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  1. It would be extremely boring. Tactics are decided by the senior manager most of the time as well as part of the starting 11 if a player happens to have low match fitness. As well as scouting, transfers, contracts, discussions with the board or even press conferences. You wouldn't be doing anything aside from picking (part of) the team and managing promises as well as team talks; and even then youth players are far more likely to go complain to the senior manager about any issues they may have. It is possible to be a manager for young international teams and you would have far more to do (even if international management isn't handled that well in FM), but on a club level you'd be doing very little. Honestly, it just reads as Miles being tired of answering that question more than anything.
  2. If they have travelled a lot during their career(s) and/or have people from other nationalities in their favourite personnel as a result, it can really help increase your scouting knowledge.
  3. Forgot about Gibraltar's TV money being somewhat linked to England's TV values. Although I didn't say it doesn't increase at all. But to be more precise, a simple look inside the Editor under the Transfer Values for each nation will give you an idea of why it doesn't reach the egregious amount of money you can see nowadays in smaller countries (Gilbraltar being an extremely notable exception in terms of TV money). The game just doesn't allow it to happen. It's not really a bug, it's just not very progressive.
  4. First, the quality (reputation) and ranking (for UEFA competitions) of your league is going to factor in heavily. Second, well the database in FM gives rough values for a lot of countries to have somewhat realistic player transfer values. It's the reason why certain countries tend to sell their players for a lot of money (Ukraine, Croatia, somewhat Russia or English young players). And that isn't something you can do much about it unless you edit it before starting a save; but then the values would be unrealistic at the beginning of your save. Much like TV money, if you play for long enough and the other clubs in your league perform well enough to crack the Top 5 of European reputation rankings, your transfer values and TV money will stay pretty low because the database says so. While aiming for realism, this system doesn't account for the possibility of a player to raise significantly the reputation of a country/league/team and can indeed possibly end up providing rather unrealistic player values on the very long term. It's similar to Youth Rating being set in stone.
  5. In Italy, SI (I suppose) dealt with it by giving a huge point penalty to teams that are supposed to be bankrupt, so that at the end of the season said teams are relegated no matter what. As for Jong Achilles, either promote one more team, or relegate one less team. I suppose people will forgive you for doing that as it's something that no one could have possibly foreseen. EDIT: It was FMITA Forum's database to enable Serie D that had seen SS Chieti being "gifted" -90 points for the first season due to filling bankruptcy. You can always wait for the Dutch FA/Achilles '29 to disclose in which division they'll be in next season, but at that point I can also say you're not going to release anything until FM18 is released, so perhaps you should take some liberty with it and find a compromise that will allow you to work on your db without waiting for God knows how long. Perhaps there's also the possibility to indicate in the Editor that the club is currently in Administration, but I'm not sure.
  6. To be honest, it makes the "Curls Ball" PPM incredibly deadly, especially on set pieces, including direct FKs. It is very anecdotal, but I've found Payet to be significantly more dangerous on direct FK attempts thanks to this PPM than Pjanic, despite the Bosnian's slightly higher Long Shots, FK Taking, Technique or Decisions. It's to me more important in taking FKs than a couple points in the FK Taking attribute.
  7. It kinda was discussed here among other things: Pointing out that there's barely if any team in the world that defends in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-3 DM Wide shape the way you would in FM. If you don't use those stratas, opting for a more conservative 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1, then you cannot use the roles in the AMR/L stratas anymore. And even if you try to reproduce those roles you don't get the exact same behaviour anyway. For example, usually WMs are tweaked with IF instructions to get a more conservative IFs. However, IFs do move diagonally inside Off The Ball while WMs move pretty much neutrally. If you have a player who has a "Cuts Inside" PPM it somewhat works, although I'm not exactly sure why you'd need to go through PPM and possibly position training to get a IF that at least falls back if not defends... or why you can't just tell your IF to fall back to form a 4-1-4-1, which is more, dare I say, realistic. Anyway, while I would welcome the change due to the effect it has in a game like PES (Fluid Formation), I'm pretty sceptical about it happening anytime soon. I do think SI devs are indeed aware of it.
  8. Note that every league has 12 named subs for 3 allowed during a game while in the original file some leagues have 12 named subs and others 7. I don't believe that outside of that there are any significant differences, but I still invite you to quickly check if something isn't to your liking.
  9. I do not plan to go any further than what was there originally. Actually, not even there, I don't even plan to add cups myself. I do not have enough knowledge of the Netherlands nor enough will to edit in Advanced Mode more leagues, more cups and overall additions. I just wanted a somewhat working holiday system and more consistent Reserves/U19s setup. EDIT: Here we go, down to the Eerste Klasse and verified. That's where I stop: I tried merging files but it doesn't work properly for that kind of stuff. The rest is up to you guys. Eerste Klasse_92044352-6532-451E-9C31-8E27A1A5C3CE.fmf
  10. I'll try completing the Eerste Klasse at first, then see if I can merge cup rules between files instead of rewritting everything. It's not too tedious when you're down the files, I just do a rule set for one Klasse for each day (Saturday and Sunday), then duplicate it. The cup rules are mostly beyond my patience; so I'm curious to see if I can carefully merge two files to avoid doing it all over again. At the very least the holidays work pretty fine so far. EDIT: You're going to see that under the new rules that the season (including playoffs) finishes one week earlier than on the original file. This was for practical purposes under basic rules to make sure that the season finishes in time and also helps with some gaps in the schedule especially for lower leagues.
  11. Actually, I did something similar down to Hoofdklasse (Eerste Klasse is only there for relegation purposes). Similar in that I didn't wipe the rules for Eredivisie and Jupiler, but only added Tweede Divisie, Derde Divisie and Hoofdklasse while staying in Normal Mode as I believe that if you go to Advanced Rules, you can modify the rules for the Eredivisie and Jupiler League. It mostly works, but you don't get the fancy rules in the divisions that were added that exist in Netherlands (picture related). I'm thinking about U-18s non-EU players being unable to play and minimum wages for non-EU players. The Periods system to determine the team that qualify for the playoffs doesn't exist (the best placed teams are picked up instead). I don't think you can't add year specific rules either. It only allows for very generic rules. I can't add Districtsbeker either. I didn't change anything about the Reserves and U-19s setup as I believe it works fine. There's also things I don't think I can do in Basic Mode, like how you've managed to make the 11 league winners of the Eerste Divisie promote into Hoofdklasse despite Hoofklasse having only 8 straight relegation places. Which, in turn, makes me wonder why there aren't just 12 Eerste Klasse groups with the Hoofdklasse having 3 straight relegation rules and no damned promotion playoffs at all for the Eerste Klasse, but that would be too simple. You can just use Reddiablo's file as a base. You just remove the rules and add them again. The annoying thing is that you can't have two instances of the Editor running at the same time, which would help for comparison purposes. EDIT2: To save you some time, I've done most of the Basic Rules using Reddiablo's file, hopefully correctly with TV dates. I haven't set the winter break. There are no relegations between Hoofdklasse and Eerste Klasse due to the fairly complex rules used there, but Eerste Klasse has two teams per division relegating to Lagere Divisies. The file won't verify because Netherlands requires 100 teams at least from Lower Leagues (picture related in Advanced Mode), which you can edit out. By default, the KNVB Beker will try to fetch teams from "Lower Leagues", but since you'll be rewriting the cup anyway, who cares. Which reminds me that there quite a few Dutch teams in "Lower Division" that aren't in "Lagere Divisies" for some reason. Also, due to the season end being set by default on May 28th, the league portions of the divisions I added are set to end on May 7th, to give the database time to set up the playoffs. Also note that because the database uses quite a few hard-coded rules: quite a number of things will have to be added once in Advanced mode, especially under the "Netherlands" tab: proper season update day (July 6th), proper transfer widows, the winter break, which teams meet which and when during the playoffs, etc. So there's still a lot to do. Basic Netherlands_F8810A12-4777-47D2-8814-B8657AA0BCE8.fmf EDIT3: Since I had too much time in my hands, I copied the settings from the Tweede Divisie up to the Hoofdklasse in Advanced Mode. I haven't modified the cups, the top two divisions nor the Eerste Divisie yet outside of promotion rules. The playoffs setups, promotion and relegation rules work as intended between all divisions. The loan rules should work too The playoffs share the same fixture rules as their respective league; I don't believe this should cause any issues considering that the only thing that differs is the presence of squad numbers (that players should have anyway if they did play in the league). At least the Editor considers the file correct, and players do go on holiday early. So remains modifications to the Eerste Divisie, which shouldn't take much time since it's pretty much all about match days/TV dates (I believe I've added the winter holiday based on the Eredivisie, which is slightly different than the Jupiler one). All the cups have yet to be added or modified, and one still have to get rid of the European places playoff in the Eredivisie. Perhaps I'll continue later on since I'm on holidays, but that was soul draining. As a side note, it would be a decent idea to consider making all Tweede Divisie teams Semi-Pro at the very least. The poaching of amateur players, especially by Jupiler teams at each transfer window is infernal, for lack of a better term. Then I simulated and this happened. Reminder that I didn't touch Jupiler rules. One should never load only one country... Of course, the "long-term" affiliation between these clubs and their senior clubs will prevent them from ever playing in the same division (IIRC even if -God forbid- Ajax gets relegated, the Amateurs will also be relegated regardless of their position), but that's still pretty hilarious. Hoofdklasse_C594819A-E1DC-45CA-A492-92C9F5CDBF73.fmf
  12. From my experiments creating completely custom databases, this kind of issues comes from some competitions interfering with holidaying. If the team or part of the team is still supposed to play a match, the whole squad stays. It can be CL/EL finals (obviously), cup ties, U19s, Reserves, poor end date for the stage the team is in even if there aren't any more matches left, so on so forth. This probably won't be anything new for you, but it is why I generally do as much as I can in terms of rules and settings before entering Advanced Mode and only tweak the fine details in Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode isn't straightforward and it makes it pretty difficult to diagnose something wrong with the database. When I'm really stumped, I just wipe everything and redo it from the ground up. When an error's cause is buried that deeply into the data, I don't bother finding it because it's hell to do in Advanced Mode.
  13. I tried the 3.1 file. I notice that the lowest active divisions don't relegate to the Lower Division (Lagere Divisies). Also, very often, the U19s/Reserves leagues still have fixtures even though the main team has been done playing the league for weeks. I find that the U19s structure very complicated too. I had thought that it would follow the usual FM model where the league models the main squad's division, starts roughly at the same time or before the main squad and ends up roughly before the main squad is done playing the league (minus the playoffs). I say that because after doing a season (Koninklijke HFC, Tweede Divisie) where I was done in early May with the league, my players wouldn't go on holiday at the very least until my U19s were done with their league... which ends almost in early June despite there being only 10 teams in the league. Meanwhile, Ajax wasn't on holiday either and with that complicated U19s structure, their U19s were done with their league... in March. EDIT: Actually my players had to wait for the league to be officially over on June 2nd to enjoy their holidays. I haven't seen that in leagues with playoffs elsewhere: generally, all the teams not concerned by the playoffs would go on holiday. It's the case in Bundesliga for example (unless the team is concerned by the CL/EL or/and the Pokal final). Not sure if I made myself clear here, but overall I think that in a quest to achieve "realism", some points of this database made the game unpractical to play. Perhaps some more pragmatic answers and setups could be considered.
  14. I found that club reputation plays a big part into that too. It's like when you go in a small East European league usually dominated by a single club, win the league twice and still aren't considered as a favourite for the title upon your third season. Then it does change. Same when the board sack a manage for underperforming while the club certainly currently doesn't have the squad to match the same level of ambition/reputation the club has.
  15. I've noticed that in FM17 at least, the Half-Back role training shares most of its attributes with DLP(D), with the added benefit of it also focusing on defensive attributes unlike DLP training. However it also means that the player won't work on becoming a better CM if he's not familiar with that strata, but I find it to be a very minor issue personally.