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  1. No, not really. I sometimes may make the midfielders take a more attacking role but that's very rare. Usually I just stick my tactics and I'll get at least a goal. I've played two full seasons and I think I've had one single 0-0 draw.
  2. He scored 65, not 66. But yeah, he was amazing. Both my youth teams won their leagues and both either won or made it to the finals of their respective cups.
  3. How has Paul Glatzel turned out for you? I'm just starting my 3rd season and in his 2nd season he scored 66 goals for my youth team. The year before that he scored 34. I had Coutinho tutor him and he's turned in to a monster. Also, I'm surprised that Brewster hasn't done much for you. I loaned him out to Crewe my 2nd season and he led the entire league in goals.
  4. Ask the board to improve the youth training facilities. I can usually get them to agree to do that after my first season.
  5. I signed Isco after he was transfer listed in my 2nd season. He played very well for me, doesn't complain, and he doesn't get injured.
  6. There's nothing more satisfying in destroying Man City, Man U, or Arsenal.
  7. I'm still in the transfer window following my 2nd season. Heynckes retired at Bayern and Bayern want me as head coach. Obviously I turned them down. I'm not leaving Liverpool. Anyone else gotten offers to coach elsewhere that early? I guess winning the league back to back really makes me that valuable.
  8. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, PSG wanted Emre Can bad. They declared him their top target, had Dani Alves campaign for him, and the head coach of PSG showed up to personally scout him numerous times. I promised Can I would accept any offer from PSG if the offer was at least $96 million. PSG must have an endless amount of money because I managed to sell Can to them for $125 million! That's more then I got for Mane and Salah. I can't fault PSG for wanting Can, he had an excellent season for us. I now have $238 million in transfer room and that's AFTER accounting for the Donnarumma purchase.
  9. They all did well for me the first season. Eventually sold Mane and Salah but in the first year Firmino won almost every award possible.
  10. So I signed Donnarumma after he was transfer listed by Milan. Afterwards I changed Mignolet's status to Backup and surprisingly, nobody complained. Also, in a surprising turn of events, Man U have offered Barca $117 million for Sadio Mane, just a season after I sold him to Barca. I looked at his stats and he had an alright season but didn't get the amount of playing time that he was getting with us at Liverpool (what a shock...). It'll definitely been interesting if he comes back to the PL for Man U. In other news, Belotti was absolutely ROBBED of the Europe Best Player award. He finished second for us despite having more goals, more assists, and a higher average rating then Messi, who won the award. Belotti did win the Europe Golden Shoe award though with 76 points. As someone mentioned in this thread a few posts back, the only downside to winning is everyone wants your players. Madrid wants Coutinho and Matip, PSG wants Firmino and Can, and various other teams are in the mix for some of our guys. I want to keep Coutinho above all so we'll see what happens.
  11. Klopp went to Arsenal in my save after Wenger retired and was immediately re-hired as general manager. Then Klopp took Buvac from me as well. I just went with Peter Kraweitz as my assistant manager. He's done fine for me.
  12. So I did it. Offered the transfer listed price of $42.5 million and they accepted. He wanted a ton of money in wages (highest on our team) but I'm willing to pay it. I have the room. Now the issue is I have three GK who all are listed as First Team players. Mignolet, Rajkovic, and Donnarumma. Obviously I want Mignolet gone. I'm going to go transfer listing him and hopefully someone bites. Otherwise I'll have to loan him out. Rajkovic played really well for us this past season, breaking the Liverpool record for most shutouts in a season. But the fact that Donnarumma is only 20 years old (Rajkovic is only 23, but still) and better in almost every attribute over Rajkovic made it a no brainer at the price Milan was willing to let him go for. In an ideal world, my third season will let Donnarumma and Rajkovic both play and I'll ride the hot hand. The other option is to keep Mignolet and Donnarumma and loan out Rajkovic. Overall, it's a good problem to have. I'd rather have more good players then less.
  13. Just because of that, I'm doing it. Thank you!
  14. So after finishing my 2nd season I have a TON of money, around $180 million, in transfer budget. I don't have any real weaknesses but I just saw that Milan has transfer listed Donnarumma! I have no idea why. He's still listed as a "wonderkid" and has had two solid seasons. Milan finished 9th in Serie A so I guess that's the only reason why they listed him. He already had a reasonable release clause of $88 million but now he's listed for $42.5 million! I think I would stupid not to buy him. What do you guys think?
  15. I finally finished my second season. For those who have been following along with my updates, here's the final one for this season. We won the PL going 31-5-2, scoring 98 points and thus setting a new record for wins and points in a season. We were first in goals scored with 122! and first in goals allowed with 35. Man U finished 2nd place with 79 points. The top six were Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City, and Chelsea. Brentford (quite possibly one of the worst teams to make it to the PL ever), Stoke, and Wolves were relegated. Bournemouth were the surprise team, finishing 5th last season and 7th this season. They are really building a good program. Elsewhere we lost in CL semis against Juventus. Keita received a red card 12 minutes in to the first game of the series and there was no coming back from that. Juventus is now playing Leverkusen in the finals. Leverkusen!!! Leverkusen finished 5th in the Bundesliga but has made it to the finals of the CL. Unreal. We lost in the FA Cup Sixth Round to Arsenal, which was a huge let down after winning the FA Cup last season. Also lost in the Carabao Cup finals to Man City, but honestly who cares. Now on to the players. Coutinho won English Player of the Year and English Player's Player of the Year, making it back to back Liverpool players to win that award (Firmino won it last year.) Coutinho finished with 22 league goals and 22 league assists. Belotti won the Top Goalscorer Award as he ran away with the award with an incredible 36 league goals (new PL record) and a total of 55 goals! I bought him for $58 million before the season, easily my best signing this year and tied with De Ligt for my best signing over both seasons. Six of my players made the PL Best XI of the year. Clyne, De Ligt, Matip, Can, Coutinho and Belotti. In goal, Rajkovic set a new Liverpool record with a total of 17 shutouts. Basically if there was a record to be broken, we broke it this year. Entering the summer window I have $178 million in transfer room and that's before adding in to whatever amount I get for Emre Can. PSG are going to sign him. He wants to go there, I promised I'd let him, and they've publicly said he's their top target. So add another $85 million-ish to the budget. With Henderson, Goretzka, Keita, Isco, and Savic, I'm fine with letting him go. Any ideas on who to go after? I really don't have any glaring weakness. Anyways it was a wonderful season and besides not winning the CL I have no other complaints! EDIT: I forgot to mention that prior to the season I loaned Ings out to Fiorentina and I was just notified he led Serie A in goals! Also loaned Rhian Brewster out to Crewe and he led the Sky Bet League 1 in goals. I have players winning awards all over the place.
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