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  1. ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    top man as always...cheers for the speedy response
  2. ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Hey Knap...have u noticed a difference with this training on FMT or have u reverted back to the assman??
  3. ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Top man top man top man... well done again dude
  4. ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Amazing Solo...can I ask what training u used...I'm on FMT & in previous years training appeared different but I have a feeling it means something this year?
  5. WOF 3430 Knap FM17.3.1

    Looking good Knap...Keep up the amazing work and hen your ready to share we'll all be ready to pounce, ha!
  6. WOF 3430 Knap FM17.3.1

    Hey Knap, how's the testing going on the Beta version? I know it's early days so I don't expect much break through.
  7. Hey Knap, massive follower of your tactics and have been for years...The screen shot above shows a "Counter" mentality although but the tactic downloaded has a "Standard" one...is this correct?
  8. If this is anything like hustler then holy mother of Mary we're in for a treat...might use this at home & hustler plus tactic usage away!
  9. Seriously my friend sincere apologise my friend...thanks for the info...congrats on the tactic!
  10. Hi Frank...out of interest on the touch version which training do u use?or do u leave it to the ass man?
  11. Have to say this is probably the most stable version/tweak of Eusebio tactic that I've tried on FMT...wish I had used it all season I would've romped serie a!!!
  12. FM15 Unofficial Dark Skin By MurChupKampSantArtS8

    Great skin my friend(s)...been looking for a skin which more differentiation of colours for player attributes and this fits the bill perfectly...between the red,orange and yellow I can easily pick out key attributes and how good a player is or isn't!
  13. Can you post your season results mate?
  14. Knap FM10 Tactics

    Are u still making tactics Knap's...not seen you around these parts for a loooooong time bro?