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  1. Michael Hefele is somehow a Huddersfield legend and got a stadium named after him
  2. As a Forest fan I can only advise you to choose Forest and play Alex Mighten regularly
  3. Fixed it, went slightly less direct and changed the GK distribution to 'short kicks'. Played 10, won 9 drawn 1 and the goals are flowing in again
  4. Tactical changes were relatively minor, originally went with a 4-3-3 wide and switched briefly to a similar 4-3-1-2. A lot of the draws have been frustrating as we've had the chances to win and not taken them, so maybe it's down to my striker
  5. So recently purchased a new laptop (ASUS Zenbook UX434FQ) whilst it runs very smooth even with tons of leagues and an approx player count of 264,000 I have noticed that my results have just completely dropped off. Last season I finished 4th and then won the first 3 games of the season I then bought the new laptop and results have been poor no matter on what formation I try. 11 league draws compared to just 5 the season before, screenshots are attached
  6. Looking forward to this, meet the players of FM. Here's the trailer https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/56539349
  7. Nope, an English regen Brendan Stevenson. Will see if I can upload it
  8. Had my first overhead kick last night on FM20 and it was none other than my centre back with a low flair and technique attributes
  9. Happily not my player and on £350k a week!
  10. The Munich nightlife is too hard to resist, I bet the ladies love his long flowing locks! He's not bad but room for improvement
  11. Sorry to bump this post, not one of my players but was a player that was on my shortlist. Earning £350k a week and was bought for £68m, not a good example at all! When I checked his hidden attributes I noticed that he has a controversy rating of 5/20 but 4/20 for professionalism
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