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  1. OFK Beograd | Year 2 | 2020/21 Season Manager | Youth Candidates | Transfers | Youth League Champs! What a rollercoaster ride of a season of OFK Beograd back into the Superleague. The transfer window was an absolute nightmare for Kang as he tried to restrict star player Petar Milic from moving to league rivals Radnicki Nis and play abroad but no luck... After scoring a blistering 7 goals in the first 6 games, he moved to Nis to simply get played out of position, loan listed in January and score 2 goals in 18 games for his new club. Good career choice, Petar. The 56k euros came in handy for the Belgrade-based club however and have boosted their youth recruitment and junior coaching budget. The club had moments where it was contending for the title despite only hoping for a mid-table finish. Kang will be content taking 5th place with another season to keep pushing towards domestic glory. The biggest surprise was the downfall of the two powerhouses Crvena Zvezda and Partizan. It seems that all the smaller clubs are now rejecting their dominance by not letting their youth products being sold for cheap to them and rather selling abroad straight away. This has caused a massive shake-up to the Serbian top flight and is quite entertaining for the neutral. Congrats to Cukaricki for pipping it out on the final matchday. The young stars of the season were most notably Nebojsa Lukic and Ivan Radunovic. Lukic received the league's golden boot award by a hairline margin of minutes - AT SEVENTEEN YEARS OF AGE. Radunovic has shown that you can keep up with the big boys in the midfield. Kang is hoping for a big profit from these products to improve the youth facilities in the future. Future Plans: Now that the gruelling first couple of seasons are stabilised and now that I'm comfortable with the club, I hope that I can now go more in-depth on my posts and look forward to what my youth products will look like in the future. I am hoping for a really strong golden generation to bolster through and become a production line for the top tier leagues, I think I have a league-winning squad (until I get raided in January) but I feel like if I get into continental cups I will stretch myself too thin, I may have to sacrifice quality First XI squads and really give the young pups rotational experience which may turn 3 points to 1 and 1 to 0... This challenge is much easier in a small yet quality-rich nation like Serbia but wow this is still tough with the demanding belief in young, inexperienced players and losing your stars with the click of a finger.
  2. OFK Beograd | Year 1: Youth Intake| Transfers| Squad | League Table 2019/20 Season: It is quite clear that OFK Beograd are definitely a Superliga club after dominating the second division in comfortable fashion. Manager Kang showed that he had a few tricks up his sleeves with a very fast-paced attacking game with scoring the most goals.... but also conceding the most in the league as well. Crazy. With departures of key players Lazar Mitrovic and Sreten Smiljanic, the depth of the squad is highly dependent on the up and coming youth players to step up. It was an all-round team effort this season but clear standout was Petar Milic and his partner in crime Nikola Rakic on the wings. Despite this overpowered attacking force, offloading for a hefty profit is the club's desire to invest into their youth facilities. This may now be a real challenge playing in the top tier of Serbian football with a clear battle of stopping balls in the back of the net and falling back down to the second tier again...
  3. Gonna give this a shot with OFK Beograd - getting them back on track with a ridiculous yet hilarious spin. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction: OFK Beograd were relegated from the Serbian Superliga after finishing fifteenth in the 2015-16 season. The next season saw relegation from the 2016-17 Serbian First League after finishing bottom of the table. The club played in the Serbian League Belgrade in the 2017–18 season (their first season in the Serbian third tier), finishing in second place which bounced them back to the Serbian second tier. After escaping the third tier, the "Klub prijatelja OFK Beograda" [KPO] was formed (translated. "Club of Friends of OFK Beograd") with the goal of saving the club from becoming extinct and helping the club through its most difficult times. The KPO is made up of loyal fans who want to see OFK return to its former glories competing at the very top of the first tier of Serbian football. A ridiculously lucrative deal has been struck with the KPO and the North Korean Football Association to assist OFK Beograd in their journey to the top with unknown manager "Kang Ju-song" being placed to help promote a Youth-Isolationist policy with the intention of shutting shop on incoming transfers with the sole intention of developing from within with maximum output in results and financial stability. Managing Director Ilija Petkovic stated on the official club website "There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have learnt from our mistakes. We are looking forward to breaking away from the norms of modern football - who better to help us than the global leaders of isolationism? We are hoping this deal with the DPR Korea footballing body can assist us in promoting our new youth and transfer policy." It is believed that the club will potentially provide youth scholarships to North Korean children to help develop the nation's football status as part of the deal. It is suspiciously unknown how the club's profits and additional finances will be utilised. FIFA and continental bodies AFC and UEFA are highly-suspicious of the North Korean influence. Due to the manager's secretive lifestyle being raised in Rason and educated in Pyongyang, none of his footballing education is internationally recognised. Kang will have to work his way up obtaining UEFA-approved coaching licenses and proving to the world that OFK Beograd mean business... or anti-business... June 16th is reset day for Serbia. Hope everything is all good on my end, this is my first time doing something like this. If you need more screenshots let me know - Hope you guys enjoy it! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. First post here, apologies if I have made a mistake. I'm creating a just-for-fun database scenario where the state of Western Australia has declared independence. Just trying to make it look aesthetic in-game. I have a problem with that I have tried to get the flag icon to come up (circled green in picture) next to the player/club's nationality and it just isn't budging no matter what I try. Tried to config with club/nation logos but I know it is definitely a nation logo and should be the icon version (???) Absolutely stumped and feel like I am missing something... If there is a way to fix it that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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