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  1. I've just had my best season yet using man marking using camouflaged V2 exclusively at home (Used the 1 AM to man mark) and Mississippi 4321 exclusively away (Using the AP to man mark) using Mississippi SUS to see out games...never felt so stable in FM20 (Using FMT)...It appears to work with other tactics...As you said Solo AMAZING!
  2. Hey Pal...been playing with the 4411 on positive against bigger teams away from home and it worked a treat! So started a new save. Took over Genk (When they were 14th) and played Standard away who were 3rd so obvs used the 4411...Walked out of the room at 54mins in disgust...yee of little faith hahaha
  3. Love a good 4141 as an away tactic...if Knap is happy can you share please pal?
  4. Hey Big Man...I saw the one you said was defensively solid yesterday...Would you say that it's consistently solid in away matches for you bro? Don't think there's an issue finding a home tactic this year but an away tactic seems slightly trickier...although I've had great success with some 4141's
  5. Before peeps pee themselves i'd release it with a disclaimer that you've not finished testing buddy...tweak master strikes again
  6. Unbeatable away tactic during one of the patch last year...ur a little tease bringing this one out pal
  7. Really frustrated @phillip5150 I understand that each different platform needs an update approval but this shouldn't be to the determent to the end user...They never have a problem releasing an update on Steam so why should Steam customers be penalised...If they can't get approval from one platform then fair enough but at least update the game for everyone else!
  8. Why has FMT not been updated at the same time as the full game? When can we expect the update? This is the first year that FMT feels like an after thought to the devs. Always treated as equals alongside the main game. Its starting to push us golden oldies away.
  9. Cheers for the swift reply mate. Fingers crossed we here something concrete sooooooon!
  10. Hi, In the past there has been a beta version released for FMT. However, when I tried to purchase FM20 Touch on steam there is no mention of a beta version. Where as it openly states there's a beta version for FM20 (Full). Can anyone shed any light of this?
  11. cool...anything from previous ME I try to avoid...currently using your 343 Pil Vol tactic...good stuff
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