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  1. @Deisler26 I think you will like this idea. Leaning for RKC Waalwijk in Holland now because they are so terrible this season in the Eredivisie that I can at least do a little better. Avoid relegation? Heck no. But it's worth a shot.
  2. Congrats on bouncing back. Looking forward to how the PIL has changed since the start of the save. Wonder if it'll be a similar scenario as it was with that English FM18 save.
  3. Did someone summon me? Yeah I can confirm Holland is great, if you don't mind a lengthy season. Scandinavian countries are always favorites too, as are Serbia and Austria. Or if you'd like to go the obscure route, you've got Slovenia/Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary just to name a few.
  4. I didn't think this would be this interesting. Consider this followed.
  5. Been a while since I responded to one of your threads as i've found them a tiny bit repetitive as of late. But wow. Gotta love that selection of leagues. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your version of Europe. And of course to see if you can dominate the world with this random team that possibly has no fans in real life!
  6. Swapped jobs for the first time on my 'long term' save, which is a personal accomplishment as i'd never dared to do so before and I got demotivated to continue a little before that. Now it's time to try to get Drogheda United back into the Premier Division of Ireland, see how awfully that goes.
  7. I'll be continuing my idea of enabling all of my favorite leagues, start at the earliest possible date (December 2018 in this case) and see what the dice has rolled by the time I hit FM20's release date in-game. That'll probably mean a start in the Hong Kong league, the Irish First Division or the Scottish League 2. Definitely looking forward to playing with the updated database.
  8. If I say it enough times I might start to believe it. Might run a save strictly in non-default leagues too but we'll see.
  9. Wallis & Futuna. It's somehow really enthralling to see the country slowly create a history for itself, even when it's completely isolated. The fact it's extremely barebones makes it beginner friendly too. Definitely reccomended. As for the regular leagues, I think Austria's old format (it's FM18 we're talking about after all), Scotland, Colombia and England all have their seperate merits that make them enjoyable. Haven't played in too many non-big leagues besides that I don't think.
  10. Did anyone miss me? So after a lengthy break from Football Manager as a whole, I finally returned to the scene with a 'master plan' for FM20. I will run a single save on that game, and if at any point it gets boring, i'm starting over on the save itself by making a new manager and retiring the old one. That way, I will still be able to reach a big year count without having to stress a specific goal too much. I'm currently trying that tactic on FM18 and may I say I struck gold there? Got hired by Stirling who were bottom of the Scottish League 2 and despite having a 5 point deficit at some point, we are now back up to the save haven of 9th place. Highlights include a 2-3 comeback victory at relegation rivals Elgin City and winning 1-0 to league leaders Edinburgh City because a defender kicked the ball into his own net- without anyone around him.
  11. Cyprus... now that's a fun pick! Will be following as per usual.
  12. That's great, i'll most definitely take a look at that one once it's ready.
  13. Fin? Does that mean this career's over or you'll move on to another club? Because i'm really not all that interested in a big 6 career, or a PL one for that matter.
  14. They have relatively long seasons though with 36 matches each. Just to throw in my two cents about Iceland here; I have no trouble at all with the names, it's actually fun trying to poronounce them!
  15. Not to put a spanner in your great performances but this save showcases just how easy it is to land top jobs almost right after a save has started if you perform even remotely well.
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