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  1. Oh man, this is nostalgic. La Liga on FM17 always feels special in a way. Maybe I should revisit it at some point...
  2. Ohh, I agree with you that I haven't seen a person manage Morton. What a beaute of a stadium, i'll give 'em that!
  3. On my earlier save Virtus was easily the weakest club of the country, worse than San Giovanni. So that would be a good plan.
  4. Cancellation? What cancellation? Yes, I have regained motivation for this and will continue to work in alphabetical order for the coming period. So with that said... Not one, not two, not three, but four new countries have been added to the pack today. Enjoy Afghanistan in a way you've never done before, see if you can bring an Albanian team from the 3rd tier to the first, check out the typical African nonsense in Angola or relax on the beach while taking a team from the Bahamas all the way to glory. Due to the quick progress made while working through the alphabet, i'm now officially done with the letter A! There might be a challenge in there somewhere...
  5. Yeah it sucks, would've liked Northern Mariana and Guam to be in there still since they used to be. ...Should I make a Bhutan database so you can still take the weakest AFC nation to the top?
  6. I kinda realised that too but would've liked to see you continue either way. Ah well. At least you made me much more inspired to continue working on it, thanks for that.
  7. Holy cow, this is done in my database and I didn't even notice untill now Great read so far, this looks really fun despite the small issues it seems to have.
  8. Hey- just so you know, if anyone wants to have a spreadsheet made of something FM-related, i'd gladly do it for you. I still want to do FM stuff but right now i'm at a loss on what to do. Luckily the timing just happens to cross with me not having much to do spreadsheet-wise, so... fire the requests at me, will you?
  9. What the heck is going on at Gateshead? Sheesh. At least York aren't getting cold shouldered as per usual.
  10. Shame that the save with my database has to come to an end, but you know what? I avoided England for so long that i'm strangely kind of excited to see it again. Good luck!
  11. Yeah, from what I can gather the game just takes the standings from the end of the calendar year, which is kinda forgiveable, but then you have the groups and knockout system of Papua New Guinea and the game is completely clueless on what to do. Sigh.
  12. I kinda told ya before. I'm really sorry, that's just a big problem with the OCL I can't really fix myself. Hope you'll just move on to the next country and ignore it, that's what i'll do when I reach this point.
  13. Al-Sadd in Qatar is fairly dominant if you're willing to install a database of that league.
  14. This database is really inspiring me to make my own on FM20, and you're doing a great job as well. Nice one
  15. Yeah, with the wrong teams qualifying for the OFC CL, I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see Papua New Guinea all the way down there. Still though, you'd assume clubs as PNG United, Hekari and a few others to be better than the American Samoan second division What's the OFC CL history if I may ask? Should be shaken up quite significantly as far as I can tell.
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