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  1. UEFA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2028 Following on from our World Cup win two years ago, it's now time to take on the very best in Europe. As the defending champions following on from Rudi Garcia's reign, could we retain the trophy? Squad. The 23 man squad includes many names that were present in the World Cup win 2 years ago. Some new blood has come through though - the likes of Hannibal, Bonneau, Belhaoua, Sugira and Aouchiche make their tournament debut for Les Bleus. Jonathan Ikone also returns to tournament action for France after missing out on the previous two tournaments foll
  2. New Job Big club, big job, but this has some sentimental reasons for it. Why? Some of my ex players are now with the Red Devils. Both Huarana and Williams were with me at Wolfsburg when we won the Bundesliga. Morales was also at Nacional during my tenure there. Looking forward to this one!!
  3. Small update from me Thank god we did it at the first try, as I don't think I could stomach another year in the MLS. The domestic campaign has started off alright - we're currently second in the Eastern Conference, 5 points off NYCFC but with 4 games in hand due to the Champions League. I opted to let Josef Martinez leave on a free as I couldn't justify a £60k/week wage for a 34 year old designated player, even if he is a club legend. We signed Folarin Balogun last year, a younger and fitter version of Martinez out on the left side, plus it allowed us a slot to fill with a desig
  4. Nice. I shall update my own template and use the copy/paste one in due course. I think I'm at eight (unless I've missed anything?) (EDIT - I realise the Torneo Intermedio is counted as a domestic cup, in which case I have 9) Leagues MLS (Atlanta United), Uruguayan (Nacional), Finnish (HJK Helsinki), German (Wolfsburg) Cups Scottish (Dunfermline), US Open Cup (Atlanta United), Torneo Intermedia (Nacional) Continental Copa Libertadores (Nacional) International World Cup (France)
  5. ATLANTA UNITED FC 2027 SEASON RECAP Very brief update from me baby HQ here. I finally finished the first MLS season with Atlanta United. I'm not sure the league is for me - the squad restriction ruling isn't my cup of tea plus the season just seems incredibly long (although in reality not too dissimilar to a European League - perhaps I'm just conditioned). However, being on paternity leave with my newborn son/assistant manager has meant that I could finish the league whilst giving him cuddles/discussing tactics. Anyway, we swept everything in sight, thus qualifying for th
  6. Now on paternity leave - time to fire this game back up. Will catch up on all the latest updates soon!
  7. Cheers @dkouv For the sake of reviving the save I may go unemployed and start again somewhere else. It's been a good few weeks since I've properly played and resigning and starting new somewhere may reinvigorate the save.
  8. Quick update from me - not fallen out of love with the save or challenge. I've just had a baby but he's currently in hospital after an operation so trying to get through that first. I'm sure FM will be great for me on those night feed shifts when he's at home! Atlanta is going OK. We're top of our conference in the MLS with half the regulation season completed. Can't say I'm having the most fun with the MLS still, so depending on how we do I may weigh up leaving Atlanta for pastures new.
  9. @goonergez when we taking over Maidstone United from Hakan then mate? --------------------------------- I've decided to give the MLS a go this season, and will leave if we don't accomplish anything with Atlanta. After drawing the opening game 0-0 against NY Red Bulls, we've picked up 5 wins in a row and are currently top of the Eastern Conference by two points. Think I've got my head around the wage cap system etc. Perhaps the league will grow on me...
  10. I may have made a mistake with Atlanta. Not sure that I'm a fan of the MLS system, particularly the squad and transfer restrictions. Seems confusing, limiting to me. That being said, I can always go for the CONCACAF Champions League with a Mexican side. Anyone else found it similar with the MLS?
  11. Shame to hear - fresh start, fresh mind, fresh African Champions League
  12. CLUB NACIONAL DE FOOTBALL SEASON 2026 REVIEW First full year in Uruguay, and we had already added the Uruguayan First Division title to my resume last season. However, this year we had my first shot at the Copa Libertadores to deal with, along with defending our domestic crown. European teams were swarming around my squad like vultures too, so what happened? FIRST DIVISION COPA LIBERTADORES THE FUTURE PROGRESS
  13. @goonergez Fingers crossed next season for you. What's the alternative if it doesn't come off? @_JHTB_ Good to see you back. Nice combo to get you back in to the swing of things too! @Muggert Excellent season from you there. Can Anyang do the business in the K League 1? @SatournFanGotta love Hong Kong. Can you build on your first season do you think? @Diego D10S Welcome to the thread! @numero uno gunner How long a contract do you have? Sometimes other clubs won't want to pay the compensation to get you, so that will sometimes cause you to not get an interview in the fi
  14. FRANCE WORLD CUP 2026 It's taken 6 season for me to see a full international tournament in the save, but here we are. Managing France, one of the pre-tournament favourites and ranked number 1 in the world, could we go and make it 3 successive World Cup victories? Squad Group Stage Second Round (if applicable) Third Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) Final (if applicable) What's Next?
  15. Sadly I've lost both of them to foreign teams paying release clauses. Approx £18m received in transfer fees, only £3m added to the transfer budget. Go figure. Still though that's a lot of money for the Uruguayan league. We beat Boca 2-1 in a friendly so there are promising signs. I have a few more coming through too but not on the level of those I've just lost. @SatournFanWelcome to the thread!! Good luck on your journey! @timpy00West Ham - interesting. Bit of a stop gap for you until something better comes along? Definitely gaining some more reputation in England would be helpf
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