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  1. That man marking is working like a charm here... in combination with the Fire and Water it's absolutely amazing. The idea with the LB & RB (if both or one of them are very active I'm gonna mark them with my ML / MR). That's just WOW! You think that it would work with other tactics even better? Cause my opinion is that the Fire and Water is this years best.
  2. I think @knap would be able to answer the most important positions question better than everyone else here :). I already deleted my Norwich save, because I'm interested in testing this tactic with other underdog teams as well. Just don't know yet which team / league I will choose now :/ Keep in mind that you should use one of the AMC's for the the man marking. In my opinion important attributes for the MC are anticipation, technique and passing. He should be able to control the game as some kind of "playmaker".
  3. Nothing, I use a lot of team shouts, to keep the concentration and motivation up during the match. as often as possible use "demand more" during a match. Yes, some saves before I always wanted to tweak this tactic to become a better "away version". Now in this Norwich save I figured out, that if you use all that micro-management things and the man marking by @Rober82, it's not necessary to tweak something vs big clubs or away.
  4. Of course, everything like mentioned in @RDF Tactics training guide and the pdf file of @Rober82 Never change a winning team - nope I didn't tweak anything. I did not rotate very often, means that I had a first 11 which made 80% of the matches
  5. Nearly every formation uses DM, CM or something like that. For example if they are playing with an standard 442 formation, then I'm looking at the both CMs (the deeper one will be marked). If they've got the exact same positions, them I'm looking at their assists and other stats - the one with more assists would be marked. But I think @Rober82 or @knap are able to tell you a lot of more "correct" information for that topic
  6. Norwich City - First season: Won FA cup & the PL title!!! Decided to start another new save with Norwich City and what should I say guys? The Fire&Water 4321 did it again for me. Actually I'm using the tweaked version by @RDF Tactics with the floated crosses - nothing else changed. 1949229349_!!!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24321OXP103ECfloat.fmf Won the Premier League and the FA cup in the first season. Very important information: - I don't play instant result - no plug and play - doing lots of micro-management in my saves - training by @Rober82 @R
  7. Thank you for that one mate I'm not quite sure with that man marking, because there are some situation, in which I don't know what to do: - if they play with to DM -> exactly the same role / position. What should we do then? Mark them both with our two AM? - should we use left AM for the right DM and the other way round, or doesn't it make any difference?
  8. This has to be the potential to become the best tactic I've used in this years FM. I used Fire&Water 4321 all the time and it was already good, but away I had sometimes lots of problems with underdogs / even with developed teams when playing vs some big guys. But this here is something special... I'll share some results after finishing my first season.. the Carrow Road is about to become a legendary stadium.
  9. @RDF Tactics what happend to your Spurs save mate? I saw that you tweaked one AM to another Striker. You think it's more effective than the original formation?
  10. @RDF Tactics is there any reason for using the 20.4.0 instead of the 20.4.1 version?
  11. @RDF Tactics Your training guide is amazing. It brings my players to an other level. Brought four fitness coaches with 18 - 20 fitness ability into my coaches squad, and set the individual training with double intensity. General training is set my my assistant coach. Look at those training values WOW! The tactic I use actually is the 1949229349_!!!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24321OXP103ECfloat.fmf and it's rocking solid! But I've got some nice solution for away matches: Just take the CM and move him one step down to the DM position. Don't change his role / don
  12. Is he using the original tactic, or did he tweak anything for away games or sometihng like that?
  13. So far so good Liverpool destroyed us at the Anfield Road, but well we all know that Liverpool is in this years fm one of the best teams @RDF Tactics Actually I'm using the tactics like that: HOME TAC - At home & away vs everyone except of the top 7 of the league (for away matches remove "get stuck in") HOME BIG TAC - At home only vs the top 7 of the league AWAY BIG - Only away vs the top 7 of the league Ist that correct in that way? Another question: What are you using in your CL matches away? Actually I'm using AWAY BIG for all CL away matches, because I
  14. I'll try this out for sure, my fourth season with Mallorca just begins. Let's see how we'll do with that setup :) Thank you for that great tweaks you're sharing with us here! :)
  15. @knap Thank you for this destroying tactic. Works like a charm in my Bayern save. Total dominating with great teams. @RDF Tactics I'm sure if you could get this tactic into your tweaking fingers, there will be lots of underdogs winning leagues and cups in their first season. Hope you're trying to tweak this
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