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  1. I think it would be cool & immersive if by rare chance, a foreign player in your squad gets 'married' to a local and fast-tracks their citizenship by a year or two than expected. Even if it is regen-only, I think it could spice up a long-term save once in a blue moon.
  2. Truro City Youth Academy Challenge 2023/24 Act IV "So close but so far." - Chad Thundercock, post-game interview at the play-off semi-final after losing 4-1 against Maidstone. A 3-Year Reflection... It has been a remarkable season for the Cornwall kids with veterans Andrew Neal and James Hamon leading the front and back of the wolf pack. This 2023/24 season was the current squad's magnum opus. You won't be blessed with a better striker for a while with Mr. Neal and a better wall between the sticks in Mr. Hamon. The philosophy of this challenge, to me is to absolutely a
  3. Truro City Youth Academy Challenge 2022/23 Act III "We didn't have a bad season - majority of the league did. That's the only reason why we didn't look like going down." Truro assistant, Stuart Searle, summarised the season at the final post-game press conference at Treyvew Road. It is the harsh, honest truth. Truro City overachieved retaining the exact same position as last year. It's nothing to be ashamed about though. We fought much more valiantly and the morale is much better because we finally have a dynamic majority that want to be here. No egos. No superstars. Except f
  4. Truro City Youth Academy Challenge Act II - 2021/22 Truro Manager Chad Thundercock strutted into management in remarkable fashion after purposefully stroking his player's egos the right way by organising friendly matches with local minnows of Cornwall and the outskirts to promote his dynamic and attacking style of play. With a full squad of overpaid and frankly, overachieving veterans/journeymen on his list, it did not take long before panicking offers came knocking from leagues above and below to poach amongst the ranks. With the board giving Thundercock their blessing to purg
  5. Truro City Football Club - Youth Academy Challenge Act I Introduction Cornwall has rich sporting history. Not so much in the world game, however... Truro is the highest ranked club of the region and has had its ups & downs... and ups & downs again. After recently bouncing back to the conference south, the club is fed up with the carnage over the years involving borderline extortionate expenses and administrative drama that has haunted the recent years of past... The White Tigers believe it is time to be realistic and understand that it's going to be difficult to attrac
  6. My tips are don't EVER get sentimental with players and know there is always a South American a search filter away...
  7. Not as extreme but my squad numbers cannot have gaps and First Choice Keeper must be #1 even if they prefer 13 or 25 etc. Preferred numbers absolutely melt me down when I have 3 players wanting #11 or something common...
  8. Judging from my experience as well with these kinds of saves, the finances are probably really imbalanced and unstable where the cash is splashed on IRL players and then contracts are hard to renew due to IRL player reputation wanting more demands... So the clubs just wait for youth intakes to rebuild as they have easier contract demands and the newgen merry-go-round begins for years 4, 5 etc. When the youth contracts roughly expire. Something like that... hope that helps. I recommend pushing through because it eventually sorts itself out.
  9. Would be cool in-game if it did implement the exceptions by moving to the new nation and swapping the primary and secondary nationality around.
  10. There is always ways to make the game harder. Try a youth academy challenge in an obscure nation. Crazy stuff.
  11. 1) Personality and Formation/Tactics always outweighs actual ability for me personally. I do a Youth Academy Challenge with OFK Beograd and I found stooping lower and getting someone who matches my style provides better long term squad stability. 2) I ensure that my Loan Manager rejects anything below Regular Starter status for youth contracts and Important Player for fringe first teamers. Then I work with whoever has the best offer to provide first team football. I tend to let an 18 year old boss in a league 2 tiers below with a club that pushes for promotion and extend the deal f
  12. Same thing happens to me in Serbia. To me, it is just random luck of the draw tbh
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