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  1. We had similar discussions elsewhere. You could make or use a dummy country like the defunct ones, that will act as a wrapper for all clubs, create leagues within that country, tell clubs that now their continental cup nation is said new country, and here you go. National teams would remain separate, the new country wouldn't play any international competitions, perhaps a few friendlies but maybe would produce one or two regen per year that usually would retire quickly upon not finding a club. Don't forget to extinct old competitions. It's actually a pretty painless process aside from creating a good system for competitions. The only big caveat is that all clubs would have to "share" the qualifying places for EL/CL, so you're going to have less clubs qualifying for European football overall, but it would work.
  2. Since the scouting system revamp a couple of years ago (on which I already said elsewhere that I don't exactly enjoy it), you need to buy those scouting packages for the system to work at all. If you have no packages, you can send your scouts wherever you want for however long you want, they won't find a thing. It's not that scouting is broken, as I suppose it does work as intended by SI: it's just that scouting is not very good, to put it mildly.
  3. What I think lacks clarity, and maybe I'm repeating myself, is that FM doesn't tell you the player is just a colossal twit. I mean if it were real-life, it may be easier to read the situation. Obviously if a player doesn't think that picking cards left and right isn't a problem, you're supposed to figure out that the player may need to find himself a new club. But you need to interpret that. The best FM could do is perhaps have your AssMan tell you that the player may have some behavioural issues... if you're not the kind of person who uses the personality and media handling flowchart to figure out a player's hidden attributes. Which is a bout as much as a drag as you can imagine, but it helps answer some questions sometimes.
  4. Depends where you leave. Wage fines are forbidden in France for example. What clubs do is that they give generous bonuses instead, and if something happens they simply cut those bonuses off since they're not considered part of the wage... even though they actually are.
  5. I need to insist that it doesn't actually matter. It's not a question of being programmed to listen or not: he's the kind of guy who doesn't care. It has to do with his hidden attributes; not with the conversation options available. Your problem is that you want to keep him because he's valuable to you, and that's why you want an option to reason with him. But you can't reason nor bargain with everyone... be it in FM or IRL. Think of someone like Balotelli: it's not like he's not good, it's just that he won't listen. And such players keep finding clubs because there's always a manager who needs them. As for how I treat such cases... there's no player that's bigger than the team. I remember I had raised as a home-grown player the best player in my save. He started complaining about wanting to go to PSG at every window, and he was driving up my wage bill significantly because every other player wanted a wage like his. I sold him anyway, and beat PSG the following season in the CL final. No player is too valuable to the team.
  6. That's because the player is a tit and has poor Hidden Attributes and/or hates your guts for some reason. You're better off getting rid of him quickly; mentoring him could backfire as he could rub onto the rest of the squad if he's influential enough. That's what FM is trying to tell you, but it's not doing a good job at it. There's no conversation option that could make your point go through him: he just doesn't care and/or has no respect for you. Perhaps on top of that, your Mental attributes are a bit low and that's why you get no respect from your players; but that's just a guess. In those cases, you can buy time by sending out a warning instead of a fine. Reverse psychology seems to work... even if there's no actual psychology when it comes to talk to an AI.
  7. I cannot currently check that and simulate for you, you'll need to do it yourself. However, I can hand you an Empty Database which has no people in it at all. It will simulate quicker, and it will generate well... regens/newgens instead. You will be able to check what citizenship the players that are generated at the beginning of the save and in youth intakes, and see if FM crashes at some point. Empty Database.fmf
  8. If you do that and change the people's nationality to Yugo...serbian , clubs in European competitions will not be able to meet home-grown requirements. The national teams and nationalities need to remain separate. You do not need to move clubs, cities or stadiums to Yugoslavia, because the country a club's stadium is in will influence the nationality of the generated players. In other words, no one should have Yugoslavian for nationality.
  9. What I didn't explicitely mention despite (somewhat) implying it, is that the Champions' League and Europa League are flexible enough in its format and team requirements that you wouldn't need to rebuild it if you were to remove all ex-Yugo countries in favour of resurrecting Yugoslavia; details in the thread I've linked up above. Which is pretty neat: you're removing six countries and something like 4-6 teams per country and European Football competitions still work fine. It wasn't the case in older FMs, but in recent ones it does work fine. Now, I cannot tell you what would happen if you were to also resurrect Czechoslovakia (removes one country), USSR (removes 10 countries from Europe and 4 from Asia) and split Germany in two again (adds one country); but in the likelihood that the "re-building" part means "going back to pre-Bosman and pre-Berlin wall football", you would be re-building European club competitions anyway so that only league champions qualify for the CL.
  10. The way I see it without testing it, it wouldn't work for one simple reason: there wouldn't be a way for Croatians (for example) to qualify for the Champions' League... without a league champion. For example, while Liechtenstein clubs play in the Swiss league while still representing Liechtenstein in continental cup competitions, they still have a cup (FL1 Aktiv-Cup) that determines which Liechtensteiner club qualifies for the Europa League (no club from Liechtenstein can play the CL).
  11. Whether you rename Serbia to Yugoslavia or resurrect Yugoslavia proper*, you still will have to rebuild about everything related to international competitions. And that's mostly because you'd have 6 to 7 completely useless nations you need to remove from those competitions so that they don't interfere. An alternative and softer solution would be to use Yugoslavia as a wrapper for ex-Yugoslavian countries: the national teams would stay separate, but all clubs would be representing Yugoslavia in CL/EL and would share the same league. Bar the one or two Yugoslavian regen generated every year that never gets signed to any club, it works pretty well; but if your goal is actually resurrecting old nations, it may be unsatisfactory to you. Since you would be adding Yugoslavia on top of other European countries but that the UEFA Nations' League only calls the 55 best teams in Europe, I don't think Yugoslavia would even participate in the Nations' League. I think it also applies to other international competitions, but I'd have to check my old thread to remember what I've written about it. You could also leave other ex-Yugo nations in the game instead of removing them, which is a bit less clean, but a bit less of a headache. But if your goal is to rebuild the world as it once was, you probably wouldn't want to keep this nations in FM even if they have nothing in them (people, clubs, cities, etc.). They would still participate to the Nations' League ironically; even if they weren't full FIFA members. It's still better to rebuild as the groups where those countries would be would de facto be easier, as those teams would be handing out free points at every International Tournaments. *I haven't found a real technical difference between renaming Serbia and calling Yugoslavia back: hell, I even swapped Yugoslavia with France and removed France from the game back in FM19, and it worked perfectly fine once you tell the Nations' League to fetch the right team.
  12. As written above in this thread, be prepared to have to re-build from the ground up a lot of competitions, especially international ones. There's no nice way to put it: if you're not just swapping out one nation for another one, it's a huge task to make the whole thing work.
  13. I'll be arrogant enough to link to a thread I made last year; it has posts where I discuss name pools. The short of it? If you want for example to have Croatian regions to generate Croatian names, set the cities' language within that region to Croatian. The flip side of that is that a player transferring there from another Yugoslav region will have to learn Croat to fit in the locker room. Also, to allow players to get the citizenship, do set all languages spoken in Yugoslavia to 100 in the country's page. Otherwise and if you leave it by default, which I believe is 95 to 100 Croat and Serb, you could have a player who say, transfers to Maribor in Slovenia but won't be able to get Yugoslav citizenship because they can't speak Croat or Serb, as they would only have learned Slovenian. Also, the Yugoslav name pool just contains general random Eastern European sounding names, with loads of Russian/Ukrainian sounding names. It will definitively break immersion and sound like a bad James Bond Cold War movie... or Rocky 4. But hey, Rocky 4 is a fine movie too!
  14. Switching from Balanced to High Performance changes very little. It basically means that instead of throttling down when there's less/little activity, the CPU will stay at its maximum speed at all times regardless of load. It's not a magic switch that will make FM (or any game/software) perform any better than it does for 99% of users. For serious benchmarking and hardware testing, it can help removing some inconsistencies in results; but for 99% of people, it changes absolutely nothing so forget it. You're not missing out on performance you should have. If you're curious, people testing hardware for a living would not only enable this but also control every voltage available in BIOS, control room temperature, control fan speed, cooler and thermal paste application, control for any software/firmware update, retest multiple times, control for... it's an extremely tedious job to make sure your results are accurate. You should only worry about getting an adequate motherboard, an adequate cooling solution, a decent case that doesn't run hot, and that's about it; not any of this nonsense. Motherboard manufacturers barely respect Intel's specs anyway...
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