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  1. Hello, Not quite sure if this is the right sub section or not but here goes.. I'd like to be able to edit the agents names and be able to assign a certain agent to each player making it a bit more realistic.. is there a thread explaining on how to do this or a download? Would really appreciate it and will release it once I've assigned majority of the players from the 5 leagues (maybe more) to their realistic agent along with their preferences etc.
  2. It's the same. Get the User ID and put it in your graphics. edit the xml.
  3. That's true. I've been using sweeper keeper for 4 years in game and there's not much difference from the original goalkeeper.. He doesn't push forward a bit to help out with the attack or even defending [yeah i might want to be risky lol]
  4. Bayern loaned James for 2 years. To my knowledge that’s the longest
  5. It's illegal to actually force a red card and if caught will lead to additional suspensions. But you can already somewhat do this, just click the "Tackle Harder" option on the player. If he needs just a yellow card to miss the next match he'll get it. BUT you can also receive a red card from this.
  6. vJords

    Manager pay usage

    Thank you! I never took notice. A bit of a shame but it's okay.
  7. Other than Job Security is there any other use of the managers salary? Genuine Question. I think there should be some sort of use such as managers are able to purchase land, etc. Yes it may not be HIGH up the ladder in wants, but it would surely be of such satisfaction when you've just been hired as the head coach of Arsenal and is able to move from the Garage you lived in when you managed in Stevenage. [A news article attachment could also be used when purchasing a new house] When you take a vacation you use part of your monthly salary, maybe there could be reasons for taking Vacations (Going to another country, etc.) Donating to a football charity. Many football players and managers have donated to charity, this could be a use for the managers pay (of course there should be a limitation on this, whether its per 6 months/year or a certain amount of years) Paying for YOUR own Badges Just floating in ideas. I know many may not deem it necessary. There's no real satisfaction when you've just earned a pay-rise other than a few % of Job Security.
  8. Hey! I think a new animation should be made for players who have left their previous club on good terms. Too frequently have I seen a player, favored by the club and who favors the said club run like he's won Olympic gold towards the fans; it would be more realistic for these type of players to show respect if they score or once their team scores.
  9. I believe this is already in the game. Except that it doesn't affect other players requests. You lose team harmony depending on whether the player you declined is/was influential. You can further upset the entire squad when you attend a meeting to discuss it.
  10. I'd like more interactions with my players that I either call up to the NT, show more interest in requesting a player to switch nationality or scout. Would like to be able to speak to a player in order to either boost moral or gain better opinions from players OR even warn players that their current gametime/appearances/form makes them unfit for the call up. Training should also be available during the international break.
  11. Haha that's alright mate, criticism can be taken. Yeah, not sure why they aren't added in and Tours removed [At least I have not been offered a tour to date]. Yes I know the questions are repeated in real life but there's no harm in change! I'm sure if they requested persons to assist with writing media article examples, press conference questions & answers they'd be assisted.
  12. Thanks for the feedback mate!
  13. Before getting into my list, I'd like to point out that I'm not quite sure whether this was supposed to be posted into this sub-forum or General Discussions. If the latter is the appropriate sub-forum I request a Mod to move the thread for me. Transfer deadline day There's currently not much excitement when it comes to deadline day in terms of skinning and announcements, I'd like to see some sort of change of skin design specifically for that day preferably with the colours as they would use in real life. Soundtrack FM18 had soundtracks and it was quite a nice addition. Not sure if you could have changed the volume but it was a bit too loud. Music in certain events to differentiate matches or competitions, including prizes. Ability to manage youth teams (HIRED as Youth Manager) Self explanatory. Free-selecting positions via Set Pieces Free roam when positioning where your player stands/marks within a selected area. Women The women's league is growing in popularity and there's no reason why they shouldn't be thought of - this would possibly attract female players to the game. Set your own ticket prices, select a chosen sponsor, food prices For lower leagues it could bring in funds for future signings or club improvements when they set their own prices. Have us choose a sponsor out of about 3 options, whether it be Football Manager, Addidas, Nike, Umbryo which all comes with different benefits such as ingame change of boots for players or banners around the stadium. Custom Banners Yes, persons have created graphics packs for OFFICIAL clubs but what about the club you create? It would bring more atmosphere to the club you wish to grow if we could create our own banner INGAME, a simple way could just allow us to change texts and select a background colour for the banners. Transfer AI Clubs within top the 10 in the world should sign players who have the potential of at least 4.5 stars, whether they make it to the potential depends in game. Woodwork I HIT THE WOODWORK SO MANY TIMES, LMFAO. GIVE THE ANIMATION SOME SORT OF A BANG SOUND. Extra-Curricular More activities such as visiting the hospital, donating to charity, etc - comes along with a news article. Customization of NEW STADIUMS Stadiums that you've built or requested. You should be able to assist in whats redone such as more lights, stands, etc. More media questions/articles A bit repetitive. Way more different options should be given and change of questions. Allow us to "tap up players" Visiting matches, asking your players to endorse a move (seems you can only endorse the move after your contract has already been accepted or in talks) isn't enough. Allow us managers to speak one on one with players if we want to be on the dirty side - this would allow the player to see that there is strong interest in them from the manager. Tours Preseason tours used to be a thing in FM18 where the club asked you to select a country that we would train in and play exhibition matches, etc in order to build reputation. Competitions such as the International Champions Cup could be implemented. TRANSFER FEES Why is it that clubs refuse to pay 50m for a world class player, especially when it comes to their club level BUT ask for 100m for a 17 year old? This needs fixing. Change kits Stick with colours but ability to change the design of it along with the sponsorship logos on them. News Articles "Olivier Giroud fined for drinking and driving" - "Real Madrid will be staying at the Pegasus Hotel for their match against Atletico Bilbao". Club preferences If a club prefers to operate with a Director Of Football then we shouldn't have control over it. More clauses A clause like being able to set a price if a team such as Barcelona come in to signing your star player. Life situations Media comes out with an article about your player that you don't like, speak to them about it.
  14. You already can do this, it all depends on the preference of the club and player whether its accepted.
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