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  1. I put off the last two as was enjoying managing Gateshead in FM17, FM20 has been pre-ordered really for the data update if nothing else.
  2. Do you already have 23 players in your squad? If so try removing one then call him up?
  3. Would the delay in the announcement have anything to do with Stadia?
  4. Had the same with Gateshead, they moved me twice to ground share with Watford when Newcastle/Sunderland just down the road. Watford ended up relegating me from the Prem....
  5. Maybe try wearing a suit next time, jeans and t-shirt doesn't always go down too well
  6. Hey mate, have a look at https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm17-leagues-megapack-by-claassen.html I have downloaded a few of the leagues without any problems at all
  7. They are very generic and a little outdated designs, I'm sure people are doing these for free out there.
  8. Wow that's an amazing youth intake, highest PA i've ever had come through in my team was 170! Is this for AC Milan?
  9. Love an obscure/remote football team, might have to chance my arm with them. Previously I have managed Melilla ( Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa) and SKA Khabarovsk (Far East of Russia)
  10. I always use Genie Scout as I prefer the longer 20+ seasons save taking a team the lower leagues to the top. It does give an advantage but also levels the playing field with the AI once you are competing at the top levels on a smaller budget. I consider it a 'semi cheat' as I still believe that the AI have a small amount of knowledge on CA/PA's and I like to monitor the quality (or lack of) youth intakes coming into my team
  11. Not cheating and neither is using Genie Scout....
  12. Lots of Mexican youngsters coming in during the transfer window, lots of regens in the lower divisions. Two of the most promising which will be in and around the first team despite their age are: Poor start to the season considering that we were supposed to be challenging for promotion. both wing backs sent off against Potros UAEM in a disappointing defeat but a slight change in formation to include the veteran Ecuadorian playmaker Christian Luna in the last couple of games seems to have helped.
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