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  1. Do I have to uninstall Public Beta so that Match Engine Update 20.2.4. works? And if yes, how do I uninstall the Public Beta? Thanks
  2. Thanks, didn`t see it. I am not sure I will try this BETA, this job should have been done by SI some months ago not after 2 months since the release of the game and this happening each year... What I also find quite strange is how SI people feel somehow irritated by people complaining about a product they bought and which isn`t working properly and this happening once again each year. In my opinion (as someone who is buying the game since 2005) this politic and this way of developing Football Manager could get to the end of the series, because right now I am really thinking if I would bu
  3. Hello guys, I am playing Football Manager since the begining (2005) and I have to whole collection at home. I have also been a researcher for Romania for some years. But what this year (and 2019 aswell) is happening with my team missing chances is absolutely outrageous. I was playing a career with 1860 Munich (one of my favourite clubs) and in the second season I was getting after each second or third game (which I lost or draw) the news that my team "made to rue chances" and that regardless of the tactic (and I have tryied a lot of tactics and read a lot of recommandations on the In
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