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  1. Yeah I also suffer on FIFA quite badly, but at least I can adjust the difficulty for that and leaves a bit more room for mistakes, I feel. I'm very much not for downloading tactics, it seems like cheating and I am not that way. Though if this keeps going on, I might eventually have to.
  2. Tried again. Went to Wallis & Futuna, a supposedly extremely easy competition for how weak it is. Did everything right. Lost the first two games anyway. I'm extremely tired of this. All I want is to have fun and at least have incidental successes like everyone else. What the hell is wrong with me to make me so desperately terrible?
  3. I'll try and finish this season with Bayern off first (I think i've found the right difficulty setting as i'm winning the majority of the matches but not everything), then I hope to come back with a save on my own database i'm in the process of making. That or i'll continue with Morecambe.
  4. FM17. And here it is: Emptier Database_F27FC58D-552A-4C0E-8863-65D3FCDDB50A.fmf I'm likely gonna redo it soon, keeping what I need to keep according to you. I'm already quite close to making it functional in my eyes as my Gibraltar file using this base did function properly in the editor itself.
  5. In one sweep, 1,63 megabytes, and wait, friendlies are removable? EDIT: Oh yeah, I see that now, along with a few other competitions I feel like are essential. Uhm, which ones do I keep?
  6. Removed them all. I was also thinking the problem'd lie there. What do I keep in that regard?
  7. Good news - Apparently I only had to make divisions of one country for it to properly work. All signs are green to continue working on this project I do think. EDIT: Well no, it did crash while it was loading the game. Everything else seemed to work though so what is going wrong there?
  8. I want to basically reset the world database from ground zero, removing all players, staff, clubs, stadiums and leagues and making all national teams equally as good as one another. From there i'll either make fictional teams based on the citiies that are in the database, or make an 1888/89 database, play in it and try to win the Dutch and English leagues, then uptick the season by one, though slowly trailing off the beaten path and change up the reputation based on what's happening in the save, maybe promoting/relegating teams differently than in real life too. Basically speaking, I wann
  9. As the title says. I'm removing almost everything from the FM17 database that's in there except for some things like injuries and agreements, but i'm sure that if I rebuild from there, the game would crash on startup. Does anyone know what I have to keep/create in order to avoid that from happening?
  10. Yeah I don't have a good PC for FM at all. Anything from FM18 just lags terribly on any moment there's something in 3D on display. It's rather disheartening. Luckily FM17 and especially it's Touch version still work fine, and i'm sure that if I run only like 3 countries at once like I do on FMT now, it's gonna be just a bit smoother. FM18 is still my favorite regardless.
  11. Exactly what i'm doing right now. I'm also gonna play as Bayern for a few seasons, gradually turning up the difficulty and whatnot. Now i'm fully playing on Semi-Pro, but i'll start playing on Professional against weaker teams again later, and eventually make a full comeback come season 2 or so. Maybe there's some sliders to mess with too. That is also very much an idea. I mean, playing as Morecambe, I was doing just fine in 19th place, but I was moreso frustrated I couldn't get more results because my defense kept leaking, no matter how many times we scored. It was infuriating. I felt
  12. I agree but also disagree, if you go 4 years of playing FIFA *and* FM and yet have only managed one Carabao Cup, Dutch Super Cup, Kiribatian League and pre-season tournament across all of them, then it really starts to eat you up, trust me. Admittedly though I can think of a few solutions, that being to give up on trying to challenge myself too much and playing on a lower difficulty on FIFA even if it DOES feel like cheating (then again, I could up the difficulty again for big matches...), or to continue playing FMT but with teams that are already quite stacked, like say, PSG, Celtic or B
  13. Even FIFA 21 is giving me an unprecented amount of stress. Started with Everton, did well in the first game against Swansea, then proceeded to lose against West Ham in the 85th minute, lost to Man United while they scored with their only 2 shots on target, and then lost against Rotherham in the Carabao Cup. I'm so exhausted. All football games hate me it seems... I keep doing my best but what's the point? If i'm the only one who CAN'T get success while some people don't do jack **** and proceed to win the treble in the first season while playing on the highest difficulty? While i'm playin
  14. Thank you! I'll be sure to keep going on the positive route i've set on with this save, though next time i'll probably start somewhere where I have a solid chance of silverware almost right off the bat. (As a sidenote, wow i'm the second most frequent poster on this topic? Crazy.)
  15. Ah I see. Too bad my squad was too tiny to manage what you're saying with 46 games a season, unfortunately. Ah well, as I said i'll stick to FIFA for now and then come back fresh. My save with Everton (and the squads sorted like in 16/17 because that lineup always makes the most sense to me) on there is looking a cracker already!
  16. I'll upload it to that file sharing service later on. For now i've decided to make a jump to FIFA and just try and win silverware with a top half side, the pressure should be a lot less and I have more of a say in how well we perform. Maybe then i'll come back all freshened up and follow your advice. Player condition is important to me also, I usually only pick those with 91%+ stamina.
  17. Oop, I think you misunderstood me when I said I had one league and one cup win, I meant that over my 3,5 years of playing, not during my time at Morecambe. I'll send you the save and then give further explanations for whatever you ask for. EDIT: Apologies, I cannot do that, it exceeds the file size limit as it seems. I'll talk to you about it in DMs tomorrow if that's okay with ya.
  18. I can't take this anymore guys. I'm really sick and tired of seeing everyone succeed at what they do while I took 3,5 years to win exactly one cup and one domestic league. It's so inherintly tiring to see my Morecambe struggle to defend literally anything at all while we at the same can do genuinely great things against leading and relegated clubs. I am doing good enough technically because Barnet and Wrexham are absolutely embarrasing themselves, but with all these success stories being flung your way, I hate the way it's going. What do I keep doing so wrong? It's been years and i'
  19. This is slightly disappointing. When we performed well, we performed REALLY well. When we performed poorly, we performed REALLY poorly. Eventually it cost us a very doable top half finish. And there's less money available for player salaries next season. Oh deary me. As for positives, it's still way above expectation and Rhys Turner ended up being player of the season of the ENTIRE League Two, as well as being top scorer. That's the first time i've had that happen and it makes me feel pretty proud we could hold on to him for another few seasons. Hopefully with the lesser budget we can fi
  20. Honestly, the slowness of my computer has held me back from continuing on on full fat FM. So i've made the decision to cut back significantly on my ambitions and instead go back to FM Touch 2017- even enabling crossplay so some extra speed is gained. Enabled Holland, England down to League Two and France's Ligue 1 and 2. My intentions aren't super crazy, i'd love to do a relatively straightforward, almost FIFA like RTG with Morecambe and hopefully bring them to the PL. I've made myself unsackable so the only real 'game over' here is when i'd get relegated from the League Two. And even the
  21. It's unfortunately just too slow for my computer even though I quite possibly have my favorite save ever on it. Everything clicked, except for the game speed. There's a chance I might get a new computer soon though so that issue could get resolved.
  22. Lost motivation for my save because it's so time consuming after bravely playing every day since the start of the beta. Got the rad idea of just continuing to sim the world that has already developed on the game at the same pace as i'd play it, one month a day. Let's see how this goes. I'll come back to management on there whenever I feel like it, basically.
  23. Wow. We went from 10 games without a win to somehow shithousing our way into the playoffs even if our last few matches were horrendous. Not only that, but IJsselmeervogels somehow managed to hit a better run of form than Eindhoven who were promotion candidates last season. This may be one of the most brilliant seasons on FM i've ever played. Yet to decide if i'll stay or not. If we get promoted, I mean, duh. But that's very unlikely. Based on regular season results, I prrrrobably won't, yet there's that small feeling that if i'd stay, I could improve the team to become an Eerste Divisie f
  24. I am sorry to admit that my current scheduele doesn't really allow for much time to work on editor data while still being able to do other things. I wanna prioritise some other things to reduce stress on myself so unfortunately, the megapack will now take a step back. I'll do my best to get stuff done in a reasonable enough time, but I would focus on more dedicated megapack creators like Timo for the time being. Maybe someday I can do something on the same level as they can.
  25. Of course I gotta follow this as a Dutchman. Good luck!
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