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  1. I mean I prefer to start in the summer of 2020. Thus, I would at that point rather have 2020 situation ;). As in I don't really play in Japan, but I like having Japan existing as it is/was in 2020.
  2. Great work. I'd rather stick with the 2020 version though, is that version still there? Since I get too much OCD when I start in summer 2020 and the players are all 2021 :P. Just my habit of not using the winter update either.
  3. Take your time :). As long as SI still won't be able to get the Japanese license, I will also be waiting for a JP update until I start my first FM21 game. The game just feels empty without Japan as one of the better football countries in Asia.
  4. Hello. I got around 2000 photos for players I need to adjust to the exact ID of my savegame. To be exact, I need to add 4961 to each file name (for example: 2000 becomes 6961, 2005 becomes 6966, etc.) Does anyone know how I can do this? The ID's are not all in order counting from one number. (for example; 6000, 6001, 6003, 6006) so it has to take that into account.
  5. A few duplicates still slipped the cracks. Wu Shaocong is duplicated for example. Don't know if the Japan fansite (which one is that?) fixed it. Edit: Found the website. They added this in the new version (translated): 2020/05/09 2.0.2 ・ Reflects the transfer update found on May 8 ・ Complement regional league data (Shikoku in general; Hokushinetsu, Tokai and parts of China) ・ Modified part of the J League rules
  6. I am still hoping someday SI will include more than just the ERE + KK divisions. I don't think it's too hard or unreasonable to include the Tweede and Derde Divisie at least. Especially considering the Tweede Divisie teams are accurate (more or less) most of the time in a new FM release. Only problem is, currently we don't have promotion or relegation between the KK and Tweede Divisie. Which is a real bummer. Only because the financial gap is still there and clubs don't want to promote. In an ideal world I can only hope we will have promotion and relegation again someday. The benefit of
  7. Amazing, and was just wondering today if there was a good Netherlands project out there dare I say, one of the most difficult leagues to get right. Well done! Will use this probably in my really big journeyman game.
  8. Recently someone figured out how to "randomly" distribute faces per ethnicity with a script. It's indirectly under a paywall/donation on a discord currently, therefor I won't specifically link it. But if you look up Chilled Moose her work (it isn't her script though, that's why the "indirectly" I mentioned) you will find it with a little bit of googling and searching. As far as I know it isn't exactly automatic, but it is random. In the sense that you have to do a few steps (besides ordering faces in maps per ethnicity). If you can seperate all the newgen/regen in the game from the real p
  9. That happens even without any mods loaded. I guess it's a bug in the SI engine itself, I have the same.
  10. In general I think the game could use some improvements concerning dual nationality. If, for example, you play a "third world" country such as Suriname and you ask players with a double nationality (doesn't really matter which level) they always reject. And there is really no way to convince them otherwise, it seems a little unrealistic if you put real life into perspective. It looks like they solely base their choice in the FM world on reputation differences. Obviously the reputation of the Netherlands is sky high compared to Suriname. Of course players do consider reputation in real life, bu
  11. I posted a bug report for that one:
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