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  1. For FM21 I will most likely go with a smaller database to ensure the game runs smoothly for a lengthy period of time. My computer isn't strong at all so I assume I need to pipe it down considerably. Holland, Belgium, Germany and England are definitely going to be there. Just need to see which of Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Spain, Italy and France would join in. As for layers, Holland will have both leagues and I think i'll also activate the second tiers of the bigger countries that I would activate. Really hope I can stick with just one save for this
  2. I'm part of the 6th of November cult. I'll keep an eye out every day from now on though, since this game is a touch more incremental than the last, maybe there's less need to wait much longer.
  3. Looking forward to this one. Similarly to what someone else said, this'll definitely be worth my 'FM tax'. I don't need big changes, this seems enough to be exciting without being overwhelming. Didn't have problems with the ME on FM20 either, so i'm sure xG will only be a fun addition to me. My slow old computer still being supported is also a big plus What do people keep expecting with these anyway...? FIFA and FM have almost always been incremental in terms of updates. I don't see many issues with it, if you know what you're buying at least. If you don't see this as worth it, well, don'
  4. Just wanna pop in real quick and say i'm grateful for this thread's existence. Gonna be using this one a lot when I start a new save, I reckon.
  5. I'm managing Dortmund on FM18 and it's been one of the few times i've actually been able to continue onwards past the first season without losing concentration. Highly reccomended. ...Also Gladbach got relegated after season 1 somehow
  6. Damn! Maybe you can still do a save with countries that aren't normally in the game though, that'd be wildly interesting.
  7. Abkhazia gives me significant excitement for what's to come. Are you gonna go in order or make it a journeyman?
  8. Schürrle spent all season doing nothing and then he suddenly did this after a month without a BL win This game sometimes...
  9. @Jimbokav1971 I don't see that as offensive, I really agree with you! It's really frustrating to me I give up that easily. Wish I had the power to restrain myself from starting over so many times. Luckily I have one save which is doing me a huge favor right now, and it's the one I started all the way back when the beta first released. I've decided to come back to that one (i'm in 2024 right now) and it's great to be back. This is the save to pick me back up again after a few weeks of duds. Problem is, that's all it is, honestly. I can't play it for much longer than a season at a tim
  10. Having the worst case of FM blues right now as all the saves I start now end in the rubbish bin. Really curious as to what I can do right now because it's not like I don't want to play the game. There's so many options though! Like I can do anything with this dang game, it's crazy.
  11. Hey guys, i'm sorry, but i'm gonna be quitting my involvement in this save, i've had fun with it but I don't see much reason to continue my role. One other suggestion for y'all might be to seperate this into groups of 5-6 people so everyone can expect their turn to happen relatively quickly.
  12. Doing two of my favorite football league systems at once. Wow. This is gonna be great.
  13. I am also of the opinion Oriole should be given a chance too. I can totally wait.
  14. Obviously i'm the mastermind behind this, I enabled Croatia in the first place. I was actually losing track of this career so i'm somewhat glad I get a second chance to get up. But it happened in thee worst possible way so I ain't gonna celebrate or anything.
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