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  1. Wondering if it's just me, but 4-5 years into a save, there's always a fullback out there with like 195-199 CA and the next best player is like 185 CA lol.
  2. Maybe a concept idea would be that the game takes the main colours of each club and creates a new kit every season with a different design like they do in real life, of course. For example, Barcelona's main colours are blue and red, and they have a tendency to add yellow to away and third kits. The AI could have a set colour scheme for each club and change kit designs every season. I don't think this would be too hard to implement into the game (please correct me if I'm wrong) and I feel can be a great addition to the game visually and make it more realistic. The only problem I can think
  3. Would be awesome if Football Manager had a system to randomly generate a new kit for each season for each club; based on the club's colour scheme.
  4. It's 2022, I am the manager of PSG. Germany selects their best players for their qualifiers for the WC and it all looks normal until their WC selections where they choose a completely unknown squad with fake players (you know those players with the greyed out names) and then all the actual players all have a "1 Negative" on their Dynamics thing saying "Player is angry to not have been chosen in the WC squad after helping the team qualify". What's going on? It's only happening to Germany.
  5. It annoys me when AI managers decide to just give a player their preferred squad number regardless of the situation. For example, Messi has just retired and their bench striker who plays like 8 games a season prefers the number 10 so its given to him. It really isn't realistic and I was wondering if anyone else feels the same and wants it moderated or am I just being over the top?
  6. First season, he is default captain. Told the press I would keep Ramos as captain (if this info is necessary). I sold Kiko Casilla, Ramos got angry and I couldn't resolve it. I'm now not able to talk to Ramos. A few squad members talked to me about it and I managed to make half of them happy. Captain confirmation email comes in, and Ramos isn't an option on Captains but IS an option on vice captains. I have tried to see what would happen by removing his captaincy and I get an email from Marcelo saying he's angry again.
  7. Picture shows update. So what's your verdict on this? Do you reckon it's a bug?
  8. That's my best guess as well but I haven't continued the save just in case it's a bug. I'll just press the "Report Bug" button on the game and just save this file in case it is a bug then.
  9. My game won't let me choose Sergio Ramos as my captain. The circle does not appear and his name is faded slightly compared to the other players (as you can see on the photo). However, I am able to choose him as a vice captain? Bit of a backstory: I sold Casilla and that pissed him off and he isn't talking to me, but does that mean I can't make him captain though?
  10. Yes but does that mean only 8 new players per season or only 8 players IN TOTAL in the whole squad every season. I really dont know because if it is the first one, I haven't signed any new players yet (maybe it counts players new but signed before the save) and if it is the second one, my team has way more than 8.
  11. This is what it reads. Just noting that I currently have more than 8 over-17 Chinese players in my team, but all are already in the squad when I made the save. My first chinese signing, Wu Lei, was cancelled because it states only 8 over-17 domestic (i think that means Chinese) per season. Maybe this means the club has 8 new chinese signings in real life when my save started?
  12. it i the main team. i have just counted and they have way over 8. I havent even signed a domestic player yet, maybe it counts the signings made before the save
  13. Does it mean I am only allowed to sign 8 per season or only have 8 players over-17 in my squad at any given time in the season?
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