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  1. So far so good Liverpool destroyed us at the Anfield Road, but well we all know that Liverpool is in this years fm one of the best teams @RDF Tactics Actually I'm using the tactics like that: HOME TAC - At home & away vs everyone except of the top 7 of the league (for away matches remove "get stuck in") HOME BIG TAC - At home only vs the top 7 of the league AWAY BIG - Only away vs the top 7 of the league Ist that correct in that way? Another question: What are you using in your CL matches away? Actually I'm using AWAY BIG for all CL away matches, because I think there are the best teams of their leagues in that cup And: Where can I check the oppositions team if they are using AF as striker? Would be awsome if you could share a screenshot for that; I already checked the scouting report before the match, but there's only the formation without the roles
  2. I'll try this out for sure, my fourth season with Mallorca just begins. Let's see how we'll do with that setup :) Thank you for that great tweaks you're sharing with us here! :)
  3. @knap Thank you for this destroying tactic. Works like a charm in my Bayern save. Total dominating with great teams. @RDF Tactics I'm sure if you could get this tactic into your tweaking fingers, there will be lots of underdogs winning leagues and cups in their first season. Hope you're trying to tweak this
  4. Exactly, I don't care for the opposition. Of course if the match doesn't go so well I'm switching sometimes to get something new in that match. I finished my third season with Huesca (could not repeat that CL win this time) What I've recognized in this years FM is that the away matches are letting me struggle often. I you've got a look at my results this season or the seasons before you will see that it's nearly unbeatable at home. I only had a draw vs Valencia and a defeat vs Paris (we dominated both matches extremly). Away we lost 7(!) matches and had two draws. I nearly lost every CL away match in the final rounds. @knap As I can see you tested many of your tactics with the Wolves. What is your experience in this case? I would like to know, if it should be better to use the 4141 or the 4132 or any other tactic as an away solution?
  5. Sorry I'm using the 110 and not the 109. Home this !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF442PFPWMKnapP110ECCC.fmf Away this !!!!!!!!!!!19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnapCD4141P106ALLCUPSNOLOSS.fmf That's an amazing combination for me. I'm in my third season with Huesca and I'm never spending huge cash.
  6. Second season with Huesca After the great first season we were able to win everything in our second season. The first season I used the PILMARGE4141 only and the season season I used at home the BEOWULF442P110 and away the PILMARGE4141. I think this combination is the strongest in FM19. Look at my transfers, I was able to get some loans and some career-ending players Will update you guys here how it's going in my third season
  7. Just use it at home and away! It's important that noone is set for throw ins and corners and do not use any OI (your assistant manager should not set it by the way)
  8. Thanks for sharing my tweak, for all the other interested ones - this is the one I used in my Nuernberg save.
  9. Quick update: Finished the first season - 1st place with only one defeat in 1. Bundesliga
  10. No I'm working on this actually... will share it if it worked in two different leagues
  11. I've created some new tweaks for the 4141 and it looks more than promising so far as underdog.. FC Nuernberg (media prediction 17th / 1. Bundesliga)
  12. Well, I've got to say that I really didn't test that combination with a weaker team yet.. but I will do so soon, Germany FC Nuernberg (17th media prediction) and England Brighton and Holve Albion (19th media prediction)
  13. I renamed both tactics in my post to make it more clear. Well, I'm not sure anymore, but to go sure you can download both and plu them in another time. https://community.sigames.com/topic/451185-fm-19-beowulf-442-44114420-4420wings-and-424-424-if/page/39/?tab=comments#comment-11926920 I'm really not sure if they are "better" than the original ones, I just tweaked them like that, because it worked awsome in my save with Benfica FC. All credits go to @knap and for the home tweak to @matiz96
  14. Finished fourth season with Benfica Dominated it again this year. The CL-final was a little bit harder, because I substituted 3 players at halftime and then at the beginning of the second half, one injured directly. So I had to play with one man down until the extra time CL-final
  15. Is it a difference if I set them or just let them empty? I never set the corner or throw-in takers in your tactics so far. I'm asking because, for example for TFF's tactics it's always an important part to set them correctly.
  16. No he didn't. I think he's played only with the 4132 so far and not the Awayv2 yet
  17. Try the away tweak if you want to, but remember that the tactic needs to be trained well until it's fluid. Another thing is that the instant result isn't the best way. I'm always watching my matches in highlighted mode on th fastest option. Most of the tactics are working better in that way. There are many other improtant things to be known like great staff, training, morale and fitness of your squad.. don't have time actually so I can not explain it like it should be explained, but maybe knap can help out there
  18. AWAY_!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4141SPKnapP106ECCCKINGP107_SOLOUNAMIGO.fmf Try this one way it's knap's 4141 with some tweaks. Playing my fourth season with Benfica right now and this really helped me in away matches. My PA of my team is actually ~145 and I'm rocking it
  19. This looks good, I can say that in all that years of FM there never was a tactic which got "caught" by the AI. There are just sometimes several factors as bad form, no luck and so on. I added that passing on short now as my home tactic, keita was on fire as I can see
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