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  1. You've survived the competition of death. I'm convinced you're the best FM player ever now.
  2. Don't forget that evacuated city on Montserrat, Portsmouth. How something with 0 inhabitants invokes confusion with editor newbies.
  3. All clubs have a logo? What is this sorcery?
  4. Now then... three tiers in a country that's extremely obscure and doesn't ever get managed in. Color me interested.
  5. This part in Angola was more about Cuando Cubango than it was about you, really.
  6. Can't wait for Anguilla and Antigua & Barbuda. Never seen people manage in either of those countries.
  7. Congrats, that was more tough than I expected it to be. The real question is though; How'd Lusitanos fare in the EL?
  8. With. Without had the same effect as my first save was in Holland with absolutely no add-ons.
  9. I'm really sorry to say that, in this case, the game really does (temporarily) freeze when I have Holland enabled in any shape or form. Even holidaying for a single day takes over a minute. I've now also tried Germany with a similar setup (small database, no match detail, down to 2nd tier and 'managing' in that division) and the game loads really, really quickly. I apologize but I really can't put my finger on why this happens.
  10. Thanks for the advice. However, I will have to say running a large database in any other country and with a lot of them on never seemed to cause any trouble whatsoever, that or my expectations are very low. I will try to load Holland with a small database and see what happens, but I am almost certain it will not fix this issue.
  11. I usually run a large database. I'm not in a save right now where i'm using Holland due to the issues it causes but most of the time I run 6 countries at a time, totalling to about 10-15 leagues.
  12. Sorry, sent it already. I felt a little too privacy concerned there.
  13. I will send you a private message containing the DxDiag. Also yes- I have tried uninstalling the name fix and attempted to load Holland again... Didn't work.
  14. Nothing. It already happened when the game was completely fresh out of the box. Now I use this name fix but i'm sure that does not have any influence on performance whatsoever.