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  1. Han Kwang-Song (Cagliari) is double. He is already in the normal 18.0 Database.
  2. I can confirm that I have had these same issues as of the recent winter update. When I first started playing FM 2018 I had no problems whatsoever with lag. Now players are slightly jumping (laggish) all around during a match, unless I move my mouse around 24/7.
  3. I have had lag problems since the most recent winter update. Before this I had none. The players stutter around slightly on the match engine, it is very noticeable.
  4. CrowBar

    FM - the game of my dreams

    It always has been a big dream (from a Dutch perspective) to play in the 70s with big legends like Johan Cruijff, van Hanegem etc. See them be become as big or even bigger than real history, or perhaps, never make it as big and disappoint. And then during time you can scout young talents as van Basten, Gullit, etc. But as written above, there are too many things in the way to make it possible. OOTP is perfect for historic play, but the US has all the stats of every professional baseball player kept in their records. From there, baseball is a lot more accurate to judge players by in their respective historic era (by .avg, .obp, hr's, etc. etc.). Baseball is a stats game. And baseball as a game with its many stats are a lot better to translate into potential of a player. In football this wouldn't translate at all. Apart from goals, assists and stuff, there are a lot more hidden "stats" of a player which are hard to judge and more susceptible to personal judgement. And that is just naming one tiny thing which would make it hard, the biggest problem is licensing.
  5. Yeah, I conceded in my efforts in the end. There are too many "buts" and "ifs" for me to have pleasure out of a true big expansion in the MLS. When you release your mod, I will use it , but will probably kick out the expansions from MLS back to default 23 (2018) for personal use. I can personally live with just 23 unbalanced league more than I can with having gimped expansions. Only being able to join in 2018 all together + severely gimped features (not signing DP's, unable to sign academy players), it is a bit too much for me. I hope one day SI will consider making the MLS rules more easy to build around.
  6. MLS isn't the only licensed league in FM, and most other licensed leagues are able to be changed totally. The only reason I can think of is that the MLS is so different from all other leagues, that there wasn't a system in the engine to make it work. Only way was by working with a different kind of hardcoded coding.
  7. Has anyone noticed in the editor the annoying random errors concerning Rivalry cups? I am 99% sure I set them up correctly myself, yet in a random way the untouched vanilla Rivalry cup ones give out error messages when trying to verify the rules. "Vancouver has played more than the max number of games in stage 0 of Cascadia Cup". etc. Edit; fixed it, got it verified. Disabled the "Count fixtures" in the league settings under Extra league games.
  8. Thanks for the info! Didn't realise that was a way to do it. Will tinker with it in the meantime. If I accomplish that, I think doing the playoffs is a lot more easy to tweaks. Since then I can figure out what to do.
  9. Hi, In my recent adventure in MLS modding with the supplied editor, I came across the hardcoded limit of the MLS. Which has been the case since several FM's. I have not seen someone recently suggest a change in this area, however, so I hope I am not breaking any rules on that. Things based on others & which I have seen myself ingame. The standard vanilla MLS game has LAFC enter in 2018, and all works correctly. However, if I add a custom 24th team (for example, Nashville) with the editor + Academy team affiliation in all the correct ways, things are not 100% working. I have noticed the following issues: This all from a spectators viewpoint, thus the teams being in 100% AI hands. - Editor added MLS teams to the structure are not signing players from their academy, as all the other MLS teams are able to do in all the seasons I have simulated by myself. It is not possible to fix this issue in the editor, - Editor added MLS teams are not signing players under DP contract slots (AI manager). Also not possible to fix in the editor. - And generally lack of flexibility in building the MLS from scratch, going into all sorts of hardcoded issues. But for me this last point is the least important one. My main concern is not having enough options to build within the existing MLS set-up as is in vanillla FM 18. If it would be possible to have a more futureproof build of the MLS, since the MLS is rapidly expanding in the next few years. That would greatly improve the game in my eyes.
  10. Yes, I just saw them doing it for the first time in this simulation. Haven't seen Nashville doing that sadly. And I still haven't seen Nashville contract a DP-slot player either. Don't know if that is a coincidence, or a hardcoded problem aswell. edit: Simulated three seasons 2018, 2019, 2020. Nashville has never contracted a player under a DP contract. It seems that handmade new clubs under MLS are unable to use that. Makes it hard for them to compete against others.
  11. I see, well I am simulating several seasons - as we speak - to see if I can spot LAFC and Nashville eventually signing player from the Academy or not. You're probably right still, but will check it out.
  12. Ok something interesting just happened while testing out the stuff with the academy youth, based on what @Uncle_Samsaid was not possible. On a hunch, I double-checked my Nashville academy affiliate. I originally put it in under the "next division" (2018): USSDA Southeast Division. Ingame it originally was just as you said, only grey players and no new stream of youth at all. LAFC Academy did have a stream of youth players. Nor did the Nashville SC Academy actually ever get added to the USSDA Southeast Division per 2018. So I checked in the editor, and decided to add them in the USSDA Southeast Division as of 2017 instead. Then ingame I noticed a change, they did not start with just grey players. Just like the LAFC Academy, they had a handful of generated youth. Then I simulated a full year til januari 2018. And I noticed another batch of generated youth under Nashville SC Academy. Now, I don't know if I am missing something?
  13. Yeah, I just did a few test runs on my game. And it seems what you describe is still relevant in FM18. On topic: A team next to Nashville and Miami? Considering Cincinnati, Sacramento and Detroit are all what is left for the 26th spot in real life. And the MLS organisation has already said they would have confirmed them all if they wanted based on that they think they have all reached the minimum requirements, but they don't think it is the time yet for 28 teams. My pick would probably be Sacramento (+ 3 teams for a California rivalry cup, is pretty neat), to counter-balance Nashville and Miami, since they would probably fit best in the Eastern conference, and Sacramento would fit in the Western conference. Cincinnati and Detroit are not really suitable for the Western conference. But in the end, it doesn't matter: all three of them will probably all be granted a MLS spot within the next few years. You can't go wrong there. Edit: Another thing I noticed is that the new teams don't seem to be getting players for any DP slots. Will investigate further.
  14. That's a bummer if that is still the case. OOTP is insanely easy to do stuff with in the US, I wish FM wasn't that tough in MLS. I did add custom academies to each team + in development league. Will have to test it if it has same issues as you mentioned. That is a bit of a letdown, and I'm too sensitive to unbalanced stuff to settle with 23 teams.