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  1. Just conceded this goal- Screenshot 1: The ball is in the air. The defender is under no pressure. The striker is not on his shoulders. Screenshot 2: The defender completely misjudges the flight of the ball. The ball sails over his head. Is he uncertain whether to mark the striker or go for the ball? Is it a reaction time bug? Screenshot 3: The striker is 1 on 1 and scores.
  2. I'm neither trying to be anything nor trying to rebut anyone's point. I also never said other teams should be able to do it. I was just making my own point. I didn't even read any of your post. A fact is a fact though.
  3. Watched first half of Liverpool vs Everton yesterday and it was like watching FM20's current ME. Liverpool's whole tactics was based around long balls over to top to the players running in behind, long accurate diagonals, in addition to their usual flooding the box via counter attacking with pace. I saw top defenders unable to deal with the long balls, static at times, making costly mistakes etc.. As for Tottenham vs Man United match, the difference in tactical cohesion was also clear to see. United were obviously motivated to prove Mourinho wrong and played well. Their passes were finding each other, They had defensive organisation and in short looked like they knew what they were doing. But they were also helped by Tottenham players' lack of understanding of each others' movement on the pitch defensively as well as in attack as per new tactics. It was very clear to see. I'm glad FM represents this well. i.e. If you change your tactics dramatically, your world beating team can also struggle sometimes.
  4. ME has problems no doubt but turning possession over is not one of them. It's your tactics and players. This part of ME is actually more realistic than previous versions.
  5. Regarding balls over the top- may be now you need to pay more attention to opposition strikers trying to run in behind? - Try playing at least one of your DCs on cover duty if you are getting torn apart with balls in behind? - Try putting more pressure on the ball carriers? Specially midfielders. Don't give them too much time on the ball. - Don't go gung-ho attacking if you are getting torn apart at the back repeatedly. - Try slightly deeper defensive line. This shouldn't hurt your ego. Even the top teams in real life have to do this from time to time. - Try deeper LOE. - Try man marking the players making the runs in behind. - Drop the mentality one level. You can still go ultra attacking, don't worry. - Try some defensive and tactical team training for few weeks. All of the above is based on what works for me and logic. It may or may not work for you since there are several factors that affect a team's performance on football pitch in real life as well as in the game. Of course this issue could be linked to buggy defender reaction time. Only the developers will know but in the meantime I'm just trying to help make the game accessible to those who are not enjoying it at the moment.
  6. Napoli (AI) vs Sampdoria (Human) in FM 20:
  7. Ok, after playing few matches, I've noticed a pattern that attacking player movement and wide player decision making has improved. The wide players are squaring/crossing the ball a lot more now when it's on. As for long through balls over the top, the effectiveness of this could be tied to improved movement up front. Deep players are now seeing more movement up front hence playing more balls into the space. The defenders movement imo need to keep up with the attackers movement to balance this. At the moment the defenders are losing their markers far too easily which results in several one on one chances. This may not be too bad for the balance however as you now need to think more carefully before playing a high line which seemed too easy to pull off successfully before. Haven't noticed anything odd apart from this so far.
  8. And the post I was replying to was constructive criticism?
  9. Ok, Let's see. You said- "Scores are artificially kept low by making shooting terrible, or making players do completely unforced errors such as passing sideways directly to the feet of an opposing player in order to keep turning over play." The above is completely baseless and false 'allegation' without any proof. Just because you are frustrated at your own incompetency, doesn't mean you can go and accuse the game of cheating. Your players can't score? Great. Let's go and accuse the game that it does this to "artificially" keep the scores low. Your players misplace passes? Great. Let's go and accuse the game that it does this deliberately to turn over the possession. Btw, I just played a game where I had 92% pass accuracy. I would say that is may be too accurate. You said- "I can go from thrashing Arsenal 6-1 in my first season as Newcastle to losing 5-0 against Bournemouth with barely a shot on goal with the same tactic." So just because Emery was naive to get thrashed 6-1 against you, Bruce should do the same? How dare the AI completely shut me down. It should just give up and shouldn't make you change your tactics just to please you? You said- " There is no setting in the game to mitigate certain types of players because the defensive phase of play cannot keep up, respond to or even anticipate attacks." Of couse there isn't a "setting". You have to be logical and adjust your tactics to keep a fast player in check sometimes. If your defense is not capable of dealing with fast players, it's either your defenders are not compatible enough or it's simply your incompetence again. Most likely the later.
  10. There are so many hilarious claims and false 'allegations' in this post, it's unbelievable. For the starters there is nothing in the game that prevents you from making combacks. People do that all the time in FM. Secondly, many people routinely beat AI with just 2-3 shots on goal whole game. So many examples have been posted here. Don't blame the game for your own incompetence. FM have many areas to improve but what you have described is not one of them. And the language you have used to describe your incompetence gives the impression that you aren't actually capable of understanding how tactics and other mechanisms work in the game.
  11. So according to you: - Passing should be deadly accurate. There should not be any inaccurate passes. At least not for your team. - There should be a button which says 'Disable fast players attacks against me'. - If my tactics is working in one match, it should automatically work against all teams. Basically 'Plug n play'. Good.
  12. Request to those who are posting feedbacks after playing for 30 seconds with the new patch- don't be in a hurry to post your feedback. No awards for early feedbacks. Take your time. Please watch at least 10-15 matches in full/comprehensive and then post your positive or negative feedback in a bit of detail. Posting 3 words like "ME is worst" or "ME is great" isn't going to help anyone. This is just my opinion of course because I want to read sensible (positive or negative) feedback before I can get my hands on the game again may be tomorrow or day after.
  13. Just checked and you are right!! That could be it!!!!! IFs on 'support' duty have 'very attacking' mentality. So playing them on 'attacking' duty in addition to 'attacking'/'positive' team mentality could be making them 'attack on steroids'. I reckon playing 'attack' duties on lower than 'Balanced' team mentality could make them play sensibly and playing 'support' duties on 'Balanced' and higher team mentality could make them play sensibly. This also may be the reason why some people are not seeing the issues while others are seeing them all the time.
  14. You got valid points as well. So since we both have valid points, we are running around in a circle. It's time for me to stop this tactical debate now. Hope we see a patch soon which can satisfy all parties to a level where we can go a year of FMing without visiting the forum. I wish nothing but a busy and fun year of FMing for every FMer.
  15. Ten years ago, defending in FM was not as realistic as it's now. As a result we used to see lot of central play. Even in FM17, my whole tactics was based around overloading the central areas, patiently waiting for opening and scoring majority of my goals from short through balls. But that was because defending by wide players was unrealistic. The wide players in that version used to just get stuck to the wide areas never helping out defending the central areas. Hence central overload was the way to go. I'm glad we don't have that issue anymore.
  16. If Bayern is only scoring from set-pieces then the bug here I see is that other Bundesliga teams are far too scared to have a go against them and parking the bus too frequently. In real life, I see more Bundesliga teams (than in game) trying to be brave and press them high (not that they win but still). And yes, I know lack of central play has been acknowledged as an issue by the ME team. I would be glad if we get a further improved ME patch as a result but I'm still enjoying my save regardless and trying to prove my point that ME is far from being "broken and unplayable".
  17. It seems to be the theme this year though. People don't seem to have enough patience or want to make efforts to change their tactics and immediately declare the ME as broken. I said few pages ago that reducing the tempo is making my players play sensible but still attractive football but didn't receive any feedback from the people complaining. Sure ME has problems but it's no where near unplayable. People are just finding it hard to adapt to how the ME has changed from previous versions.
  18. That wasn't my question though, was it? My question was what have you tried to create space?
  19. How many teams in real life can play with creativity, movement and pull defences out of space? Not many. You can count them on your fingers. If you want to play like that in game, first of all you need to have players for it. Secondly you them to gel and give them enough time to understand each others' movement. It's hard to do it in game because it's hard to do it in real life. It's actually very easy for SI to make this easy to achieve but then it won't be a simulation if every team can Guardiolize their way to success in the game. How many teams in real life have tried to emulate Pep's Barca and have failed miserably in the last decade? Most of them. Not even Pep has been able to emulate his own Barca after he left them. In a way his Barca has been spoiling FMers and everyone still has that fantasy football in the back of their mind when fantasizing about "short pass through balls against packed defences". People need to get over it. It isn't going to happen easily either IRL or in game. Let's also talk about International football. All major trophy winning teams are counter attacking teams except Spain 2008-12 (again the same Barca players). France, Portugal both built their success with counter attacking tactics. They play good football only against weaker teams in qualifiers. Brazil and Germany couldn't score to save their life with their sexy football.
  20. I'm currently on a run of matches where I'm hardly conceding any chances (half or clear cut), and teams are finding it extremely hard to create anything against me at the moment. Playing on 'Balanced' mentality. Let me know if any of you guys out there enjoy restricting your opponent without parking the bus/gegenpress and I'll share my tactics which I'm tweaking bit by bit carefully as the season is progressing. Really enjoying my save at the moment.
  21. No, I haven't ignored anything. If you are a big team with big reputation and in a good form already, teams will naturally play defensive against you to give themselves a chance and stay in the match for as long as they can and hit you on the counter. How do you expect teams to setup against Messi, Suarez, Greizmann, Dembele and co.? Play open and and get beat 10-0 every match? How many teams in real life have a go at Man City or Liverpool? Not many. Even if they do, they get beaten anyways. FM is trying to simulate real life football world. It can't artificially increase the difficulty for big clubs in game just because people can win easily with those clubs. Some people will always find a way to win big just like you have. May be it's time for a different challenge other than Barca for you.
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