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  1. How do people feel about the way players are given ratings during/after games? For example, Locatelli after 10 games has an average rating of 6.9, with 2 goals and 2 assists. What these stats don't show is that he regularly assists another assist as such. He is controlling the play, feeding the full backs/wingers who make the actual assist; he is winning the ball back and ultimately becoming indispensable to the team. I understand that in real life these kind of performances would get much higher ratings/credit. Is this taken into account in game?
  2. Buffon and Chiellini (whilst on the subject of Juve players) are terrible coaches on mine unfortunately. I really wanted Buffon as a coach, I had him as a really good GK coach on FM19 with Roma. I have signed Ponzio from River Plate as a youth coach in the meantime and Quaresma as a coach. Terrible stats, but good knowledge of lots of countries
  3. After a few days distraction with a save as San Lorenzo, which I will definitely come back to, I'm back to carrying on with Sassuolo. I signed Romagna at centre back to pair with Quarta, Hysaj came in on loan and I fought off Juve, Inter & Lazio who all tried to sign Tripadelli and Locatelli from me. They got 10k extra a week on new contracts to keep them happy. First game of new the season ended with a fantastic 3-1 win away at Juve who spent big recently on Haaland, Talisca and Leroy Sane! I'm looking at my holding midfield as my weakest squad area, with Nikolo Mora and Mandragora filling in for now. Gustavo Assuncao was my first choice but Bayern won that race. Overall, happy with my squad for this season. On the subject of staff - has anyone signed any retired players as staff and seen them turn out well? I know it is random for each save, but I love the idea of former players retiring and becoming coaches. I'm looking for inspiration
  4. Into season 3 with Sassuolo. Quick reminder of how Season 2 went: Got into Europa League, the club got a takeover and the new board bought Cengiz Under and Alexander Isak. I still had a little bit of money to spend in the transfer window and I was wondering if anyone can advise on the below transfers? I need a first choice right back to play ahead of Mert Muldur. I can either spend 7mil on Andrea Conti or loan in Elseid Hysaj Is Filippo Romagna worth 11mil and the second highest wages at my club (after Under)? I have Quarta, Varnier and Romero (Romero on loan) as my other centre backs Does anyone have any experience with Matias Arezo? I signed him in January and he looks pretty decent as a Pressing Forward (with a little training)
  5. I did continue the original save for a few months, but the only jobs that came up were the Roma job (they wouldn't even interview me) and Genoa (where I missed out after an interview). I didn't fancy my Pescara save, not just yet anyway. If it doesn't affect my transfer budget that would be fantastic! What did you read?
  6. So, I reloaded my game as Sassuolo before the takeover and got to May before another takeover succeeded... and I survived this time! 2 games left to play and sitting in 5th, so hopefully I can hold on for a Europa League spot. The board have submitted bids for Cengiz Under & Isak (around 18mil each)... Quality players, but wages of 93k & 43k respectively is a bit high for players I don't really want. How does it work with the transfer budget? I only have 17mil currently, will these deals actually go through? Who else has experienced this?
  7. Out of interest, does anyone know any good packs to download for Serie B kits?
  8. I might hang around and see if any other jobs become available... I only have the italian leagues as playable (slow laptop) so hopefully a decent Serie A job is available soon! If not, I will reload my Pescara game and give fighting relegation a second try
  9. It looks like my save at Sassuolo is at an end... a consortium came in and sacked me in January 2021 when I was sitting in 7th and on a good run of form.... they brought in Fernando Santos, the Portugal manager. Gutted that save is over... unsure whether to reload my save as Pescara (discovered I tucked away a save from the beginning of the second season after promotion to Serie A) or if to go for a bigger side such as Roma or one of the Milan clubs. I do have an older save from November 2020 as Sassuolo but unsure what to do...
  10. Since then, I've finished the transfer window and made a last few minute moves.... Brescianini came in on a 2 year loan deal from Milan and Petagna joined from Napoli. Caputo went out on loan (I'm paying all his wages), Ricci went out on loan and Bourabia moved permanently to Trabzonspor. I had a look for some more experienced players and there weren't too many experienced players who I wanted to bring in without breaking my wage budget - which is higher than I really want without European football. Marco Parolo wanted to join me from Lazio, but wanted 50k wages... ouch. I do have Lucas Martinez Quarta joining from River Plate for the start of the third season though. I will have a look at Laurenzi and Tolemello. Thanks!
  11. I have finally completed my season with Sassuolo. I finished just below my target of 10th place. A little concerned with the goals for and against, but I was testing a few tactics so I can understand. There was only 2 transfers of note in 2019: Obando from Boca Juniors for 5mil, whilst being loaned back for the remainder of the season due to Non EU limits. Marlon then left the club to China for 12mil. Below are the major transfers for 2020 summer transfer window so far. There are a few loaned out players missing - no one major. I was disappointed to sell Russo and Frattesi but a combined 16mil for the pair was acceptable - helping me get in some first team players. I still have 8mil to spend but there isn't anyone really available at the moment who I would consider so I will wait and see if any players become available later in the window or during the January transfer window. I'm currently playing a flat 4-3-3 which was working fairly well for the last 3 months of the season, so I will carry on with it for the time being. There are a few players I can't shift (Caputo & Ricci) so they will be fringe players for now. I also have Bourabia going into the last year of his contract, but I'm undecided on him. Anyone got any experience on how to get the best out of him? My squad as it stands is below. I also have Matias Arezo joining in January. Any comments, tips or observations? Are there any lower league gems worth picking up?
  12. He will be. He has decent stats and is highly rated by the staff at the club, plus he is moving to the club permanently for 13mil or so. He will be in or around the first team from the off. Trying Raspadori out on the left wing for now as Defrel & Caputo fight for the role as the main striker. I will probably put Raspadori up front after a season or two.
  13. I flipped a coin for it, and Sassuolo won! I think them having a young squad with potential and not as much as history as Torino (the 40s were amazing time for them as a club) probably would have swayed me eventually! After spending some time flicking through the squad I have highlighted a few players who I want to get in or around the first team this season and hopefully build a continence of home grown players alongside Berardi. Raspadori, Tripaldelli and Russo are those currently at the club hoping to get into the first team, with Adjapong and Frattesi out on loan this season. Let's hope I can keep hold of them before the big clubs some swooping! Formation wise, a gegenpress 4-3-3 DM has worked well for me before and for now I want to stick with this. I am tempted by a 3 cb formation, but not for a little while... at least not until I can assess the whole squad. There are quite a few good cb's at the club so I might end up doing this sooner rather than later before Romagna and Chiriches leave the club at the end of season. First transfer window closed, but with the club in good financial health, maybe a little bit of money could be spent in January. No transfer targets as of yet, I will see how pre-season goes before ear marking any replacements. Time to start gutting the staff numbers!!
  14. As always, a massive fan of Italian football and loved reading this thread! I had a 2 year save with Pescara which was really challenging! Promoted in the first season, had 2mil to spend in the second season and finished 18th with 30 points. With the relegation and a lot of my squad in on loan due to leave, I don't fancy another Serie B challenge with a brand new squad, so.... I have decided to start a fresh game with either Torino or Sassuolo. Who has any experience with Millico or Raspadori? Both look like fantastic prospects but neither really developed in my game... has anyone seem then turn into real world beaters? Does anyone have any advice on either team??
  15. Slightly off topic here - second season in with RB Leipzig and my affiliate, Red Bull Salzburg is in the Champions League Final against Man City! They got through a group of PSG, Spurs and Galatasaray, before beating the following teams on their path to the final: Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Liverpool. Meanwhile, I only finished 3rd in the Champions League group stage and got knocked out of the Europa League in the second knockout round! They've sold Wober, Koita, Szoboszlai and Diakite and only signed Margreitter from Nuremburg and Schlager from LASK Linz. That's a massive achievement for them. Anyone else had any surprising teams get to the late stages of the Champions League?
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