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  1. I wouldn't say many youtubers, I have built two pretty decent tactics put a couple videos out on them been well received and you can download them on steam, I got sacked quite early on in the fm19 cycle with fiorentina as that was me experimenting with a tika taka style. I am not a pro only been doing it 18 months but the channel has grown pretty well in that time.
  2. Just wondered if anyone knew of a workable russian third tier database and if anyone is planning on doing one for FM20 I would like to use it in a Youtube series. Cheers Matt
  3. Hi everyone I have edited a claassen datasbase for Serie D in Italy created a club and the chairman however soon as I start the game he’s already looking to sell the club and status is willing to listen to offers . What do I need to change in the editor to stop this from happening as it’s for a YouTube series and I have built a backstory around the owner ?? many thanks Matty
  4. Hi no the board is investments not classed . This pic was taken like 3 days into the month . So was easy to track in my inbox but nothing . I don’t use editor and don’t even have it downloaded. It’s for a YouTube series so annoying when I can’t explain where cash as come and I am at club who has insecure finances so wanna find out really
  5. Just wondered if anyone knew where my money was going from in others ?? The board injection is investments but no but no idea where all this money classed as other is actually coming from any help they would be great 👍
  6. Hi guys I have set up a YT channel and have a series with Magdeburg FC and I have a Jose vs Pep experiment on the channel going. After feedback from you fm knowledgeable folk !! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Kalio8OqMEsqcrFbqns_Q
  7. Evening all I have just seen I am one of the lucky 64 to get the chance for the 25k fm comp at insomnia next month. I’ve never actually played fantasy draft have any guys on here play it I need practice I’ve just been on the game screen and can’t find anyone online to play.
  8. Mallorca got em them to La Liga champions in 5 seasons
  9. Evening all I have just started a save with Scarborough Athletic in Evo stik league. All players except four are on part time conratcts I have a wage budget which is decent I’d imagine to rest of the teams in league however all the other teams in league have players all out of contract. All players I am trying to sign are wanting part time contracts ? Is there any way of finding players that will play on a non contract for me ??
  10. Just won the La Liga after promotion !! Finances are good I had 36m In bank no loans no transfer fees nothing . New season tv deal I get same as last year 38n which surely isn’t in line with the La Liga tv distribution . Top it all all off get only 10m transfer budget and I have all that champions league money to come... does anyone know where I need to go to find out how the tv money works for the Spanish La Liga?? Who’s best person to ask??
  11. Do you think it’s a big then because I’ve not seen the actual money from tv deal it just appears under sponsorship I just got the amount I was told u was getting on the first day of the new season which was like 36m half paid up front and other half over season
  12. I am playing with RCD Mallorca on promotion in first season to segunda division it said I had a top league individual tv deal awaiting me of around £17m. two things which I’m not sure about it that La Liga teams don’t do individual tv deals they have a pot share. Secondly I got promoted for 2nd successive season making it into the La Liga so tenchincally that tv deal should have kicked in however at the start of my La Liga season I was given around £35m half up front and half paid over course of season. I got relegated so then I now have a new individual tv deal negotiated of £18m if I get promoted again this season. when it comes to finances I always like to know where I stand Any ideas anyone??
  13. Would you recommend putting foreign players who might not get work permit after brexit on 5 year deals before brexit officially kicks in then ?
  14. I have noticed lots of people have a much smaller side panel to mine. Mine has the written panels so , squad, training, schedule, board etc. However lots of people have just logos which leaves more room the actual display screen. I’m pretty sure it’s a simple fix just no idea how to change it.
  15. People will say no but my Acer f15 was icore 3 and did the job just fine
  16. From what I had cracking. Once season is in motion seem to be flying through games. Think it helps I’m winning for a change 😂. Bigger screen makes a really good bonus to it as well. Did take a while to set up with first windows update but this can be very normal and wasn’t down to performance of laptop
  17. I wasn’t bothered about a name I just searched for what I saw as the best value for money my laptop is literally for fm and Fm only so didn’t need an optical drive. A 700 quid msi will be better than a mac or Hp around same price mark.
  18. People will say no but I had a icore 3 laptop with a u processor was a Acer aspire f15 nothing flash usually loaded English Italian German Spain and France nations ran 12 leagues and it ran okay. Did the job. If he’s got 600 you can get a decent enough msi one which would perform way better than mine Acer. I would tell him to go big and pay monthly for one like I did 😂. Links a few quotes up
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