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  1. Minuy600

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Jeez calm down Lusitans Currently managing maybe the most infamous Sanmarinese club, San Giovanni, by the way. Just ended up being the only available job after holidaying to today.
  2. Minuy600

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Cheers for the advice lads, decided to go with a different thing. The most popular career on Sortitoutsi is a fun 'climbing the ladder' thing in Europe, so i'll do just that. Into Kosovo, San Marino or Andorra we go!
  3. Minuy600

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    I prefer South Africa in the aspect that it's more straightforward competition wise, while preferring Malaysia due to it's obscurity and interesting but manageable mechanics. Thanks for joining along if I do ever make a thread about it. Not sure if I will though.
  4. Minuy600

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Geez i'm having a terrible lack of ideas to use on FM. I want to play it but if i'm just gonna delete the save after a few bad results, what's the point? Countries i'm most interested at the moment are Malaysia and South Africa as I never managed in those countries before and maybe I could combine it with the Ultimate Challenge.
  5. Following as always! Never saw a FM10 career mode let alone one with a custom DB so this'll be very interesting.
  6. Could you show the list of stadiums of the PL? Interested to see how big everything has become. BTW good job on staying afloat for two seasons in a row.
  7. Fitting how you did it just before the current season. Good stuff.
  8. I apologize but i'm in a bit of a dip concerning FM at the moment. I might try this later but when I play unmotivated it doesn't end well usually.
  9. Minuy600

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Perhaps manage in countries that not many people manage in? Countries like Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Hong Kong, etc?
  10. Hey, I apologize but my dad was silly enough to shut off the game and computer before I could save. I'll restart with the same manager and attributes in Northern Ireland as I really wanna try it.
  11. Suprised it's not full of Turkish fans here, instead being dominated by effin' Brøndby of all teams. Anyway nice obscure country you picked, exactly what I like
  12. We're in the 4th tier of Sweden. Only 2 matches are left this season, i'll start playing tomorrow.
  13. I'm in! After a bit of a break from FM i've decided the way to have a proper save on this game for me is to not play every single match out there and slowly crawl through the seasons. Don't want to go too quick either, so while I will use Instant Result, important matches will be played. Without further ado, here's the setup: These 4 countries are the only ones I literally never managed in before from Europe, haven't been chosen by someone else yet and have 3 or more tiers. As I usually do i'll holiday to today and pick whatever job opens up. My attributes.
  14. How's the Wiki page coming along?