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  1. It's a thing that bothers me since a lot of FM versions ago. Doesn't matter if you play in fourth tier or in Champions League or which tactic you and your opponent use, A LOT of chances will be created and A LOT of goals will by scored in this way: a defender just randomly kicks a long ball, the opponent defenders are in advantage by 5 or 6 meters but FOR NO REASON AT ALL they stand still while the forward runs for the ball, gets the ball and arrives all alone against the goalkeeper. I tried all the tactics: pressing, no pressing, low defense, high defense, and it's always the same. Too many chances and goal are generated like that, by my team or the opponent team. In real football that's a very easy play to stop for a defender, it's not possible after versions and versions of the game it's still one of the most common way to score a gol no matter what category or tactic. Please, do something!
  2. I'm glad most of the things above were corrected. STILL MISSING... 1) Orogel Stadium - Dino Manuzzi field changed to GRASS with 2018 improvements (in game is synthetic and grass) 2) Cesena Youth Teams (both U20 and U18) play at CENTRO SPORTIVO ALBERTO ROGNONI (in game they play at Orogel Stadium - Dino Manuzzi) 3) Stadium conditions should be at least VERY GOOD, 'cause it has always been a stadium in good conditions and it was renewed in 2018 4) Long name should be CESENA FC because no one is using Romagna Centro Cesena AND A NEW ONE... Cesena owner surname is PATRIGNANI (in game is Patriniani) Thanks for all the things you already corrected.
  3. * OROGEL STADIUM - DINO MANUZZI RESTRUCTURED in 2018 (missing in the game) Field type is GRASS now (still synthetic in the game) Condition should be excellent or one of the best values (only good in game). All sectors, chairs and facilities were renewed just a month ago. UEFA just inspected the stadium that will host the U21 European Championship 2019 and judged it in perfect conditions. * CENTRO SPORTIVO ALBERTO ROGNONI The CITY OF THIS STADIUM IS CESENA (in game is wrongly Lizzano). Lizzano is a small town in southern Italy 700 km far from Cesena, it would be a problem go there for every training session :D . It's easy to understand why this error was made: “Lizzano” is also the name of the neighborhood of Cesena where Centro Sportivo Alberto Rognoni is, and when researcher found it on the DB they wrongly thought about the neighborhood of Cesena not knowing that only cities are in the DB and not knowing about the town in southern Italy with the same name. CESENA U20 and CESENA U18 play here (in game they play at Orogel Stadium) * CESENA SEASON TICKETS In game season tickets for 2018/19 are totally wrong: only 6.000. In fact they are more than 8.000 ( https://www.facebook.com/calciocesenafc/photos/a.1949577862008947/1994589654174434/ ). Home games have more than 10.000 people, and that's for 4th tier. When the club was in Serie A it had about 12.000 season tickets and most of the home games were full house. In Serie B there were more than 9.000 season tickets and home game average attendance was about 12.000 ( https://www.stadiapostcards.com/B17-18.htm ) * CESENA It's right to call the team Cesena for short/common name as the game does, but the long name of the club should be “Cesena FC” instead of “Romagna Centro Cesena”. Romagna Centro Cesena is the result from acquiring the rights to play in Serie D from the team Romagna Centro, but the club already asked to change the name in Cesena FC. No one uses Romagna Centro Cesena. The club itself uses Cesena FC in official communications (Official Site: https://calciocesena.com/it Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calciocesenafc/). The logo of the team has the name Cesena FC on it.
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