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  1. Might have something to do with morale? Hard to do with the scheduling of League Two but try and slip in a friendly against a lower league local team. Play your full strength team, smash them by 5+ goals to bring the morale back up and results in the league should improve
  2. Just finished my first season from the BETA, I was top for a long time but too many draws was my downfall. Ended up in 4th and lost 1-0 to Leeds in the play-off final with Brentford & Fulham taking the automatic places. 1st choice starting line up was: Samba Ribeiro - Chema - Worrall - Cash/Jenko Yacob Watson - Silva Carvalho/Mak/Adomah Lolley Grabban Brought in Robert Mak from Zenit at the start of the season as Adomah's performances weren't up to scratch and Carvalho was injured. Silva in midfield was brilliant as was Samba in goal. Had a major clearout in January with Benaloune, Hefele, Robinson, Bostock & Milosevic all leaving, this brought in a surprising amount of approx £10m. Lyle Taylor came for a £1m from Charlton as back up for Grabban. About to start the second season with Dawson & Watson both retiring but have managed to keep a hold of Lolley, Silva & Carvalho and get rid of a few more dead wood players. Brennan Johnson is progressing well and will in and around the 1st team squad
  3. How do I display the stadium picture? Mine show as blank
  4. Brighton just paid me a total of £7m for Michael Hefele & Jack Robinson from Forest! Hefele has just come back from injury and wouldn't have got a game and Robinson lost his place to Ribeiro
  5. If your fixture schedule allows it I would arrange a friendly against a crappy local team and play a full strength side, smash them 10-0 and the results in the league should improve dramatically!
  6. Derby, Tottenham, Millwall, RB Leipzig/Salzburg , St Pauli & Werder Bremen.
  7. Cool, in the meantime I've asked Chris Cohen to train him to stop doing that in my save :-)
  8. Forgive me if in wrong forum but Matty Cash of Forest has a goalkeeper trait in his PPM
  9. Love it! Can you @ me when it's ready please?
  10. My last game of the season with my Gateshead team on FM17 (skipped the last two versions) is going to be a title decider against Man CIty. Win or draw I win the league for the 2nd time in a row. Plus I have a world cup as England manager coming up. Excited to finish FM17 and also for FM20 at the same time!
  11. Used to work with a girl from Sakhalin, she was amazed when I knew exactly where it was! Done my geographical research before doing my Khabarovsk save
  12. What season are you up to? I'm in my 22nd season in FM17 with Gateshead currently, one last season and a world cup with England before the beta for FM20.
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