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  1. Cyprus... now that's a fun pick! Will be following as per usual.
  2. That's great, i'll most definitely take a look at that one once it's ready.
  3. Fin? Does that mean this career's over or you'll move on to another club? Because i'm really not all that interested in a big 6 career, or a PL one for that matter.
  4. They have relatively long seasons though with 36 matches each. Just to throw in my two cents about Iceland here; I have no trouble at all with the names, it's actually fun trying to poronounce them!
  5. Not to put a spanner in your great performances but this save showcases just how easy it is to land top jobs almost right after a save has started if you perform even remotely well.
  6. I started a save in Iceland with Selfoss on FM17. Great fun so far, especially since the season isn't exhaustingly long (even if the fixtures are close to each other). We finished second from bottom in the League Cup but with more than enough promise for the season ahead. 4 points in 3 matches ain't bad.
  7. Great choice! Scandavian leagues are always great fun to me at least. (the season is actually 26 games long as well in the third division so you'll hit the lower than 30 quota just fine as well)
  8. Hmmm. That I do not know. I'm an FM17 and FM18 player myself. I don't think i've seen an update yet though, no.
  9. claassen has a full UEFA package with extra lower leagues and the like. It's pretty realistic so i'd reccomend it.
  10. Gibraltar if you don't mind downloading SI's database for it on Steam. I believe it has like 22 games with two (shorter than the Icelandic) cups.
  11. Well, I may look into it if this save ends up being a struggle too. (I started one with Selfoss in the 1. Deild)
  12. It's funnier to me how you lost to Cabinteely in the CL and how Accrington made the PL. Then again, it's 2058.
  13. Cheers, that's great advice. I'll attempt doing that.
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