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  1. Not as extreme but my squad numbers cannot have gaps and First Choice Keeper must be #1 even if they prefer 13 or 25 etc. Preferred numbers absolutely melt me down when I have 3 players wanting #11 or something common...
  2. Judging from my experience as well with these kinds of saves, the finances are probably really imbalanced and unstable where the cash is splashed on IRL players and then contracts are hard to renew due to IRL player reputation wanting more demands... So the clubs just wait for youth intakes to rebuild as they have easier contract demands and the newgen merry-go-round begins for years 4, 5 etc. When the youth contracts roughly expire. Something like that... hope that helps. I recommend pushing through because it eventually sorts itself out.
  3. Would be cool in-game if it did implement the exceptions by moving to the new nation and swapping the primary and secondary nationality around.
  4. There is always ways to make the game harder. Try a youth academy challenge in an obscure nation. Crazy stuff.
  5. 1) Personality and Formation/Tactics always outweighs actual ability for me personally. I do a Youth Academy Challenge with OFK Beograd and I found stooping lower and getting someone who matches my style provides better long term squad stability. 2) I ensure that my Loan Manager rejects anything below Regular Starter status for youth contracts and Important Player for fringe first teamers. Then I work with whoever has the best offer to provide first team football. I tend to let an 18 year old boss in a league 2 tiers below with a club that pushes for promotion and extend the deal for a year of they achieve that. When they are 19 I look for a deal that is either tier below domestically or same division status or one below continentally with the same squad status conditions. Hope that helps, it is mostly circumstantial but I dont have problems dropping them down a couple divisions as long as the next year they climb up. I aim for them to be amongst the first team around their end of teenagehood.
  6. Same thing happens to me in Serbia. To me, it is just random luck of the draw tbh
  7. I get on Dungeons & Dragons level of immersion if I have a really, really good save.
  8. I find that when receiving an offer and persuading the player with the "new challenge" dialogue it works like a charm to get some cash if you need to offload/cut the wage bill and rebuild. I honestly make more money dropping the sale value of the initial transfer and getting the 50% next sale clause on young guns. Doesnt work every time but being a selling club is great fun squad building and not getting sentimental at the slightest.
  9. If they added local region of birth as a filter I would legit be so happy :')
  10. Time to make it a homegrown challenge I reckon.
  11. It's also useless in the Serbian leagues. Cannot get my U18s into the youth league and non existent U23s despite having 5 star facilities. Cannot even make a B team -_-
  12. Nothing wrong with selling and keep reproducing with slight rep boosts. It's a good cycle tbh.
  13. I can't even get a new stadium done in Serbia and I've been farming reputation/cash for years in-game. I think your best bet is Luxembourg, if not maybe try Faroe Islands?
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