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  1. You can open from the same folder, but the saving system is a bit different. Sandboxie will ask you if you want to retain the files you've saved inside the sandbox. But usually this isn't how I use it: I use Sandboxie to open a file I want to copy from, and do the modifications and saves in the non-sandboxed Editor.
  2. In FM, the further away you are from England, the worse the schedules and rules get. Because it's common place to have horrible conflicts in England doesn't mean it's common place in other countries. I recall back in FM15, Slovenia always had their matches on Saturdays no matter what, putting Europa League teams at a huge disadvantage, even though there was no reason you couldn't re-arrange to Sundays. In real life, Romanian TV matches never happen at the same time: if you wanted, you could watch every Romanian league match in a row on TV. In FM? Of course (some) TV matches happen at the same time. In the Netherlands' Eerste Divisie (second division), there's in the database a rule that forces matches on the closest Friday to 26th on August... and the next Monday, closest to 28th of August. Because reasons. Even though you could easily have the first match on the 25th, or put the second match on a Wednesday since there's no conflict with the KNVB Becker (main national cup). Just FM things really. Because it can happen IRL doesn't mean it has a good reason to happen in FM. Generally it's mostly because the rules aren't perfectly accurate in the database. To my knowledge, SI doesn't do all the schedules for every league. So depending what tools a researcher has at their disposal or how good a researcher is at banging their head against the pre-game Editor (which isn't exactly the most intuitive piece of software ever), you can have conflicts that shouldn't happen.
  3. I already have used Sandboxie in the past to open up multiple instances of the Editor.
  4. You could use software such as Sandboxie to do so.
  5. China in FM does not allow dual-nationality. It's the case of many Asian countries IRL and in FM as a result (Indonesia doesn't allow dual-nationality either), but some are more or less strict on applying the law. For example, a Japanese with dual-citizenship is supposed to forfeit one of their citizenship. In reality, no Japanese with dual-citizenship is going to rush to their embassy to have their second passport destroyed; so unless you're a celebrity, Japan has a law preventing dual-citizenship that they do not have the means to actually enforce. In FM, Japan "just" requires 100 years to gain citizenship. Easy peasy.
  6. Anywhere where you need him, but I wouldn't play him as a striker because I'd want to bank on him being really good defensively, when the team doesn't have the ball (Tackling, Marking, Positioning). I'd dare say that technically able FBs who can both defend and attack are harder to find than good CMs or DMs. Depends of your squad depth, your formation, and how you're able to fill the other positions on the pitch.
  7. Actually I'm going to disagree, he's probably on par in terms of CA. It comes to attribute weighting (physical attributes are extremely expensive) and making sacrifices in favour of other attributes. For example, a RPM has so many required attributes that even at 200PA, most of the attributes would be in the 16-18 range; most likely 15-20 globally. I've had one, and despite not having 20s everywhere, they're so well rounded you can't touch them on the pitch. Messi and Ronaldo, as exceptional as they are, have areas where they aren't quite exceptional. Ronaldo's playmaking abilities are serviceable in favour of goalscoring attributes, Messi isn't quite the physical beast (anymore), and neither of them are the most intense workers when the team loses the ball (Positioning, Marking, Work Rate, etc). The player posted is absolutely amazing absolutely everywhere. He's a physical beast only with fairly average Jumping Reach, an excellent playmaker, an excellent goalscorer who can shoot from any range and is good at Heading. He's also good at Free-Kicks, is an excellent dribbler, has good enough Positioning, Anticipation and Marking to be useful in other midfield roles on the wings and in the centre of the pitch... Basically he's a fusion of Ronaldo and Messi without the Determination. He most likely is in the 190+CA range; you can play that guy in any offensive role maybe outside of pure Winger since his Crossing isn't amazing, but since he cuts inside and runs with ball often, he's not going to cross anyway. Hell, he'd even do a good job at CM in a three man midfield. EDIT: To be honest, it's an area where FM could do better. The best striker regens tend to be good at absolutely everything; you rarely see striker regens that are pure Advanced Forwards the way you have IRL; players like Icardi, Cavani or Trezeguet for example, who are elite at what they do but not quite on GOAT level. IRL, these guys dedicated themselves to scoring goals. In FM, they all become Complete Forwards who can play anywhere and make your defence miserable in every way possible. They're just more or less good at it. FM also had this where exceptional FBs tend to be physical beasts but not quite the best technicians unless they were born as WBs or have a wealth of PA to spend into being actually good with the ball. It has been pointed out in the past in other threads though, so it's not news.
  8. Run less fully-loaded leagues, and run the remaining ones with a lower level of detail. To be honest, if we had a setting or a mod that improved how FM run for everyone without taking anything away from the experience, we'd sticky that because that would be useful to everyone. But there isn't. That being said, if you have a 2600K and not a 2600 as well as a compatible motherboard, those CPUs had a tendency to overclock really well. If it's a 2600 without a K at the end, well you're stuck with what you've got.
  9. I never do. I replace about 15 players every season. It has its pitfalls, but for now it's been smooth. Well it's not too low anymore since we're getting in D2, which is the first pro division in the Netherlands. I've been getting a promotion every season, but now I think I can settle in D2 for a season in order to get my finances in order.
  10. I'm now reminded of this thread as I've just noticed I had an injury prone striker go for about two seasons with only 4 days worth of injuries... and I never noticed that he was injury prone at all. Granted, we were a semi-pro club, so the match and training load were really weak, even though I still had him on double intensity. His injury record before he joined the club is far from glorious, but from 2028 to 2030... only four days off, for 51 apps and 28 goals. That being said and now that we're turning pro, I don't feel good enough about giving him a contract extension.. especially since he would barely be sitting on the bench due to being outclassed by another striker.
  11. Hello, thanks for the skin. Some of colours for text dont work with every team. Here are some examples.
  12. I can confirm this, I cannot load custom schedules either on Gamepass.
  13. The thing is that injury prone players actually fairly rarely pick up nasty injuries. When I mean "nasty", I mean the kind of injuries that sidelines a player for half a season or more. Even in your screenshot, the only really season threatening injury was a broken leg. The rest is just the kind of injury where the player is not available for two weeks, three weeks, one month, two months; loads of nonsense like that where the player is never actually available but is not so badly injured that you'd notice much. The AI also loves playing their squad until they're on their last legs despite tripling every position and despite the fact that FM actually has less injuries than IRL; so a player with manageable injury proneness (noticeable, but not career threatening) just turns into a ticking time bomb after a few years of heavy use by AI managers, especially if they're world-class and play every game they're available for. FM is a place where I've seen the AI think it was reasonable to have Cristiano Ronaldo play a full season, then play the Euro and go far in it, then play the Olympic Games, then go back to his club and play all the Supercups and Champions' League nonsense without any sort of holidays. It's a good thing that he both has very low Injury Proneness and excellent Natural Fitness and avoided bad injuries, but the dude was absolutely strained, stretched so thin that he was noted as "Tired" for most of the Fall season due to having sky-high Jadedness. To be honest, that's also kinda what had happened to the Brazilian Ronaldo: so essential to his teams that he became a ticking time bomb. Not that it justifies that kind of behaviour: something like this happening before is a warning not to do it again, not a justification to do it again.
  14. Given enough time and micro-management and essentially pampering the player like a toddler, you can help reducing his Injury Proneness the same way you can increase it by working him too hard. Realistically, you're better selling him while he still holds value and buy someone else who might not be as good but at least will be able to play more than two matches in a row without imploding. It's a colossal pain in the ass to micro-manage players when you still have so many other things you need to take care of as a manager.
  15. Remove the Bosman rule and put a strict foreigner rule for every single one of the 55 European countries. It wouldn't help too much with the difference in revenue, youth rating or quality in facilities and training though, but it's better than nothing. You could also check this thread out. https://community.sigames.com/topic/510953-wipfm20-iron-curtain-in-hindsight-everything-is-2020/
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