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  1. I looked away in disgust as I thought my striker had blown the chance of an equaliser only to see the flash of GOAL!
  2. Horrendous last minute own goal gifted me a share of the points.......
  3. 51 home fans and 1019 away fans for a cup game!
  4. Just one fan decided to make the 5000km round trip journey for a 2-1 defeat
  5. 100% agree on this, I have saved so many seasons by smashing a local team in midweek
  6. Can I add this to an existing save or does it have to be a new? I have downloaded another database but it doesn't have any real players in Japan
  7. Thierry Henry tipping us to go down! Might be a bug but still quite funny considering we have won the league 4 times in a row and are joint top.
  8. Try switching it to something like the below, dropping the Korean guy for Majer
  9. Got him on a free transfer not via a youth intake, he's now worth £15m even though he's been on the bench most of the time. Have also seen a promising midfielder from Hong Kong:
  10. Never seen this before regen brothers plus they have different surnames, also N'Goma is a African surname and he is not remotely African. Bug?
  11. Well they managed to change his face....
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