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  1. Love an obscure/remote football team, might have to chance my arm with them. Previously I have managed Melilla ( Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa) and SKA Khabarovsk (Far East of Russia)
  2. I always use Genie Scout as I prefer the longer 20+ seasons save taking a team the lower leagues to the top. It does give an advantage but also levels the playing field with the AI once you are competing at the top levels on a smaller budget. I consider it a 'semi cheat' as I still believe that the AI have a small amount of knowledge on CA/PA's and I like to monitor the quality (or lack of) youth intakes coming into my team
  3. Not cheating and neither is using Genie Scout....
  4. Lots of Mexican youngsters coming in during the transfer window, lots of regens in the lower divisions. Two of the most promising which will be in and around the first team despite their age are: Poor start to the season considering that we were supposed to be challenging for promotion. both wing backs sent off against Potros UAEM in a disappointing defeat but a slight change in formation to include the veteran Ecuadorian playmaker Christian Luna in the last couple of games seems to have helped.
  5. Two new signings, one on loan who looks a very good prospect And a familiar face on a free transfer to sure up the midfield: Going to be trying a new formation for this save, normally I favour a narrow 4-3-1-2 with marauding full backs but will now be trying:
  6. This will be my first Mexican save, from past experience they seem to produce a lot of world class regens so I will be looking to take advantage of that.
  7. Inspired by the Netflix series Narcos:Mexico and in the need of a new challenge I have decided on bringing Dorados de Sinaloa to a new world domination. First time I have posted a career update so bear with me, I will be giving monthly game updates.
  8. Tough one but I would personally buy the first guy, he will develop to be as good or better than the second player. Mental stats look immense.
  9. Had this in FM17 as well with Gateshead, all of my first seasons home fixtures in the Premiership were played at Watford 260 miles each way trip!
  10. Natural Fitness 3 and a alcohol problem, sell the f*cker to the highest bidder ASAP
  11. Still going strong with Gateshead in FM17, 5th place premiership finish last season and a 2026 World Cup with England coming up
  12. Not one of my achievements are ever going to top this one.......
  13. Still playing FM17 as Gateshead, year is 2023. GK Harry Lewis DR Cesar Ortiz Regen Argentinian DC Johnny Burn DC Alfie Mawson DL Rico Henry MC Niccolò Zanellato MC Thomas Howson Regen English MC Mason Mount AM Mathieu Dutheil Regen Belgian FW Dominic Calvert Lewin FW Adam Armstrong
  14. So just been promoted to the Premiership for the first time with Gateshead, at the end of the season my board announce that they will be building a new stadium but it won't be ready for a year. In the meantime they announce that all of my home games for my debut season in the Premiership will be played at Vicarage Road Watford a mere 5 hour drive 250+ miles away! Surely they could've moved my games to Newcastle or Sunderland! To make things worse Watford, who were one of my relegation rivals, beat me in a big game towards the end of the season so we end up being relegated with 2 games to spare
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