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  1. I have been inactive in FM for quite a few months, recently came back to FM again. Any new development here?
  2. I assume it would be possible to let the current KNVB Beker run for only one season, and after that it ends. And set-up a second KNVB Beker that starts to run as of 2017/2018 season, and from there set it up to link with the results of the previous season.
  3. Nice job Slabbekoorn -- your progress is great, sorry for my inactivity, have been busy with real life a bit. I have nothing to add to the update by the way, so no worries there.
  4. I uploaded it on Google drive aswell now. Highly unlikely that this link wouldn't work.
  5. I'm not a big fan of the Steam workshop for uploading, to be honest. None of the three downloadlinks work for you?
  6. I came into a minor problem. I reverted the changes you suggested to the "Jong" teams about the logos. I have the same issues with the logos ingame being wrong, but your suggestion wasn't perfect. I discovered that by using your suggestion it did change the logos correctly, but it had the side-effect that the Attendance (minimum, average, maximum) of the stadium would be identical to the A-team. This means for example, if FC Twente has average 20000 attendance (random figure), the Jong FC Twente team would also have that number. If I tried to change the numbers under Jong FC Twente attendance to 50, the attendance under FC Twente stadium would also change to 50. Which led to highly unrealistic attendance levels ingame to the A-team and the B-team. I decided to revert your changes in 2.5. I found out that the best solution is to correct the logos in the graphics folder (to the ID number of each B-team in the editor, that fixes it). Because Jong Almere City is correct for me ingame, because in my gfx folder it has a specific Almere City logo also set to the Jong team, and not just the A-team.
  7. Update 2.5 Fixed JC Schaal substitution rules, merged the tax rules & Reddiablo's changes in to my file. This is the most complete version to date, as it has all the changes made so far into one file.
  8. I am in the process of merging the new Taxrules file and the Reddiablo file, will post an update soon.
  9. I see. I haven't merged the tax rules (didn't seem very neccesary to be honest, since you can just load two files -- might be better too just to seperate the two). Will fix the JC schaal thingy though.
  10. Latest version, v2.4
  12. Fixed. I'll upload it later today in a new version. Also fixed a few other minor things (some kits from the Jong teams didn't copy correctly from the main teams), and I added a few historical related things to the Eredivisie.
  13. You're probably right on that, for the moment. However, it might be interesting to note that the guy who made the Project Holland file for FM14 has returned to FM17. He's working on it (see managers united forum), will possibly be complete somewhere before the end of this year. Which means that ALL the clubs of the Netherlands will be in it, up until the 5e klasse. Now, he did decide not to copy the exact structure of real-life (for gameplay reasons), I think he dropped the saturday/sunday part too. But nontheless, What he accomplishes is impressive, as we seen in FM14. If I am thinking ahead, technically it wouldn't be beyond the realms of what is possible to merge the two somewhat, the clubs at least. Besides, our only limit at the moment is the fact that not all the clubs are in the game. One can dream.
  14. Be Quick 1887 -> Stadium -> Sportpark Esserburg, should be Sportpark Esserberg. Also the capacity is not 12000 anymore (used to be a long time ago), it is 10000. Nickname of Be Quick 1887 is Good-Old.