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  1. Yeah likewise. Not really. I'm vulnerable to crosses and balls in behind but can't really say that's to do with the roles of them 2.
  2. Yeah I have my CM(a) as my secondary goal threat. Like I say I'm getting very few shots away at the moment so something is obviously not happening. When I view extended highlights too I like the positions everyone take up so it's probably not too far off clicking.
  3. Yeah my thinking was that he would just my a pure goal threat with my DLF dropping off and creating space/threading him through and my AP also being able to provide him with service. Something obviously isn't happening so I'll have to have a proper look at it.
  4. I'm running this exact set up atm but with the left CM as an AP, the DM as a standard DM and the RB as an IWB. The thinking being that my winger stretches the pitch and they create a 3 vs 2 down that side for my CM(a) to exploit and make a run behind the full back and it does work well at times. I've never been happy with my IF though especially as they're supposed to be my main goal threat. We struggle to get him clear openings. I'm also on a Positive mentality also and using only 1 or 2 TI'S. It started well but has no started to fizzle out and leaves me getting very few shots off so I'm going to have to watch a match in full and see why my attacks keep breaking down.
  5. Just finished my first season and won the treble. Was far too easy so killed any enjoyment. I thought it might be a bit more of a battle which is a shame because I wanted to develop Jones and Elliott.
  6. Just finished the 24/25 season on my Norwich save and won the CL! I had finished 4th in the league also but as Man City won the Europa League it means they automatically qualified for the Cl next season so I had to win the final in order to qualify. As you can see from the screenshot I have kept 3 of the original back 4 as they all develop fantastically. Tactically I completely ripped everything up and started again mid season as I wasn't happy with our teams performance despite being in and around the top 4 all season. The football we played wasn't particularly exciting so I thought I'd give a 'total football' brand of football a go inspired by a couple of threads in the tactics section as I felt we had the players to do so and this and the players took really well to it and the football was a lot closer to what I wanted to see. This led to me knocking out Liverpool and Chelsea in the Quarter Finals and semi final respectively. The one who seemed to appreciate the change most was Gio Reyna. Ive struggled getting performances and goals out of my LW in the last few seasons and he ended up on 15 goals with most of these coming in the last few months of the season. Now as you can see Liverpool have come in with a monster offer of £165m for my number 9. I'm completely torn on whether to accept. It is the highest offer I've ever received in any FM. I already have another regen of very similar ability so I am inclined to accept and reinvest. Edit - I should point out he only has 2 years left on his contract and throughout this season he has rejected all approaches to renew.
  7. How are you setting up? I had a great second season finishing seventh but in my third season nothing seems to be working for me.
  8. A tip I use is at the end of every season I'll search for players with a max age of 17 and then look through them based on their values. So I'll look through all the 16-17 year olds valued from £150,000 and that's been useful for me. Obviously it's not going to unearth all them but it's something else to use in addition to loads of scouts in key nations.
  9. If i'm playing a 4-3-3 with one winger (a) and one inside forward (a), which side would I play my advanced playmaker (s) and which side would I play my cm (a)? I think I should play my CM (a) on the side of my winger as he will stretch the play and make more space for him?
  10. The OP doesnt tell me whether or not I have to alter the defensive midfielder's instructions
  11. You say one midfielder needs tackling positioning etc and another creativity and flair but both have the same settings. Do i need to alter the defensive midfielders settings in any way?
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