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  1. I just want a thread where everyone just unanimously replies with "Yes, you are a tactical genius" lol
  2. OFK Beograd - Year 1 Table | Squad | Manager …And so we commence with the cheesiest of all Youth Academy Challenges! OFK Beograd has been through some absolute turmoil the past half-decade and it is only fair that I try and return them up to the top and beyond. They have a great squad, experienced and also great youngsters that are Red Star and Partizan rejects. I am finding it hard to keep a firm grasp on their ambitions but it seems like I have just enough for mid-table sh*thousery for the future seasons. Transfers | Finances A lot of experienced youth products are out in the continental wilderness and giving me extra income from transfer revenue percentages, I will hope to keep this trend going but this time not let the club go in to financial ruin and toppling down the pyramid. Got a nice half a mil from a Dusan Vlahovic transfer come through which helped me steer clear from destroying finances for a while but I won't invest in facilities JUST yet... Youth Preview | Youth Intake I am not fooled by the stars, I am not fooled by the grades. I know this is a long road ahead. I know how rigorous this challenge is. Couple of my players from the intake before I came in got poached from the uppers but I am not too phased, they weren't my boys. I am not that sentimental... yet. My healthy crops: Igor Vucicevic - want any more C's in your last name, mate? I think he has short-man-syndrome so I am going to turn him into a rabies-infested pitbull in the middle of the park. Nemanja Pjevic - My main GK decided to fob me off and dog me by deciding to retire at the end of the season. Out of spite I decided to blood this guy in the XI a bit more than he should but he did half-decent in-between the sticks. Will have faith in him for the future simply because I am left with no choice and held at gunpoint by you all Good luck everyone and stay strong, most of you are battling much harder than I will ever experience in this godforsaken challenge but just know I care about you all P.S. if you haven't already, make sure you install hover zoom+ plugin on your browsers so you can preview the hyperlinks without clicking & leaving the window xoxo
  3. Was doing a lowkey test run of the challenge during this beta with easy-mode legends OFK Beograd.... BUT I got hooked and can't give-in. You get a guaranteed ~half-mil euros with the Vlahovic hype-train CHOO CHOO! Just a heads up for anyone who is interested in easing into this challenge, Serbia has some good newgen odds and facilities aren't half-bad Save on May 25th 2022 if you want new teams and reset is june 16th 2022 for Serbia. First season update soon
  4. Had the same issue with Perth Glory, not alone mate! I'm sure it will get sorted
  5. Man oh man, these past few threads about FM22... Are we the "Tool fans" of the gaming industry? 🤔
  6. Him & Mammana were my go-to in defence. Chef kiss 👌🏼
  7. Palermo kind of makes sense since it has been a basket-case of a club for a while. Could establish another fan-breakaway team from scratch and try and do things right? The south of italy gets hard-done by and I think Napoli are the only consistent southern team in the top tier so getting more representation could be a good goal
  8. Had a load of fun in Serbia and Sweden over the years.
  9. I just make up scandalous or justifiable stories. Maybe that player used to date the manager's daughter and things went rocky... For example, Ermedin Demirovic is a Bosnian-Muslim so gets selection favouritism over an openly-Christian Bosnian-Serb Milan Djuric. Yeah it's a bit of a stretch but these things kinda do happen especially in the international game... Does Djuric have the choice to switch to Serbia? If he hasn't yet, that's on him not you lol
  10. No one is holding anyone who plays this game at gun-point to play the women's game. It is honestly just like downloading a mass array of steam workshop items that majority of us do anyways. Much more likely in-game to take a gig in the WSL than the second division of Moldova to climb up in my career. Honestly take a chill pill some of ya's lol
  11. I think it would be cool & immersive if by rare chance, a foreign player in your squad gets 'married' to a local and fast-tracks their citizenship by a year or two than expected. Even if it is regen-only, I think it could spice up a long-term save once in a blue moon.
  12. Truro City Youth Academy Challenge 2023/24 Act IV "So close but so far." - Chad Thundercock, post-game interview at the play-off semi-final after losing 4-1 against Maidstone. A 3-Year Reflection... It has been a remarkable season for the Cornwall kids with veterans Andrew Neal and James Hamon leading the front and back of the wolf pack. This 2023/24 season was the current squad's magnum opus. You won't be blessed with a better striker for a while with Mr. Neal and a better wall between the sticks in Mr. Hamon. The philosophy of this challenge, to me is to absolutely abuse and push what crop you have to the absolute limit. This season was the limit to at least try and milk a promotion - but it was just way too much to handle. This is a hard challenge but a welcomed one. There has been a consistent harassment of 'potential takeovers' by fans, a business consortium and dodgy foreign firms. The Cornish Pirates group is not budging one bit despite dropping thousands by the month. Thankfully, the wages are plateauing and the attendances are slowly rising... The staff is solid as well. Just gotta keep pushing! Squad | Staff | Table | Transfers High Points: Andrew Neal. That is all. I am gonna write a song about him at this rate. Check my band out HERE (shameless self-promo but I will probably write a song about this champ) Sh*thoused my way to the play-offs. All the kids who had to fill in didn't necessarily let me down. So much guts n' determination. I worked on making a better 'away days' tactic going to a textbook cautious 4-4-frickin'-2 - It didn't always work but going from 13th to 6th in the table eases the stressload Did I mention ANDREW NEAL? :O Flank play is really good Low Points: I am still relying on the veterans We peaked too hard again Still letting in silly goals because my defense is still too inexperienced in the guts Self-inflicted, but the tactics that have been used over the past 3 season aren't very 'underdog' friendly - slowly working it out with this squad Academy Best preview so far lmao I like the versatility of these kids. Unfortunately no one is piercing the first team ranks for the time being... Maybe just for the surnames lol I screwed up and forgot to name and categorise the intakes. Rookie error. Just gonna go with the flow. The squad is blessed to have plentiful staff thanks to the board confidence... shame about not being able to afford facilities or milking a senior affiliate. I can't risk the loans into the squad unfortunately :/ End of Act IV
  13. Truro City Youth Academy Challenge 2022/23 Act III "We didn't have a bad season - majority of the league did. That's the only reason why we didn't look like going down." Truro assistant, Stuart Searle, summarised the season at the final post-game press conference at Treyvew Road. It is the harsh, honest truth. Truro City overachieved retaining the exact same position as last year. It's nothing to be ashamed about though. We fought much more valiantly and the morale is much better because we finally have a dynamic majority that want to be here. No egos. No superstars. Except for the manager of course... Table | Squad | Transfers | Staff High points: We won huge games early on against the top-half teams to avoid relegation in the latter half of the season We were a side that determined and dictated the play-off spots Attacking football worked well before January and again towards April Much better FA Cup run with Andrew Neal even scoring 5 goals Dropping the wage bill a bit more by the month Low points: Dipped again in January from play off spots to mid-table Lost another crucial veteran because of contract disputes The club's in the red - just under 100K. Gotta do better in the cups. Goalkeeper is being held hostage. No one wants him but still need him playing better mentally. We are currently at Robin Hood status regarding points Youth Preview | Youth Intake | Youth Squad The money isn't there for the facility upgrades yet. Hoard mode activated. There are no standouts at all. We'll see who rises up to the challenge. Summary "The kids coming through are still young pups but are playing with heart and for the badge. That's what you want." - Tommo, local fan "I have no idea what Chad says in that change-room but when the team is down at half-time, they get out that dugout for the second half like there's snipers on the roof aimed at them each. They are playing for their lives. How it used to be back in my day when I playe-..." - Gazza, lifelong fan "I'm just a glorified babysitter. When does my team get to play in a bloody league?" - Jake Newton, U23s Manager End of Act III
  14. Truro City Youth Academy Challenge Act II - 2021/22 Truro Manager Chad Thundercock strutted into management in remarkable fashion after purposefully stroking his player's egos the right way by organising friendly matches with local minnows of Cornwall and the outskirts to promote his dynamic and attacking style of play. With a full squad of overpaid and frankly, overachieving veterans/journeymen on his list, it did not take long before panicking offers came knocking from leagues above and below to poach amongst the ranks. With the board giving Thundercock their blessing to purge the wage bill whatever means necessary, a few had gone even before the first day of pre-season training. Consolidation was key. "This will take a long time to get going, it's a big risk but a bigger reward. If we wish to keep this club afloat we have to press the reset button now or never." Cornish Pirates director and Truro City stakeholder Dicky Evans stated. He further added on that "Chad is the lad. This is a rugby region, if we are to give this region a slice of football recognition, then we need to develop from within." Chad's priorities are to spend the wages on securing quality in the coaching department. Recently retired Truro player & assistant manager Stuart Yetton was quoted saying that "It's better to (invest in staff) than keep on wasting wages on a Northern lad who will be here for a year, treated like a king, play like a court jester and then pack his belongings so he can give grievance to another court". Thundercock decided not to retain Yetton's services and rather bring in a whole fresh contingency of staff. Table High Points Andrew Neal is on fire and has shown no signs to leave for next season. He will be integral for Truro's experienced contingency to blood the younglings in the side. When we win, we absolutely win. I got lucky with the regen veterans and the pre-loaded English depth. We were as high as 4th place for a stint Injuries weren't terrible Wages are slowly dropping and finances are steady Low Points Got rid of the players I didn't want with no fees. Got rid of players I didn't want to leave with ease. I need a better centre back pairing. We were the worst in-form team post-January When we lose, we absolutely lose. Crap cup runs due to no depth Goalkeeper wants to leave despite signing a new contract Transfers Reuben Collins is the only one I am devastated about leaving. The guy was quality at back and no one has been close to filling his shoes. Youth preview Expected. Youth Intake Expected. Conclusion: In an interview with the local radio station Chad was asked what he looks for in a squad leader - "No cringe. Only based." The interviewer absolutely dumbfounded by this statement replied with "Based on what?" Chad crept closer to the microphone and simply said "Yes." and strutted out the room flailing his arms. End of Act II
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