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  1. Ok, thats something i allready tried that outside of the game. I put exactly as you said a 1 in front of Nik33's filename, but then inside of fm21 when selecting the editor data files, Nik33 Agent pack is written without the 1 in front and is further down where the rest of his files are...
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry, stupid question, but how do i put Nik33's file to the top of the list when selecting all editor files when creating a new game ? I can select or d-select them, but how can i move them up or down ? Sure it will be an easy answer ;-) Thanks !
  3. Hi there, Magick, will you release the tactic today ? Don't let me / us wait to long ;-) crazy_merch
  4. Hi James, Do you tick Primary Playmaker or not ? And if yes, who should be the playmaker ? crazy_merch
  5. Hallo ! What players should the passing be set to short ? Midfield, defence and strikers ? Thanks.
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