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  1. How are you setting up? I had a great second season finishing seventh but in my third season nothing seems to be working for me.
  2. A tip I use is at the end of every season I'll search for players with a max age of 17 and then look through them based on their values. So I'll look through all the 16-17 year olds valued from £150,000 and that's been useful for me. Obviously it's not going to unearth all them but it's something else to use in addition to loads of scouts in key nations.
  3. Having wrote it out I can see that a bit better now. So perhaps dropping the forward to a support duty and having having him a little bit deeper offering an option for my AP and in turn creating space for my IF?
  4. Im struggling myself to get a solid base for a 4-1-2-3. My current set up is DLF (A) AP (S) IF (A) Mez (S) Cm (S) Dm (D) Wb (A) CD (D) CD (D) WB (S) GK (D) Standard Flexible TI's - play out of defense, work into box, close down more and slightly higher. My IF (Salah) and DLF (Firmino) regularly get low ratings and seem hardly involved. I'm generally happy with how the rest of my team are performing. Coutinho comes narrow with the mez going wide to create space for him and the WB overlapping creates good overloads down that side. Coutinhl is running at the defense but his options for balls seem rather limited. Perhaps due to Salah's PPM try to beat the offside trap?
  5. Anybody had much experience with Gotze? Available first season for just £12m. Playing 4-2-3-1 with Coutinho AP(s) on the left and Firminho as a Shadow Striker which is doing well for me.
  6. Switched to this in my last game against a team with a 4-4-2 as i've always struggled against that for and I won. Changed to it for the first full game next and i'm 4-0 after 8 mins! Definitely going to be an option for me against teams who try and park the bus as it seems to create space everywhere
  7. If i'm playing a 4-3-3 with one winger (a) and one inside forward (a), which side would I play my advanced playmaker (s) and which side would I play my cm (a)? I think I should play my CM (a) on the side of my winger as he will stretch the play and make more space for him?
  8. Hmm i'd probably say about 7-8. I never seem to score more than 2
  9. In my current save with Liverpool I am really struggling to create more than 1 or 2 CCC's per game. I am playing a 4-3-2-1 GK (Defend) DR - CWB (attack) DC - Central defender (defend) DC - Central defender (defend) DL - Wing back (support) MCR - Deep lying playmaker (support) MC - Central midfielder - defend MCL - Central midfielder (attack) - instructions get further forward AMR - Inside forward (attack) - sit narrower, AML - Advanced playmaker (support) - sit narrower, roam from position (to try and get him more space and ideally be getting most of my asissts laying balls on for my striker and advancing midfielders but not managed to do this so far SC - Treq ( attack) - to try and get the best out of Suarez Setting up with Control & Rigid Team instructions - shorter passing, work ball into box, play out of defence, hassle opponents I've toyed around with all sorts of formations and roles for my striker and midfielders to try and create a greater supply but to not much avail so far Any help would be appreciated
  10. Happened to me against Villa. They went down to 10 men, i was pummeling them 70% possession 30+ shots and they score on the break with their only shot, Luckily Sturridge scored late on to win it though
  11. Do you guys sell or keep reina when he returns? Napoli are offering me 9m for him
  12. I've got him playing as a false nine with better results upto now. I have no idea how to set up away to bigger teams without impacting on my play going forward so I went to City and stuck with my normal tactics and got stuffed 4-0, 2 goals from corners and a penalty
  13. How are people getting the best of Suarez? I have him playing up front either as a false 9 or a Treq and he just does not get involved whatsoever. I had both wingers (amr/l) as IF (a) to provide support and he can drop off and play them in or score himself. Got my midfield set up as a 3 AP(A), DLP (s) and cm(D)
  14. Just beat Villa 3-1 away with my new 4-3-3. Villa got a man sent off after 8 mins, they had 1 shot all game and scored. Joe Allen had 170+ passes attempted and 166 completed, never seen that many before
  15. Looks like you're doing well. A couple of questions, firstly you play Cou and Sturridge wide, i'm guessing as inside forwards? Do you not find that whatever one is playing on the side of Honda (I guess who is the one who gets forward) do they not crowd the space you'd want him to have? I have been trying to implement a winger on one side tp try and stretch the play and leave more space for him. Also you have got Luis scoring considerably, he only has 5 goals in 20 odd games for me (although I have only just started playing him through the middle). How do you set him up? I have been playing him CF (s) and with roam from position and move into channels on
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