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  1. What's the consensus about this one? https://community.sigames.com/topic/461163-fm19-japan-league-level6-pyramid/ Apparently made in the Japanese community.
  2. I feel like Ritsu Dôan is at the point of deserving an upgrade at / around the next update / winter update. Currently the best player at FC Groningen this season. He's been a huge factor for them turning the tide. Ingame he is listed at CA 114. Seems on the low side currently compared to Mahi who has 131 CA and better developed attributes. Ritsu Dôan is strong on the ball and even with his lack of a physical body, he has a surprisingly good balance on the ball. And here showing "le cut inside man" abilities: https://www.foxsports.nl/video/2984048/doelpunt-ritsu-doan-groningen-heerenveen/
  3. The VAR rules are incomplete in the Dutch competitions. Currently only the Eredivisie has the VAR set for all regular season matches (which is correct). But these things are missing; KNVB Beker has the same VAR enabled for the quarter finals, semi finals and finals (7 matches). The Johan Cruijff Schaal has the VAR enabled (super cup). The Eredivisie play-offs for European qualification have the VAR enabled for the semi finals and finals (6 matches). The Eredivisie play-offs for relegation/promotion from Keuken Kampioen Divisie has the VAR enabled for the finals (4 matches). Source: https://www.knvb.nl/themas/sportiviteit-en-respect/arbitrage-2.0/video-assistent , under "Inzet VAR 2018/'19".
  4. I am not expert at the moment, and it's been a while since I went that deep in the advanced editor. But I remember @Tobcoach knew exactly how to do it correctly. But I don't think he's around here anymore. I guess you can just set the promotions and relegations as normal. What you could try first, is set regional boundaries for the two divisions (Dutch and Belgian). I am not sure how accurate it will be, since it is based on the coördinates. But try and pinpoint so the North, South, West, East all point as far as possible within a country. Which might mean also adding some towns at the borders that are not in the game at the moment. Then the divisions wil be forced to place the teams from within the boundaries. At least, in theory. Things might get more difficult if there is an imbalance (I don't know if you have thought about that), if only Belgian clubs would relegate and no Dutch ones. Then you might have to fill up the gap in some way. But right now it's all from the top of my head, I haven't looked in the editor specifically.
  5. Not likely, that one didn't go further than the 1e klassse (if I remember correctly, I haven't checked in a while). And it was accurate with the tax rules, and other minor details. But I am satisfied with Claassen's update in this. I can't take all the credit for that FM17 though, it was team effort on the editor discussion forums with other people such as EDIT: @claassen . Two things I noticed while testing out the new version of the Netherlands update just now. 1. The promotion/relegation for Eredivisie play-offs are almost there for accuracy, but the match-ups aren't 100% accurate yet, I tweaked the things myself in the editor and tested it. This is the correct data according to real life for the editor: 2. The VAR rules are correctly set for the Eredivisie. But SI forgot to input the VAR for a few that are there in real life; KNVB Beker has the same VAR enabled for the quarter finals, semi finals and finals (7 matches). The Johan Cruijff Schaal has the VAR enabled (super cup). The Eredivisie play-offs for European qualification have the VAR enabled for the semi finals and finals (6 matches). The Eredivisie play-offs for relegation/promotion from Keuken Kampioen Divisie has the VAR enabled for the finals (4 matches).
  6. Broadly speaking, you must manually set the boundaries of coördinates between leagues. If I remember correctly. And define prefered divisions for each club. Now it's been a while, but I remember that from previous years when someone was creating the Dutch pyramid.
  7. Can be changed in the transfers values of the nations. They are already below Belgium transfervalues (which is strange). So they should get a boost IMO.
  8. Tobcoach has the best most expansive one in recent years, yes. While he had to take certain liberties, because he cut out the sunday & saturday to make it work better. The Dutch Pyramid is most definitely not the most compatible kind of thing to handle in FM, not in a easy way anyhow. And even then, the game get very,very..very slow if all of that was in the game. At least, it was in older renditions of FM.
  9. @claassen Two things about the Netherlands update you made that should be changed for it to be more correct to real life. 1. The fixture rules for the Tweede Divisie, Derde Divisie, Hoofdklasse must have this set under "Squad Selection Eligbility": Under -23 player is ineligible for other team if played 15 games for first team. Over -23 player is ineligible for other team if played 10 games for first team De Keuken Kampioen division has this already set like that. In real life all players over 23 are not allowed to play for the B-team in the divisions below the Eredivisie. But it's not possible in the editor to set it that accurately. So the options that are available are the ones mentioned that must suffice for now. 2. The play-offs for promotion/relegation between Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen are wrong. Not your fault, it's a known bug within the original data that has been reported to SI. Right now things are incorrect in that the top 4 placed KKD teams for playoffs are already playing in the First Round. In reality they only play in Second Round and Third Round. In real life it is: ROUND 1: nr 6 vs nr 9 nr 7 vs nr 8 ROUND 2: nr 2 vs nr 5 nr 3 vs nr 4 Winner (6 vs 9) vs ED16 Winner (7 vs 8) vs ED17 ROUND 3 (winners earn promotion, or in case of ED teams win they do not relegate) (Winner 2 vs 5) vs (Winner 6 vs 9 vs ED16) (Winner 3 vs 4) vs (Winner 7 vs 8 vs ED17) ED = Eredivisie. 2 t/m 9 = the 8 teams below the KKD champion that are placed for playoffs from the Keuken Kampioen Divisie (KKD).
  10. Yeah, works fine. The 00_ trick did it for me. So far I have been spending more time editing, tweaking and modding than actually getting to play a game though. This happens every year...
  11. True on paper. But there is a slight hassle, the fact the Netherlands is practically the only football nation in the world who decided to split up the amateur divisions because of religious differences in a sunday and a saturday form (absolute insane, if you ask me, a fellow Dutchman). That is a tedious amount of work. Because it's defining all the boundaries for both sunday and saturday, and making sure the game puts them in the correct league after relegation or promotion. More often than not, it doesn't work ideally. At least, that's based on many previous more or less succesful and less succesful attempts in the years. Anyhow, a version of the 1e klasse where sunday and saturday boundaries are more "grey" should be relatively easy. Just the 3-period system that is a bit annoying I suppose. At least all the clubs are there. Same for the 2e klasse.
  12. Kevin Strootman seems a tad bit overrated? Or am I missing something? I don't follow the French competition as much. But for the last few years ever since his last big injury, he has been consistently below average at the Dutch national team. As of now, there is hardly a chance he'll regain a main spot in the team. Is he really still 150 CA with 162 PA? PA is fine, yes,, based on before his injury. But he has never been the Strootman he was before his injury. Always making bad decisions and looking a little scared in comparison to before.
  13. @diddydaddydoddy This is from a Dutch perspective coming from seeing him play the last few years at the Dutch national team; I'd suggest increasing his familiarity at "attacking midfielder central", which is currently 14. Maybe around 16-17 at least. To back up my case; the majority of the times he has been placed as a more controlling midfielder part of a duo either behind a number 10 or in front of a number 6 in the Dutch team. Problem was, most of the times he was invisible in the period when the Dutch team was playing horrible uninspirational football, especially paired with Strootman was god awful. He's wasn't the type of guy to take the lead if it doesn't go very well (he still has that problem if you ask me). However, in recent matches under Koeman he has been put in a more '10' role on midfield with some less defensive responsibility on the midfield with Frenkie de Jong and Marten de Roon behind him. He has been performing a lot better, and you can tell he likes that role a lot. And it used to be his main position back in the day at PSV and Feyenoord. Now I get he has a different role at Liverpool, but that squad is built differently so the balance is different. But at the Dutch team, he has never been above average as a controlling midfielder. But at '10' he has definitely been one of the better players under Koeman. In my eyes Wijnaldum is the type of guy who is very dependent on the team around him and the role he has within those boundaries. His role at Liverpool is most definitely not the type of role he is suited at in the Dutch team. That said, he has never been better as of now.
  14. That explains a lot :). Thanks for the detailed information. I'll try switching up some names, see if it fixes my issues.
  15. While looking at something totally different, I had noticed that many Barcelona players are missing a few prizes won in their achievements. Such as Pique is missing the Spanish supercup 16/17 in his achievements (14/08/2016). Messi the same. It's safe to say all the Barcelona players who were in Barcelona then have this one missing. Might be a very tiny detail to notice, but for sake of completement, I thought I should mention it.
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