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  1. I've noticed that in FM17 at least, the Half-Back role training shares most of its attributes with DLP(D), with the added benefit of it also focusing on defensive attributes unlike DLP training. However it also means that the player won't work on becoming a better CM if he's not familiar with that strata, but I find it to be a very minor issue personally.
  2. I tried simulating a few files for a few seasons. I used the English, Spanish, French, Belgian, German, and Italian first divisions. The first file (EL with one group stage) kept crashing for me on August 9th, 2017. The 6th file (EL w/ one group stage and CWC) works fine, but the 2nd and 3rd qualifying round of the EL do not have a second leg while the 1st qualifying round does (pic related). I don't know if it's intended but I may as well mention it. The 4th file (UEFA Cup and CWC) had the CWC not writing its history properly: the recent winners weren't displayed (pic related).
  3. While you can have Ulster becoming independent, they will never merge with Ireland in FM. You have to specifically create a league structure with a united Ireland, and it will lead to some more or less minors issues.
  4. After browsing the Editor, there's a slight, small chance that Brexit may not happen in a save. But it's extremely unlikely for it not to happen at all over the course of a save (even if it results in no significant changes).
  5. I very often struggled with long shots especially from the CM(S), and especially when I don't have near world-class players. And I mean swing for the fence, hopeful long shots, not quality strikers where the player could've used another option but had the opportunity to strike and chose to. I'd say that my most satisfying answer to this was to use CM(A) rather than CM(S). Giving the "Get Further Forward" PI to a CM(S) isn't the same as using a CM(A), notably because there's a difference in their mentality. Likewise, using a WM(A) with IF(A) PPMs doesn't make them IFs at all: on the ball they're very close but off the ball they don't move the same way IME. Anyway, CM(A)s don't seem to resort to long range shooting as much, rather moving aggressively and passing their way through the defence and inside the box. I then decided to couple them with IWBs. I don't usually like a back 5 with this: I find that they form a line of 5 players behind the midfield diamond that are easily bypassed on aerial through balls when faced against quality opposition. While using WMs (either as WMs or Wingers) stretches the back three, I fond that the team occupies the pitch better when defending. OTOH, IWBs love to play those low crosses that are incredibly deadly in FM17, and vary with other types of crosses when needed. If there was a way to defend with a flat four in FM (the AMC becoming a CM) like Juve used to do when using a 4-4-2 Diamond, I'd probably use a back 5 more often. Something like this is possible in say, PES but the stiffness of FM's tactics doesn't allow for that (you can always set the AMC to man-mark a specific player, but I much prefer zonal marking overall). The obvious issue is that it cuts the team in two quite easily, with the CBs and the DLP(D) saying back and the rest of the team working their way around and in the box handball style, even if the CM(A)s do track back and press very hard (even without instructions to do so outside of Team Instructions). Also, the mass of player attacking may be had for the AI to track, but it can easily result in a fairly congested area right in the axis of the pitch, just before the penalty box. There is also pic related: the team tends to miss a bucketload of sitters or near sitters by blasting the ball when they have the opportunity to bury it; even with the instruction to work the ball inside the box. But I don't know if it's a systemic issue or if it's just the players. Surely you wouldn't complain when you win 3-0; however I've yet to try any of this against quality opposition and worry if that may not become an issue. The other tweak I've made was to tell the CD(C) to close down much less, due to the sheer number of PES-like goals I've conceded this way: the CD(C) closes down but miss his interception on an aerial ball while the CD(D)s held their position, leaving a huge gap between the two of them that is mercilessly exploited by any striker with an ounce of awareness. The other answer was to use aggressive WM(A)s with a duo of DLPs (or AP on Support) behind the offensive quartet, reproducing something T. Henry talked about. You rely on a playmaking duo to distribute the ball while your attacking players hold their positions to try to find openings. This calls for a more structured team shape where players will fulfil their roles and stick to it. I don't like it as much; but it has some validity and is worth mentioning.
  6. You gotta diagnose why you're not scoring. Is it the striker resorting to long shots because they don't have any options (or poor decisions/teamwork)? Are you not creating chances at all, or poor quality ones? You can also read this.
  7. Actually that's one of the few things I haven't been able to manage with this template or the 3-4-3 Diamond: billions of shots from long range, especially from the ST or the AMC, even with "Shoot Less Often", "Work Ball Into Box" or "Lower Tempo", or removing the instruction to be "More Expressive". The only way I've been able to mitigate (and just mitigate, not solve) that in the 3-4-3 Diamond was to turn the CM(S) into BBMs. CM(S), even with "Get Further Forward" and "Move Into Channels" don't seem to often have the guts to get inside the box and prefer to keep their position. I could also say that the frequent roaming from the supportive striker (CF, F9, whatever) and how the Wingers (Attack) stay wide doesn't seem to help to find someone inside the box. I had tried to give more options to the midfielders by using IFs and similar, but that wasn't as effective as using BBMs to me. Or perhaps my players are just terrible decisions makers despite what the team report says, who knows; although I don't think I should be relying on individual greatness to bail me out of these situations. I gotta keep experimenting with the roles and duties I suppose. At least I don't feel the long shots are the issue by themselves: I feel the ability to unlock the last line of defence tactically (not relying on a player with 20 Flair) is more problematic. Getting inside the box and creating inside of it seems more of an issue than dominating the game.
  8. Considering this video, my guess is Shadow Striker.