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  1. I did not follow this career properly, but the sheer fact you went out of your way to win that many trophies and go on untill the last decade of the century is amazing. Congrats on your retirement
  2. The All-New FMCU Mini-Updates Thread

    Hiya, posting here because new threads get to be tiring. My first two games in charge of Hapoel Katamon in the Liga Leumit went well. Won 1-0 and 2-0 in the League Cup, which is only for 2nd division sides. We're pretty much guranteed progression to the knockout phase with just 1 game left to play. I'm keeping my feet on the ground though, don't wanna mess it up as always.
  3. Can't get a career going

    Well i'm in Israel already and so far so good, but if I do end up getting the Megapack again and do something new, i'd very much would love to do a career in an European country that hasn't gotten a lot of attention. Moldova, FYROM and Albania are high on my potential-next-careers list for sure. For now though I prefer to keep it to where I am now, I want some focus as that is what I lacked severly for a while.
  4. Can't get a career going

    Okay, thank you for the tips. I thought searching for inmediate first team players would be the best, but guess it isn't. For the time being, I think i'll be heading off to Israel. See if it's anything for me. Cheers (again) everyone!
  5. Can't get a career going

    So do you mean I shouldn't make signings at first and just start when the season is just around the corner?
  6. Can't get a career going

    Sorry if this is not a good question, but what countries would you reccomend for a swift, fun, simple career mode? I prefer to do smaller countries.
  7. Can't get a career going

    How do I do that? Do I just start the career right before the season starts? EDIT: Oh yeah I already skip pre-season matches. Wish there was another way to speed up the start though.
  8. Can't get a career going

    Oh dear. Guess i'll have to redownload the Megapack then and check out some lesser European/Asian countries with a straightforward league.
  9. Can't get a career going

    Then I guess i'll be going to the Pro League or A-League. If that doesn't work out i'll most definetly take a break.
  10. I've honestly tried a lot of stuff. My favorite club, lower league stuff, the Megapack and starting in the very worst competition (the one I want to succeed at most), and top teams in general. It just never gets off the ground. Either I get sacked and my motivation gets crushed when an AI does it better without changing a thing, or the pre-seasons progress too slowly and get bored when the season does arrive, fearful of what's to come. This happens with both top and bottom teams. Is there something that can get me better results or at least make the game more fun again? I'm getting more and more desperate to do it right. (Note: I only have FM and FMT17)
  11. Awesome Regen Names

    Rhyming names sure are good fun.
  12. Well, if you saw me on @ManUtd1's thread, you know that i've wanted to follow that from the start instead of so late on. Guess this'll do
  13. 2016 - Week 35 Second injury Island Chihuahuas means first definite no Youth player Martyn Davis will be the first player to completely miss out on the first month of the PL, after suffering a sports hernia. Reports say he's eliminated for the coming 5 weeks, after which he needs to get himself fit for the U20s competition, where he'd most likely get more experience than what he would get on the big scene.
  14. 2016 - Week 34 International not safe from opening day worries The coincidentally named Stephen King has pulled his hamstring during training, reportedly 'breaking down' after making a sliding on a team mate while playing out a small 7v7 friendly. Chances for the 28-year old midfielder to show up for Matchday 1 are now extremely slim. Pundits predict G&B Club to set the league alight SportPesa has announced their annual title odds, and upon close inspection, a suprising name has been whispered around to become the first crowned champion of the competition. International, first hinted to hit the top 3, would be fighting away to avoid last place along with Nimgil Youth, while the Chihuahuas and Pitbulls are neck-on-neck for position 3 and 4. Full odds:
  15. 2016 - Week 33 Weloy Strikers hits new injury woe While not as much of an influence as the unfortunate Liam Jones, who has yet to come back to the fields, youngster Tom Joel has been struck by a virus and will be out for one week. With just two weeks to go after that untill the season kicks off, the Strikers might not be able to field their best team in both the regular and U20s competition.