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  1. I agree with you there. I can't get into FM18 like I did with the other FM's because I know it will be no immersion in future of the save. What I don't get is how a games company owned by Sega are unable to make good looking face graphics. It baffles me because independent game companies that has a team of 2/3, can make ultra realistic gameplay.
  2. SI are getting more anti-modding by the day. I guess 2019 we won't be able to have custom skins.
  3. I've just realised does anyone have long hair or a beard? Hairstyles I feel are lacking atm but the faces are much better.
  4. I am stuck between Newcastle, West Ham, AS Monaco and RB Leipzig - I feel they all would be good teams to play Help me choose
  5. I got this talent through my Youth Academy, I'm so scared of ruining him as the HOYD said "he could be the best player of his generation"
  6. I saw this interesting video on YouTube, he makes good points about SI/Sega's failing recently.
  7. UrbanLFC


    I know its a pointless feature but surely having a kitman will make the game feel more realistic as almost all clubs have one in the real world.
  8. That's what I want to do, spend about 6/7 seasons creating success at 1 club then move to another country. Maybe Partizan to Zagreb to Maccabi Tel Aviv then go Western Europe and get my favourite teams
  9. Enjoying this so far, hoping for 20 automatic promotions to the Prem
  10. Eastern Europe - completely forgot about that! Partizan looks like the best option for me. Thanks for the tip
  11. Don't know if it's the right section to post this in but I need help choosing a team, prefer to be in Europe. Big countries 2nd/3rd division or smaller countries 1st/2nd division. I want a team that I can bring them to being the best in Europe. Thanks in advance
  12. Would it be possible to transfer FM16 faces onto the current version? I really dislike the faces this year.
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