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  1. Unbeatable away tactic during one of the patch last year...ur a little tease bringing this one out pal
  2. Really frustrated @phillip5150 I understand that each different platform needs an update approval but this shouldn't be to the determent to the end user...They never have a problem releasing an update on Steam so why should Steam customers be penalised...If they can't get approval from one platform then fair enough but at least update the game for everyone else!
  3. Why has FMT not been updated at the same time as the full game? When can we expect the update? This is the first year that FMT feels like an after thought to the devs. Always treated as equals alongside the main game. Its starting to push us golden oldies away.
  4. Cheers for the swift reply mate. Fingers crossed we here something concrete sooooooon!
  5. Hi, In the past there has been a beta version released for FMT. However, when I tried to purchase FM20 Touch on steam there is no mention of a beta version. Where as it openly states there's a beta version for FM20 (Full). Can anyone shed any light of this?
  6. cool...anything from previous ME I try to avoid...currently using your 343 Pil Vol tactic...good stuff
  7. Looks like we're both in buddy but my god it's confusing or maybe i'm getting too old for this stuff!!!ha
  8. Harrycarrie...just posted in Knaps thread regarding using this at home & his away & it appears to be the most stable way of playing the game on the current 19.1.5 ME. Cheers for ur efforts bro.
  9. Been using this away & Harrycarrie's at home & it's probably the most stable set of tactics on 19.1.5. Plays some decent football. I use the SUS tactic home & away after 75mins (if winning). Looking for a tactic that actually works has been very tiresome as the ME has gone down hill dramatically since the beta. Every tactic (not just urs but from every forum) appears to be suspect to conceding the same type on goals in every match. HUGE loooooooong ball over the top or cross and near post flick in. This tactic limits these occurrences well done. Keep up the great work in striving for perfection Knap. U must have the patience of a saint!!
  10. Is the 442 p110 a press version as it's not mentioned in the files title like your other press tactics?
  11. Hey Macca, Similar to Knap I change mentality to defensive around the 80min mark...Although saying that if I was 4-0 up I probably would no change to SUS either!ha nice to see the 4141 working...has it performed efficiently away from home?
  12. What is the difference between press and non-press tactics chief?
  13. Can anyone help me so I started a save last night...it will not let me save the game to my computer simply saying "Save Failed" although it will let me save the game to the cloud? I've just reloaded the game from the cloud which is cool...but never had such an issue before?
  14. Argus 451 just never really clicked with my team. Strange considering how well pilgrimage performed at home. I'll give it another whirl & see whether I can get another time from it. I'm playing FM Touch too do i just leave training to your assistant dude?
  15. Just a quick one geezer...are you on 18.3.4?I tried the same combo but came unstuck away from home with Argus 451 from what I remember...cheers buddy
  16. Currently using Pligrimage 108pts all cups away. Would gladly put one of them to a test.
  17. Hey Knap...I find your "ALL CUPS" tactics really stable and reliable away from home...could their be a dark side of the moon all cups tactic created at all?
  18. Here you go mate...Here's the league table and my team using the 352...hope this helps mate?
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