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  1. Well well thanks all for the comments. I decided to follow what @passenger58said and quit the united job and took up Arsenal who finished 17th in my save and just escaped relegation on goal difference and well as u may have predicted I won the league (though just by a point as opposed to running through with atleast 20 pt diff with utd previously + I did lose some games and drew some as well) the carabao cup (defeated Man Utd in the semis) and the fa cup (the big teams got knocked out before the semis so I had a relatively easy path) and ofc as we had finished 17th the season before I coul
  2. Hi so I’m managing Manchester United to get them back to the good old glory days I’ve managed to build a grt team albeit not many “name superstars” but a really good team that has won me the fa cup carabao cup the premier league and the champions leagues all together for 3 seasons in a row now Plus I’ve only lost one game in all competitions in all three seasons combined (and that too because i stupidly decided to play attacking football even when one of my defender got a red card in the first 5 mins of the game) so now I have about 180 million (with the fourth seasons money still t
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