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    Really, nothing special. Dutch Nintendo fan, also fervent follower of football and racing. Loves Latias and Latios from Pokémon to pieces, so don'tbe shocked at a few references here and there. Usually a lurker.

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  1. Yeah... I kinda want to do a different save (spoiler alert, i'm last right now), but I feel like that'd be stupid. And my regular FM with the Megapack and logo's doesn't want to calibrate correctly so i'm stuck on the first screen as I wanted to make a new manager.
  2. Yeah, uh, okay. I'm sorry to say, but this save hasn't gone as planned so far. What can I do? I'm really not enjoying this so far. It sounds incredibly stupid, but I wasn't prepared for this. Maybe I need to do a bigger club first?
  3. It continues. Am I glad he isn't used much.
  4. Not TOO bad, considering they're usually subs, but frustrating, definetly.
  5. Oh fantastic. Gee. Just what I needed. 3 players that are out for literal ages.
  6. Sounds pretty interesting to see how this goes. Following.
  7. [FM17] This is a Really Long Ladder

    To answer your earlier question, I am now on the verge of being fired unless if I get 15 points in the next 5 games. I'm 4 points behind second to last place, so it's going wonderful. Doesn't help our squad is even worse than yours at the moment. Right now, this CM is on hold because i'm doing my own little series here, but I hope to get back into it once I have a lot of time on my hands.
  8. [FM18] AFC, A Chainsaw Massacre.

    I've literally never heard of Real San Sebastian. Must be special.
  9. Okay then, that's unfortunate. I have the Megapack on the full version so I thought it might work, guess not.
  10. July 2016 Well this is a rather strange pre season. EVERY match ended 3-1, one of which is a loss and the rest being victories. I'm not too concerned, I think this'll go well. Worth noting is that since the Derde Divisie (4th level) is not in FM17, Jong Almere City has no fixtures. What i'll do is kinda simulate it instead, by organising matches against the clubs that are in the same division, or if that's too easy, clubs from the Tweede Divisie. Can't wait to get into the seeason. I'm loving how quick the game is going. So sad the Megapack doesn't work with it though, or at least it seems that way.
  11. Thanks! I'll be continueing later this afternoon. Hopefully we can get off to a flyer.
  12. Club information There's really not a whole lot to explain here. As it's a relatively fresh club they don't have much of an history. Their best result in the JL has been 8th for both 2015/16 and 2016/17 (although they really should've gotten higher that season). Strangely enough, apparently Ajax is serving as a parent club as of now, which bothers me as it is said we can't be in the same division as them. I hope I can eventually get rid of that when we're in a shout of promotion. It has the positive of loaning players in for free though, so maybe I could uncover some hidden talent. Manager Profile That name might be familiar to Pokémon fans. I could've gone for Minuy, but I couldn't find a good enough surname. I don't wanna reveal my real name just yet either. Team Report Looks like our squad is pretty good already. As I said, I do want to profit of off being a satallite club of Ajax, so I may be able to get in a huge talent. It looks like a new Head of Physio might also be neccesary to progress. Finances All good I would think. I've thrown in all my money to the wage budget to make sure I can pay off everyone without launching myself into the debts. Key players This is a suprisingly strong squad by the looks of things. Ahannach has since move to Brighton U23 after a succesful season with 18 goals and I THINK 13 assits, making him one of the most influential players. No wonder he has 5* potential. The left attacking midfielder position is really powerful with Rick ten Voorde, Jasper Waalkens and Jeffrey Rijsdijk (AND Sven Braken, who went to NEC Nijmegen after he promised to stay this season, so i'll dump him honestly). And because i'm playing in a 4-1-4-1 formation, the left side of the regular midfield is also covered with Salasiwa. Useful is that youth prospect Danny van Haaren and goalkeeper Roy Pistoor are on amateur contracts, heavily reducing the costs. So yeah, we're mostly good. The only position I really need to strengthen in is in the right midfield, because besides Arsenio Valpoort and injured Khalid Tadmine, we haven't got much. Cower in fear.
  13. I haven't one of these yet, so here goes. So, my favorite club. I've only been following club soccer since early 2016, but since the stadium was pretty close to where I was born, I decided to take focus on the 'black sheep' of the Jupiler League. They're called that way because they are the youngest ACTUAL pro club of the Netherlands as they were founded in 2005. Achilles '29 and 5 second teams of Eredivisie clubs (Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, AZ Alkmaar, FC Utrecht and FC Twente) have since entered and left the scene, but the first of those is only semi pro, IIRC. Anyway, this career mode will basically be here because I need to find a grip. Everywhere I really go in my FM17 Careers I don't seem to quite have the intellect to run a club to glory, or to last more than 2 season before being sacked. So in a simpler enviorment with players I know, I hope to reach that goal. Hopefully this career will last ages, I am pretty excited to get past 2019 for once. Since this is my first career i'll update on the site, don't expect a lot of fancy stuff. I'll update every month with the results and some quirks that show up along with the table, and that's really it. I'll do a squad report just in my pre season post in 2016/17 and from there i'll do so when the leagues are about to update. (Could someone tell me when it does so in the Netherlands? Thanks) Database I have loaded the Eredivisie and Jupiler League from Holland obviously, and the Pro League and Proximus League from Belgium in order to get some more players. I'm using a small database because my laptop sucks. That's about it I think? See you on the next post, where i'll be showing the club and myself. (FYI, the title is a piece of the lyrics of a song that Almere fans love to sing right now because of there being a performance last month before the cup match against AZ Alkmaar which I attended, but obviously Google Translated)
  14. [FM17] This is a Really Long Ladder

    Thanks to you, I decided to reboot my old save and now i'm currently flopping about in Micronesia at Island Pitbulls. So far i'm last. Please help.