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  1. Update - Neither league is doing anything for 25/26. There hasn't been a preseason break so at a guess i would say its a scheduling error. Probably the world cups fault.
  2. There must be an export ban as well then?
  3. He will be managing a Chinese club at some point. My options were India, Japan or lower league China. Went to India, kind of regretting it. The rule doesn't guarantee you will have keepers coming through the youth system and those that do may not be to the standard required. So all you end up doing is potentially creating a shortage and hiking the price up of current keepers.
  4. Sorry you have lost me with that comparison. Chinese clubs aren't allowed to sign non-Chinese goalkeepers, it's not a board decision its a rule.
  5. Seems a bit overkill surely? The Chinese leagues have the rule. 4 Chinese leagues, 16 teams each, minimum 3 goalkeepers a team would give you 192 players. No national team needs that many to choose from.
  6. He is still at Everton in your game, so as long as he stays there on a month to month contract he shouldn't have an attribute drop. If he leaves mid July and you can't trial him then that might trigger retirement even with a future transfer arranged. Most free agents retire after a year out, even players in their early 20s. Keep an eye out around March, some retire the season after. Delph retired at 32, nobody had picked him up by Feb/March the season after his contract expired and he announced for the end of the following season.
  7. Must be. Looked him up in my game and he moved to St Mirren on a free 21/22. He will have a big attribute drop so he certainly won't be the player you signed. There is a fix for £3.99, get the ingame editor and move him to your club. Technically some would class that as cheating but in the case of errors like that you can justify it to yourself.
  8. I assume the transfer fee is a tribunal one. When you "approach to sign" by default it is set to the end of the current contract, checking mine on my save and the only option is end of contract. He can't have played for two clubs between the 1st July and 10th July, he is moving within the same country so I am going to say its a bug. I also don't know if you can take him on trial if you have a future transfer arranged, if you can't then he will be ruined with a year out.
  9. Can you send screenshots. I can't work out how you have signed a out of contract/expiring player for a years time.
  10. I am seeing alot of leagues and clubs have a policy/rule of not signing foreign goalkeepers. What's the logic behind this? Are young goalkeepers that rare?
  11. Well I am at a loss what is going on in my save then. ABSA Prem - Didn't run 21/22 or 23/24 GladAfrica Championship - Has only run 19/20 and current season 24/25 Current season has Bidvist Vets in both leagues. Now I have discovered that what is going on is the Bidvist enter their under 23 team Bidboys in the championship but the game doesn't seem to handle this well. If you look at the period stage it shows Bid boys as playing nothing but the overall league has Bidvist. Cape Umowa Utd won the Championship in the 19/20 season and were relegated from the Prem 20/21. Since then they
  12. If anyone is playing in South Africa or has it loaded can you check if the leagues are working properly. Some really weird stuff going on in my save, leagues skipping a year, teams in both SA divisions.
  13. Unless I am being blind assist bonuses have been removed from contract negotiations. Can we have them back.
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