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  1. I have exactly the same problem. The game keeps freezing at 1/3 at loading a new career. 2 days ago i did not have this problems. Problem is the same with or without a custom database. I installed the game again 2 times. I did try with small, medium and large database. With different leagues selected. Won't load a new career.... As said, 2 days ago when starting a new everton career i had absolutely no problems... and that everton save is still loading with no problems... it is only while starting an new career... i also tried deleting cache, deleting preferences and reverify cache...
  2. wow that looks really impressive ! Will download when back from work. Merci beaucoup pour tous !
  3. Hi englandmanager, as you can see in my profile, Kaiserslautern ist the team i support since beeing "thrown" on this planet ;-). It's the first time in my whole championship / footballmanager life that i read someone else is managing them. Cool ! In real life, last weekend we had our southwestern germany derby against Karlsruhe. Game ended 0-0. I was one of 6000 away fans making it feel like a home game ;-). We went up to second position, only 3 points behind the leaders ingolstadt. Why can't the german F.A. just stop the season right now ? Would be promotion and we would be in the division we belong to ;-) Well i am drifting away, lol. Keep up your work and bring my boys to european glory !!! keep it up !!! http://www.der-betze-brennt.de/images/fotogalerien/1427/karlsruher-sc-1-fc-kaiserslautern-2-bundesliga-2014-2015-9.jpg the picture above is from the weekend. More kaiserslautern supporters where to the left and the right. Only 0-0 but the atmosphere was great ! http://www.der-betze-brennt.de/images/fotogalerien/1427/karlsruher-sc-1-fc-kaiserslautern-2-bundesliga-2014-2015-7.jpg above you see some of our fans burning captured Karlsruhe flags ;-)
  4. Bayern München signed LB Juan Bernat from Valencia today. Contract until 2019 and the transfer fee was around 10 mil €. And also Kaiserslautern signed forward Stefan Mugosa from FK Mladost Podgorica until 2017. Fee around 200.000 €.
  5. Hi everyone ! Dont know if this is the right place, or if has been asked before. I'm playing as Real Madrid at the moment. Under staff responsibilities a gave the instructions to the managers of Castilla (Real B Team) and Madrid C to sign and sell players for their teams on their own. Also that they handle the loans alone. When season starts transfer and loan offers start to come for players of both teams. But these offers are not looked at by the managers. Nothing ever happens until transfer windows close and all offers get cancelled because of end of transfer and loan window. So, why does this happen ? The managers have the instructions to do all of this on their own, so is there anything else i need to do ? Or is it maybe already a known "bug" . Could someone maybe explain ? thanks !!!!
  6. Another thing that would be nice is, you apply a new tactic and you can make it 100 % fluid with the editor... What do you think ?
  7. I have the same problem using the FMC skin. But other then you,Daveleak, neither clearing the cache, or changing to the default skin solves the problem. Even using the default skin i cannot enter the match feed button... hmmm..... crazy_merch
  8. i did everyting mentioned in the thread, but it doesn't work for me.... But still thank you.
  9. Sorry if it has been asked before, but is there a way to start on a huge database in FM13 as it was possible in Fm12 before ? Thank you all '!!
  10. Hi everyone, Just one question: I started a game with Barcelona and i noticed in the first season they get drawn into the champions league group draw, but also in the europa league group draw... Did anybody notice the same problem as me ? I have a additional file loaded.It enables the german 4th division, nothing else, so that shouldn't be a problem.... Any help !!!! By the way, WONDERFUL update pack pr0. And you are just ONE person, compared to other update makers ;-)
  11. I'd like to see the number of away fans traveling to away games.Right now this is already displayed a few times, but it would be nice to see it for every game.I know, only something minor, but never the less a nice additional feature. crazy_merch
  12. Pleeeeeease anybody, to all not rangers fans out there......
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