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  1. Thank you for that advice, I will go for that one then as kind of SuS
  2. Finished the first season with FC Bayern I ended up using the 4240 P112 as standard tactic, just begin every match with it. If I'm gonna lose a match or need a goal, I switch to the more offensive one - 424 P112. In my third slot is the Deep Sicilian Defense, I'm using it to "kill" the game if I'm already in front due the 70' or 80' minute. That's a lot of fun with that three tactics, thanks knap! Now it's time to buy some more young talents an send them on loan and sell every player older than 30 (expect of Manuel Neuer) CL final
  3. FC Bayern: BEOWULF 4240P112 - first half of the season Started a season with FC Bayern Munich. Yeah, many of you would say that it's boring and you even don't need a tactic to win matches with that strong squad. But I really like to do that rejuvenation because they've got that kind of problem in real life also :). The next step will be to sign a better goalkeeper (because Ulreich doesn't fit to the rest of the team) and sign some youngsters for my second team to send them to loan or something. Transfers Sold Robben and Ribery also.. don't know why they arent't listend here (maybe cause I put them into the second team before the transfers were done). My squad Full rotation of course, because with that kind of squad you really need to do this like that. There is no first or second team.
  4. @knap this one looks good, you already tested it with an underdog team again? Would like to know if it could be the better choice as away tactic for my save than the other deep sicilian defense tactic
  5. This! The new 4240P112 with the two AM at home and the Deep Sicilian Defense for away matches (and vs top 6 of the league at home). Thats absolutely domination as underdog ;). Will post some results this weekend!
  6. 5th season on the way - BOOM Using your Man United Pilmarge in home games now
  7. This looks awsome mate! What exactly is the difference between that version and the lpool one? In your opinion it'S better than the lpool version? Thanks!
  8. For me it seems to work. But I'm using it with care. If I'm leading with 2 goals or more I go for it in the 70' min. If I'm leading with just 1 goal I wait until the 80' min :)
  9. I'm absolutely smashing the Bundesliga and other competitions with Hoffenheim in the second season. Two seasons two CL titles - first season won the Bundesliga and the CL, and now I won everything. You're tactics are doing it again knap, no other combination is that amazing to play! I clearly recommend to try this tactical combination: HOME ¬FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE343LPOOLP104.fmf AWAY ¬FM18.3.3KnapWOF343P101.fmf WASTE TIME ¬FM18.2.2KnapASH343HSP101SHORTP101SUS.fmf (training to the assistant - team talks are absolutely important as I already said several times in this forum)
  10. Yeah, in the CL final vs Chelsea and it worked great (control) I'm about to start a new save with some underdog team, will give the control for away games a go and post it here how it goes.
  11. Away match vs Real Madrid control mentality
  12. Well, I do not change anything aswell. Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but I've got the same problem often in away matches. I've got a really good team, but away vs the big guys it's just luck. An example vs Real Madrid (they absolutely dominated us):
  13. Third season with Villarreal... so far so good
  14. After two amazing years with Hertha, I went to Villarreal and achieved the CL-title in just two seasons I don't know what to say to this tactic... there's no other tactic like that in FM18
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