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  1. Thanks again. Some gifs of improved reaction time of center backs from long balls played in behind would be nice if it's possible.
  2. Thanks @rain94 keep them coming. Are you taking requests for gifs? Can you please post some gifs of good defending? Thank you.
  3. Good feedback. Thanks. Regarding IW/IF lack of dribbling though, have you tried them on 'Be more disciplined' tactical setting to see if they follow your instruction? IMO, lack of dribbling by them could also be due to the amount of creative freedom they are allowed to have.
  4. Is the ME 2016 locked for the full release version or will there be more ME changes before the release?
  5. What's the anticipation and positioning ratings of your defenders? Are they good but still behaving oddly?
  6. I like it if that's the case. I've always felt that regens are too good and overpowered in general which I don't like. I'd rather sweat hard to find the gems among pile of average regens.
  7. One game is not a big enough sample. Those two goals could also be a co-incidence.
  8. What's your tactical familiarity and team cohesion? Players also make poor decisions based on this. You can't expect the team to play perfect football on first friendly of the season. More information will be good.
  9. The defending was fine in FM19. There were never any issues in FM19 with defending as far as I can remember. But for some reason it's been 'nerfed' this year. To balance it with attacking play may be? And if that's the case then the defending has been nerfed too much. Almost to the level where it looks really dumb sometimes.
  10. It's like every player has vision 20 by default. That pass attempt is just outrageous and shows clear issues with this ME. It's a shame because the game is so good in every other area.
  11. For every Chelsea and Man City, there are far too many other wealthy clubs that don't make it to the top.
  12. and how many teams that have spent more than 100 million are in top 6 right now?
  13. If FM is a simulation simulating the real football world, then it shouldn't be easy for users to take over an English top flight teams and have instant success because it doesn't work like that in real life even with all that wealth.
  14. What else were you expecting. Send a personal text and snapchat to the dev with detailed bug report?
  15. That's harsh. Liverpool will not sack Klopp for that kind of results IRL. But then asking for 'owner AI' is too much at this stage I guess.
  16. I know it can be off-putting for some (not enough variation in title wins 100 years into the future), but I personally see it as a challenge. I can for example takeover a club like Real Betis which has a big fanbase and has a huge potential and try to knock Real and Barca off their perch.
  17. I never compared Man United and Roma. I just said Roma are a big club and are underachieving as are Man United. Achievement can mean different for both clubs. Winning a single title in 3 years can be described as an underachievement for Man United but can be described as achievement for Roma. And just because Roma hasn't had a sustained period of success in the past doesn't mean they can't do it in the future. The way they are spending money every year can bring them sustained success soon if they find a decent manager. But that's just my opinion and I don't support them IRL. And talking about big clubs, Chelsea didn't have any history before Roman Abramovich era. They created the history. So any club in future can do the same in real life as well as in FM, which is my point.
  18. I'm sorry but Roma is a big club in real life. They are just underachieving like Man United and many other big clubs. They can explode any time in near future in real life.
  19. I'm not choosing to ignore it. I understand it could lead better bug reporting but my point is that the time it would take to actually filter through the quality reports won't be the best use of the resources. That's all. Even with the current process, there are overwhelming number of threads/posts in the bug section that needs attention. That gives you an idea.
  20. The current process is not there in place to make it harder. It's there because that's what works efficiently for SI. You either have no idea about how big a problem that (post bugs from within the game) would become or choosing to ignore it. And do you honestly think game industry hasn't thought about 'click this button to post bug' idea before? There are reasons they don't use it. One of them might be what I've already posted in my previous post.
  21. Isn't that a fascinating story though? Closer to how clubs are in real life these days. I understand you kind of lost in your save and are frustrated with it but we need more varied stories like this in FM to make the game more unpredictable and challenging.
  22. Most of dev teams in software development already struggle to finish development within a set deadline. In SI's case, if the dev team have a pile of PKMs to go through (with most of them useless), it won't be an effective use of their time unless they employ a dedicated resource to filter through all the PKMs. In general though, I haven't seen a game which allows users to post bugs from within the game. If there are then I'm not aware of it.
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