a new generation of Russian talent. The club has big debts, around 150mil, paying back 1.5m a month. In November and sitting in Europa League places, just, and I just can't get the team playing well... Tried playing 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2 but neither systems are paying dividends. Any advice? Any one else playing in Russia?
  11. FMbeginner

    FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    Started a new career mode with Malaga and just finished the summer transfer window. As a club who have only every won La Liga 123 twice as well as two lower division cups, they are great club to build up a legacy with and become the first manager to win some major silverware. They have no outstanding loans to pay off, and a decent squad to work with, as well as some decent youngsters including Kuki, Ontiveros and Robles. There is a big first team squad, with a lot of loaned players. I've terminated a few loan contracts and loaned a few fringe players to bring the squad down to a more manageable size. Transfer budgets were disabled, but i have loaned in Patrick Cutrone and got Zeca in on a free. I'm going to use 4-3-3 DM as my standard formation, with the ever reliable 4-4-2 as my back up. I've won my first two games against Leganes and Deportivo... next up are Barcelona!
  12. FMbeginner

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @stevecummins78 How do you set up your Roma side with Pellegrini and Barella in the starting line up?
  13. FMbeginner

    FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    @WillyBroadband Can I see your Schalke squad please? Also, how are your club finances?
  14. FMbeginner

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Playing a new career mode as Roma as my last save corrupted in the 9th season with them Im really struggling to find a system that works, either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. I've tried using the system I had on my previous save but I simply can't get it to work (tried the usual tweaking the system etc.). Can anyone give me some tips??
  15. FMbeginner

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @stevecummins78 Luca Pellegrini didn't develop well in my Roma game, even though he got more game in the first 3 seasons than Emerson. His stats look decent at the start of the game, but he just didn't develop unfortunately. In my 8th season he is playing for Pescara after being sold for 4mil, and they are still bouncing between serie a and serie b... so not playing a top level :/ Eros De Santis is Serie B standard.