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  1. Hi guys! I have some regens with black short hair and blonde short hair that looks completely bald in 3D view. I tried to change their hair length and color with in game editor to see if something changed but even if their pictures changes, they still look bald in 3D view.
  2. Same here! I have two regens with black hair and two with blonde hair that looks completely bald in 3D view during matches. Another regen has blonde hair and seems bald but if I pause the game and look closer I can see he has hair, only their color is very similar to his skin tone. I tried to change their color with in game editor but even if their picture changes, they are still bald in game
  3. There are several errors on VAR. Sometimes its use is totally unrealistic, sometimes its use is simply wrong. To be more specific: OFFSIDE In real life: VAR is called when a goal is scored with a possible offside position and you have 4 scenarios: 1) Linesman said goal, VAR shows offside, goal is disallowed 2) Linesman said goal, VAR confirms, goal is scored 3) Linesman said offside, VAR confirms, there is no goal 4) Linesman said offside, VAR shows no offside, goal is conceded All these 4 scenarios happen in real football with almost the same frequency. In FM you only have 1
  4. Hi, as the title says, my manager looks always bald on the field. I changed his haircut, I changed his hair color but no matter what I do, he looks as I made him in his profile picture, but he's always bald during matches and even in celebrations ceremonies. Please do something, I want to look good when I win trophies.
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