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  1. Here mate. He does look quite good, thanks!
  2. Osimhen can usually turn out really decent. In one of my saves he became my main striker in the second half of the first season onwards. He can be bought for about $11 million, or be loaned in. His starting PPMS ensure that he will score goals for you. He is fairly complete, I would say get his determination up and train passing up a bit and he could start for many years or at least be a quality back up. Also if you bring him in first season/January transfer window, he can become Home-grown at your club
  3. Started a game with Olympique Lyonnais and have just gotten a golden generation intake, I can update at the end of my first season! Going very well so far, though
  4. Looks like you are having a terrific season! Keep it up, you can win this(no pressure)
  5. Wow great season there mate! Your strikers scoring record is incredible. I was also managing PSG and got the septuple - feels crazy! Great looking squad there, keep it up.
  6. I did a long term save last year in the Bundesliga (with Wolfsburg) and am keen on doing doing another long term Bundesliga save this year. Is anybody playing as Leverkusen? They're a team that I've always been very interested in playing as, but i've not had a long term commitment to them. In fm 16 I did a season with them but lost interest. Any one have any recommendations for style of play? I am thinking a 433 to utilize Volland, Brandt and Bailey. Their focus on youth is perfect for my favored style of squad development, and they have a lot of sellable assets to raise funds. The team features a plethora of young first team players, and youngster close to being in the first team. The team is in good shape to make history.
  7. Great stuff there, you are onto something special. I hope you can keep Malcom!
  8. Wow man I hope he can break fifty for you! I assume he is playing as the AF? Keep it up though. Fekir is quite the talent, I sadly have never really been able to use him longterm (In FM 17 I had him for a season before he was snapped up)
  9. Great season there! What PPMS have you given Mr.Fekir?
  10. I was able to get him by unsettling over the course of a season, I don't remember the exact amount but it was probably around $20 million! He was transfer listed by request
  11. Is he making a lot of errors? When I played with Juve I sold him and brought in someone young(lafont) and Someone a bit older to tutor him(Khune I think). Never really Liked Szczesny
  12. What an intake! I'm almost done my first season with marseille, will update tomorrow. The results have been good. I think i've cemented second place, almost won Coupe de ligue. My strikers have been in awful form lately tho
  13. Sometimes they can come back but most of the time they become incredibly susceptible to damaging them again. In my save Alessandro Florenzi re-injured his cruciates a whopping five times He usually starts with a bout 15-16 pace/acc but he now has 11/12 at age 29. Players can certainly come back but the increased risk is always there. I would stick with Rodrygo until he injures them again, then I would probably think about moving him on. Absolute shame though man
  14. I have started a career mode with Olympique Marseille. They're a team with a lot of History, and getting them back to the pinnacle of Frenceh football will be my goal for the save. I do not plan on instilling any transfer restrictions, however I will be focusing on purchasing players from smaller nations, from france, and developing my own tactic. I have started my season incredibly well with them, and I am surprised just how solid the squad is already. I am using a tactic similar to the Rashidi's, however I do tweak it fairly regularly. SQUAD Goalkeepers -Mandanda is the definite starter here. at 32 he has some time left at the top. I've been in an Rok Vodisek, an 18 yr old Slovenian for about 500k and he looks like he could potentially be the next Jan Oblak. A verteran Pele and a few decent youth GK round out this area of the team. Center Backs - An area of the team that I am not very thrilled about. Quite a few of the options lack in pace and are getting on a bit. Adil Rami is the star here, however he is getting on a bit and already losing some of his pace. Rolando Featured a few times but his 8 acceleration and 10 pace means he kept getting burned in our highl ine system. He will certainly be getting let go of. Abdennour featured once, got a red card, and then I ended his loan. I never really liked hime, and he is incredibly slow. I brought in Ragnar Klavan from liverppol for a cheap loan fee with an option to buy. He has been pretty good. I also purchased Maresic from Storm Gruz. He looks to be an excellent CB prospect. I have loaned him back to them for the year. Homegrown youngster Boubacar Kamara looks set to become a star. He has already featured several times this season, and at 17 he will only improve. Overall I am happy with choices at CB Full Backs- An area that we are lacking in depth a bit. Hiroki Sakai has been incredible at RB, and is probably the first name on the team sheet. Past that there is not much RB depth. Boubacar Kamara has had to featured at RB a few times. At left back there is Jordan Amavi. He will hopefully hold down that flank for years to come. Youngster Rocchia is the back up option. He is homegrown, 19, and already has solid LB stats. Bedimo is the verteran at LB, nothing more than a back up option. In his limited gametime he has been quite good. The fullbacks are solid. I may need some more depth at RB. Midfield- The heart of our team. Luis Gustavo has been excellent in his defensive midfield role. he is not asked to do anything outrageous. He recycles possession and wins the ball back. Nothing less, nothing more. I am actually pretty fond of him, I managed him in a Wolfsburg save I did last year. Maxime Lopez and Morgan Sanson occupy the more offensive mid roles. They get heavily involved in buildup and chip in with goals/assists. I will hopeully be able to keep them for the next ten years or so. Back up us a bit light. Seritic is a slow, more playmaker type. I have utilized him at CB a few times. Anguissa is a decent rotation option for Gustavo. he has poor vision but makes up for it by being a tough tackler. I bought Xadas from Braga for about $750k and loaned him back. He will be a good rotation option next year. overall I am happy with the midfield. Attack - Initially I thought my attacking options were limited. The AF role in the tactical setup requires beats offiside trap, and I thought no one had it. I decided to train Thauvin and N'jie the ppm. However after playing a few games, I realized Valere Germain had beats offside trap! So in attack, Florian Thauvin is my DLF(I stopped training beat offside trap). He has been quite decent, but his shoots with power ppm can be frustrating at times. Valere Germain is the first choice for the AF role. He has been immense, and has already scored 11 goals in 12 appearances. Payet has been in great form out wide at AP. The front three have been lethal for me. Mitroglu kicked up a fuss about playing time, so naturally I sold him to stoke for $11 million. N'jie can rotate in attack or AP for now, but once he learns Beat offisde trap he will rotate with Germain. Bounna Sarr will probably be sold, his stats suck and he doesn't make for a good RB option, either. I like having an option for each role, so we are a bit light on DLF support(after mitroglu leaves) and AP. Overall I am pleased with the squad. A couple of decent prospects in the Reserves, but nothing to write home about. I will be looking to strengthen the squad via transfer list and maybe even loans(if needed). A new forward will probably necessary for rotation options. I would be willing to sell most players in the squad if the price is right, but i'm not really looking to offload anyone.
  15. I am thinking about starting a save with Marseille. I would aim to dominate France. They’re squad looks decent and has a lot of room to grow. I imagine a decent budget will come soon enough. Maxime Lopez is a great talent(bought him in a West ham game) and he was one of my best players in the short time I had him. I’ll statt a game when I get home and let you know what I think of the squad
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