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  1. I find when players are part of the pyramid and not playing reserves, their reputation and value boosts significantly. So if you are looking to make a profit, it is better to do so but if you are trying to develop from within, watch out for crazy contract demands next agent deal.
  2. I find that when I have an absolutely blossoming gem, it is better for them to be playing first team football elsewhere down a league or on the rare occasion the same league for a relegation battler. The slow growers i tend to just let them take their time in the reserve team until they are ready to take a leap which I give second half of the season on loan for first team action, then evaluate if they are worth to keep or let go. I like the fact that the B teams have the opportunity to play in the pyramid as I find the reserve leagues in England to be quite a mickey mouse trophy collection...
  3. Legitimately having fun with this as a chill save developing youth. Wish there were youth/reserve teams though but I totally understand the reasoning.
  4. 96%+: ideally full game 90%-95%: probably full game with bench support 80% - 89%: bench or 60 mins max if they are a crucial first teamer
  5. My plan is basically: 1. Set Loan Manager - Championship only// regular starter+ // wages any % // end of season // - only the apex tier prospects get special treatment. 2. If a player gets a bit of bite for first team football before jan I loan them out to wherever domestically. Most probably a feeder affiliate in league one/two/nonleague // depending on squad status 3. Set loan manager to more flexibilty for your liking. I just turn everything to any again but still selective on offers with my approval. 4. Depending on continental/domestic cup (and possible 23s cup/league) run and rotation in january window, I will let the loan manager have fun for the second half of season and let them go where they are wanted.
  6. I don't have a problem with the match engine results-wise. It isn't rigged or broken - I just don't like how it expresses itself and how the result concludes. I think just how it overall appears visually - most notable examples being the ridiculously polarising plays and very questionable attacking runs especially one-on-ones and lack of cut-in assists. I don't understand how my striker can shank and sky one-on-one chance 5+ times in a game and then score an absolute belting last minute winner after 'getting creative' that should only occur once in a blue moon. It just doesn't feel 'right' but it is not impossible I guess. Just ridiculous to constantly win by a one goal margin in dramatic anime-like fantasy style to represent a 1-0 win weekly. TL;DR - I like how it gets there but I don't like the process.
  7. I change the youth individual training as my responsibility and it brings up the tabs again
  8. Trying giving the responsibility to the HOYD to sign and secure some kids whilst also scooping up some unattached regens that should help fix it a little to get some short term stability.
  9. When you do a youth academy challenge and eliminate transfers-in - Those youth candidate CA/PA stars inflate A LOT after a few seasons...
  10. That is neat I was not aware. Is it possible to do vice versa, however?
  11. Yep definitely agree. Maybe change the home kit design but colours remain and away and third can be totally random. Would be refreshing indeed!
  12. What you are doing isn't that controversial nor groundbreaking imo I have found the Uruguay youth to be absolutely ballin' this edition. Defensor Sporting with the goods every intake I swear lol 🙌😎
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