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  1. Hard to say when you didn't upload the database file for us to look at it. Double check that every rule set has the right competition assigned to it. Look in the db for competition IDs to see if those numbers actually do not match anything. Also, you can complain on how the Editor isn't exactly perfectly reliable when it comes to verifying. You can always force the game to load the database, put a manager without a job and holiday for years to see if anything goes wrong or FM crashes.
  2. Unfortunately I'm not Ajax here; I simply got hit by a really bad case of FM. I happen to be Arsenal, with which I play friendlies to make tactics as playing with a top EPL team isn't really entertaining. At least it shows some promise.
  3. That's a reason why the scouting system revamp is annoying to me: it feels a lot more limiting, as scouts struggle to find players without paying for scouting packages, or that the possibility to get a report the next day is gone. I get that in lower leagues games aren't televised, but surely a D1 club in a country with access to the internet can have someone watch a few matches over a day, browse for news articles, and have them give their thoughts about a player? It may not be accurate at all due to not watching the player directly, of course and I accept that they can be mistaken or that further scouting is required. That said, for most of the players in the top divisions, you can get an idea of their career trajectory really fast only with YouTube; and I bet that clubs have access to even more comprehensive video databases. As mentioned here about wonderkids, it's not exactly a secret in this day and age, yet the system is more opaque than before. As for the topic at hand... well sure, a FM shortlist of wonderkids isn't like real life since you do have an idea of their potential. That said, for any football enthusiast who regularly watches matches in more than a few divisions, it's also hard to pretend that you don't know that a player is promising IRL or a good bargain buy (for older players) because your scouts in FM don't know who that guy is... despite that being their exact job.
  4. I hope you'll forgive me for quoting myself. The question was slightly different, but the outcome is very similar. You cannot create a new nation, but you can resurrect one that doesn't exist. However, you'll be facing a colossal amounts of issues. They can be worked out, but it's certainly not "plug and play". I personally gave up at some point since it was too annoying.
  5. It's a bit worse, but there's still a couple of real players with CA at 30 tops. However since the Reputation is so low, the teams will play even more negative football. Also, since it's exclusively amateur, there's no real prospect of improvement for the players: what you see is what you get.
  6. I think you've already noticed, but by the time you arrive around the 10th division, you're stretching the limits of both the Reputation system and the CA/PA system: the clubs are so disrepute and the players so weak that there's little factual difference between a player in D12 and D8. And if you go even lower, players and clubs are nearly indistinguishable even several divisions apart. On top of that, the players aren't good enough to play for higher division clubs even if they're slaying in the lowest divisions because they're just that bad, or simply not an asset to higher division clubs (id est not worth the cost/risk). The realism kinda breaks at this kind of stage; I personally tried such a situation in a completely different country: D5 in Chile. Clubs there have a roughly similar reputation as D12 clubs in England... and it's equally as terrible to watch, really. It's the bottom of the CA/PA system, with players having no more than 10 CA points. I'd say English D12 players are still marginally better, but it's really rough.
  7. I can't say that I have something working since I'm a bit disgruntled with FM19 for various reasons, but if you have the right players you can very well use the WB(A) roles on either wings and a DLP(S) behind the two CMs. And when I say "the right players", I mean two WBs that are offensively good and like to run a lot, fast and hard: they don't even need to be defensively good. It's easier to get away with a Support role in the DM slot since you have three CBs and two CMs. Also, his Support duty raises his mentality so he's no there just to recycle possession and will attempt more difficult passes without being a defensive liability or wasting the ball too often. The decision with WBs vs. WMs or outright AML/R is more about defensive positioning: WBs will form a line with their CBs, and you have the small diamond on their own in the midfield. That, or you have WMs leaving aches of space behind them and in the channels. It's not even like old Juve with Pirlo where the team would defend with a 5-4-1 flat instead of sticking with the diamond: you don't really have that choice in FM. You gotta decide which one you want. The tougher cookie is actually making the ST relevant in the system. I haven't found a striker role that added something to the team: there's already 4 possible passers behind him (the midfield diamond), three other possible goalscorers (AMC and wing players), and he's not in a real partnership like if you were playing with two strikers upfront. The ST ends up being an additional body in a really crowded space, so even when the team absolutely slays he's not really useful. At least he presses. Those are only ideas, not anything concrete.
  8. I take no credit for work that wasn't mine. I just try to make the info available, and if you're brave enough to re-do a huge portion if the entirety of international competitions, keep us informed.
  9. The reputation of the competitions is kinda related to the overall reputations of not only the clubs, but also the players. If you don't have world class players and huge amounts of cash to buy them, high reputation isn't sustainable and will regress. It may progress in the future however. But if your issue is that it keeps dropping without end, it's more problematic. For the second issue however I have no clue whatsoever. If you re-did the European club competitions, the coefficients become fixed and won't improve, but then the Reputation of the league wouldn't change either. It's a curious problem.
  10. I have no idea honestly. Upon searching the forum for clues about "regional boundaries", you can approximate it if all clubs, stadiums and cities have precise coordinates (latitude/longitude). So that's still a lot of work to make sure everything is accurate.
  11. Despite giving up, I've made a couple of threads about that... and it depends. If you're replacing a country with another in Europe, it's generally seamless. On top of redoing the league system, you might need to edit the Nations' League but it should be the end of it; North America also has its own Nation's league as well. If you're adding or subtracting a country to a continent, like for example separating East and West Germany... well it's hell. You need to redo the continental international competition. Then you need to redo the World Cup. And since more than a couple other competitions have dependencies with the Confederations' Cup or the World Cup, you might end up needing to redo these as well from scratch; like re-doing the AFC Asian Cup because you've edited the number of countries in Europe. Also, since more than a few of these rules either require custom .xml or hard-coded stuff locked inside that "Comp Editor.fmf" file that's been compressed since FM14 or something, you can't just "edit" vanilla competitions most of the time (not always, but most of the time). You need to redo from scratch. I've already asked on the Bugs forum about making the original rules files available, and it doesn't seem likely that it will happen any time soon. But sure enough, if you are patient and dedicated enough, it's possible. When I gave up, I didn't need to redo the South American, North American, African and Oceanian international continental competitions. However the AFC Asian Cup was problematic, I haven't managed to make World Cup/Euro hosts work well, I had to scrap the UEFA Nations League because I couldn't be arsed to redo them, I had to redo the FIFA Confederations' Cup... Too much work for me. Someone else had done that for FM18, but there were caveats and I couldn't export the rules from FM18 to FM19: I still had obscure validations issues I didn't know how to fix. The Editor isn't really helpful at telling you what is wrong exactly, and sometimes it can even be picky when it comes to validating big files: it can sometimes just fail halfway through despite the rules being valid otherwise. Anyway, good luck.
  12. I don't think so because positional ability is a different setting than preferred roles (that's mostly suggested by the AI... and often can be disregarded by the human).
  13. Depends if there's a real rivalry, or if they are rivals only on paper. In the former case it would be hard to buy or sell there anyway. In the latter case... I've indeed sent players to my "supposed" rivals after I started outrageously dominating the league to "help" with the development of the league/country, but rarely bought from them when we had equivalent status.
  14. What about just deleting it from the database? Not setting it as extinct: just deleting it outright.
  15. You made me launch the game to verify. It's same old, same old: CBs don't spread wide with FBs, but do with WBs. Yes really, or I'm doing something terribly wrong. The first picture is with the FB strata, the second one is with the WB strata. I'm Freiburg on this picture; sorry that they come from two different halves. The fun thing is that the same player has the ball on both screenshots...
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