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  1. ruudvanwarren

    Argus 451 Knap FM 18

    Argus 451 just never really clicked with my team. Strange considering how well pilgrimage performed at home. I'll give it another whirl & see whether I can get another time from it. I'm playing FM Touch too do i just leave training to your assistant dude?
  2. ruudvanwarren

    Argus 451 Knap FM 18

    Just a quick one geezer...are you on 18.3.4?I tried the same combo but came unstuck away from home with Argus 451 from what I remember...cheers buddy
  3. Currently using Pligrimage 108pts all cups away. Would gladly put one of them to a test.
  4. Hey Knap...I find your "ALL CUPS" tactics really stable and reliable away from home...could their be a dark side of the moon all cups tactic created at all?
  5. knap...not that i need it but have u got an updated SUS tactic?
  6. Here you go mate...Here's the league table and my team using the 352...hope this helps mate?
  7. Hey Knap...just a quick bit of feedback on on a combo I'm using which I have to say has potentially been the greatest home & away combo I've used ALL FM18: Home 343 Away 352 Absolutely annilating Seria A with AC Milan. Picked the 343 at home for obvious reasons. Most efficient formation to use on this version of FM. Picked the 352 because in ur test it only coceeded 12 goals I think. Anyway awesome stuff ALL FM18...long may your tactic creating continue buddy!
  8. ruudvanwarren

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Cheers for getting back to me so quick. I myself play FMT for the same reasons you do...family/work life is too hectic to put the hours into the full version. Is ball control just a personal preference or did you read up on it from a given forum? Thanks again mate...
  9. ruudvanwarren

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Hey Knap...At what point did you flip to counter as all the goals came in the second half? After they were all scored before the goals?
  10. ruudvanwarren

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Hi Mate...On FMT can you tell me what "Team Training" you use...or do you leave it to your assistant manager?
  11. ruudvanwarren

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    top man as always...cheers for the speedy response
  12. ruudvanwarren

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Hey Knap...have u noticed a difference with this training on FMT or have u reverted back to the assman??
  13. ruudvanwarren

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Top man top man top man... well done again dude
  14. ruudvanwarren

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Amazing Solo...can I ask what training u used...I'm on FMT & in previous years training appeared different but I have a feeling it means something this year?
  15. ruudvanwarren

    WOF 3430 Knap FM17.3.1

    Looking good Knap...Keep up the amazing work and hen your ready to share we'll all be ready to pounce, ha!