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  1. Are you seriously implying that since I have the 'advantage' of knowing this issue, I should not use the tactics I want to use? Is this how the game is supposed to be played?
  2. Penalty issue is not same for both sides. If I'm playing a low block counter tactics against an opponent with high pressing possession tactics, I'm more likely to spend more time in my own box then the opponent's, thus increasing chances of more tackles being made hence more chances of penalties being awarded against me. This has actually happened to me in my save, that's why I know for a fact it's not the same for both sides. Low block counter is a perfectly legitimate tactics and I shouldn't be forced to spend time outside my own box just because the game doesn't want me to.
  3. May be not for you but Of course it is gamebreaking. This is more frightening than the player attribute bug imo as you don't even know which match will be ruined by the mentally defunct referees.
  4. I hope the hotfix includes penalty fix as well. Getting random multiple penalties completely ruins the game rendering carefully crafted tactics useless.
  5. It was only introduced after pre-release beta minor update 20.1.0 which was on 13th November so your save should be unaffected by this bug.
  6. Not everyone will get affected by this. The refs who already have researched data pre-existing are not affected (just like the players). Only the refs who have randomly generated attributes are affected.
  7. Consistency, important matches, bravery, workrate all set to 1 in some cases. Ref attributes broken too resulting in unrealistically high amount of penalties and cards. This isn't what a football manager game is all about.
  8. The penalty issue is really game breaking imo. Imagine penalties being awarded against you (or against AI even) in a crucial match altering the results drastically. This completely ruins the save and isn't realistic or fun imo. A penalty in real life as well as in the game should be cheered because you know your team is most likely to score. In FM 20, you get disappointed instead. I highly praised the game after first beta update but how is the full version released with game breaking bugs like incorrect random attribute generation (for players as well as refs) is beyond me. I have no other option but to be patient and hope this gets fixed swiftly.
  9. Hi Pete, could you please also check the ref discipline attribute to confirm whether the randomly generated values are either 1 or 20?
  10. I'm guessing (and as svenc also suspected) the penalties bug may be linked with the 'low determination' bug whereby the randomly generated ref discipline attribute is from one end of the extreme to the other (either 1 or 20), hence lots of random penalties. If I'm right then I hope it's fixed asap because it completely ruins a save.
  11. There may not be 10 penalties in a game but there have been 6-8 penalties in a game. Multiple PKMs are attached in the bug forum proving this.
  12. Is there something I can do in editor to influence penalty awarded decisions? (Of course I don't want to influence any other ref decisions. Just the unrealistically high amount of penalties.)
  13. It could be linked to the tactical setup. In one of my own saves, I have been getting mostly against me. The setup was standard and cautious mentalities, normal pressing intesity and normal tackling instructions. So may be lower mentalities are getting penalised more. I'll continue to analyse.
  14. There are many PKMs regarding penalty issue already posted by users in the bugs forums. Those two screenshots aren't mine but I'll see if I can upload my PKMs.
  15. Playing non-stop since yesterday and there's definitely too many penalties. And that's without 'Get stuck in' team instruction. I'm not even fouling much outside the box. Penalties need be toned down urgently imo.
  16. Couldn't agree more. The ME is in a right place right now and doesn't need further tweaks imo. Of course, it will never be perfect and improvements can always be made but as things stand, it's better than previous FM versions for sure.
  17. Fired up the updated beta to test the new ME myself and after playing few matches, I have to say job well done SI. The ME is now beautiful. . Here's my feedback on the new ME: Pros- 1) No excessive long shots issues. 2) No excessive yellow/red cards issues. 3) No lack of crossing issues. My players cross when it's on. 4) No lack of dribbling issues. My players dribble when it's on. 5) No unrealistically high amount of shots. 6) No shots from impossible angles. 7) No stupid long balls from the back. 8) No sleeping defenders when long balls are played in behind. Although reaction time can still be improved for the defenders but it's not a big deal for now. 9) Good intelligent passing and decisions not just from my team but from AI as well. No major issues so far. If I find one, I'll post it but as it stands, love the game now and I'm going to start my first long term save. See ya'll next year. It has been a pleasure.
  18. We need to compare the card statistics for one the top level leagues to lower leagues. (For the new ME version)
  19. In the video, the defender didn't need to be godlike to prevent that goal though. That required basic defending.
  20. I understand we need more differentiation between strong teams and weak teams but surely 40 shots is too unrealistic specially in a Leicester vs Newcastle match. If it was a friendly match against a 4th tier club, it could be justified but surely Newcastle can't concede 40 shots against any team in the world. We definitely need more balanced ME as in addition to too many shots, lots of users have reported too many yellow/red cards and penalties as well. (I do not support Newcastle in real life)
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