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  1. The tactics of the likes of Guardiola (or Bielsa FWIW) are poorly reproduced by the AI in FM. I mean, just open up the pre-game Editor and look up for Guardiola's tactical preferences. The AI Guardiola basically uses a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide (sometimes a 4-1-4-1 DM) with all possession markers turned up to eleven: slow as molasses tempo, very short passing, very high possession retention: the ultimate caricature of tiki-taka. As a player you have a lot more chances of reproducing their real life tactics since you're allowed to think out of the box in terms of formations (as the AI is limited to the default formations), role combinations, player choices, so on and so forth. That said, having a static formation instead of dynamic formations whether you have the ball or not (à la PES) does not help; neither does the pressing system in FM (or lack thereof). I don't think that Diego Simeone's 4-4-2 is well reproduced in FM by the AI either the the same reason. You'd really need the strikers and the whole team to defend low and compact; something you'd do as a player by using them as Shadow Strikers instead. You probably wouldn't fancy the indiscipline of Ball Winning Midfielders either, chasing after every ball and leaving huge holes behind them. Fortunately for AI Guardiola, his huge Reputation within FM allows him to still find a job despite numerous sackings. OTOH, simpler setups like Mourinho's direct football tend to do very well in FM, especially paired with great players and humongous amounts of cash. That AI Mourinho doesn't take a random dislike on some of his players also helps. EDIT: I mean, try to make FM understand Bielsa's "3+1" rule when it comes to the number of defenders he'd use.
  2. FM18: Wide Midfielders

    You could also just disregard your assistant "valuable" opinion and play your so-called Wingers as WM regardless. That's what I used to do and still do. "Natural" WMs are more often than not just players too slow or not good enough at dribbling to be "natural" Wingers. Just disregard how full the circle is or if the player is supposedly overqualified for the role.
  3. As according to SI staff (too lazy to find the exact post), in FM18 players in the wide midfielder strata will only drop back to defend if they have a Support duty. If they have an Attack duty, they will stay up to be available to counter. So basically it's impossible to defend the wings with a lone WM on Attack duty, just like it's the case when you use the AML/AMR strata. If you want to use the WM strata you have to use a Support or Defend duty; if you want to use an Attack duty, you have to use wingbacks instead. Which fairly obviously confirms what I've experimented when comparing the WM(S) role and the CWB(A) role in the way they behave and in the way the team behaves. Well there's another difference: with WM(S) I'd rather use Carrileros or CM(S) while CWB(A) allows the use of Mezzala on Support duty.
  4. Quite honestly, after experimenting more with it, it's "almost" easier to attack and defend with a 5-4-1 Diamond WB than with a 3-4-3 Diamond. More than defending (which is an issue), my biggest gripe with the 3-4-3 Diamond in FM is attacking. With rather "average" to "good" players, the team is so high up the pitch that the three attacking players (the ST and the wingers) end up on the same line as the opposition's defence. Therefore, there are much fewer runs from them. Also, the CMs and the AMC often end up with the ball in such situations, and since the team is really high up the pitch they also don't make that many runs. In short, they often try long shots due to the lack of movement, which is very frustrating because sometimes there's an option to play a through ball between the defenders, but the midfielders won't consider it. When you use world-class players (or players sufficiently above the league's average), they don't shy away from trying such passes, which can make this tactic lethal. It also works if you're countering: the space offered is mercilessly exploited by your players, with multiple runs and a lot of flair. If you switch the wingers to a Support duty, they become more timid with their runs and don't offer as much support. If I ask the CMs to be more aggressive... well you better not lose the ball, and generally committing more bodies to an already stacked defence with a top heavy formation isn't really helping. Back then (FM15/16/17), using Wide Midfielders with the instruction to Dribble More helped somewhat with that, bringing more variety in the way they pass and move with the ball. Of course, teaching a multitude of players to Play One-Twos helps somewhat with adding fluidity to the setup. I really struggled a lot to create the space and the runs to prevent players from taking stupid long shots and consider passing the ball around when you have lots of possession. I get to see the ball a lot and play really deep into the opposition's half/last third, but I have tried a lot of the relevant instructions, but I struggle to actually create movements. That, or I haven't found a way to get on the pitch and smack my players in the back of their heads for them to consider some passes that seem worth trying when watching from the touchline. Here's an illustration: the possession movement fails when the CM stays too long on the ball. This situation ends up in a goal for my side anyway because when we get the ball back, we're able to instantly counter-attack and suddenly, there's a lot of space to exploit. Meanwhile, when using a 5-4-1 Diamond WB, here are my findings. One, Complete Wing Backs are absurdly aggressive players. Two, since they're WBs, they attack from a lot deeper. They see and make runs that WMs roles don't seem to consider. The flip side of that is that CBWs on Attack duty spends a lot of time very, very wide, requiring players who can actually exploit crosses. The second matter is that while it's easier to defend the wings, it's not actually easier to defend deep in general: you have a line of five players behind a diamond, which doesn't offer good pitch coverage at all and allow for overlapping runs on the wings shall the opposition play with aggressive wingers and FBs/WBs. I'm not too much of a fan of CBWs due to how they excessively hug the touchline and the byline, staying really, really wide all the time. I'm not to fond of Wingers (the role) for that reason either and usually prefer Wide Midfielders (the role, yet again) instead. However, WMs have slightly lower mentality and don't usually make aggressive runs off the ball either. Of course, there's no such thing as a formation that can cover the pitch perfectly with eleven players anyway, so you have to compromise. I'll have to watch some Barcelona 90's football to see better how to organize the attack. Like this video for example.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I eventually downloaded the demo, and after struggling to score with a 4-1-4-1 DM (and more accurately, struggling to find shooting positions despite having possession even within the opposition's penalty area), and after Zabaleta broke his leg in an international game I could've pulled him from, I gave the 3-4-3 Diamond a go. Quite honestly, I could never use it against a 4-2-3-1 Wide in FM17 at all, especially against fast wingers. So when this happened, especially against Liverpool, I was incredibly surprised. Quite a few sitters were missed too and the scoreline could've been more generous. While not optimal defensively, the combined action of the IW on Support and the Carrilero were enough to block the wings, especially when the team is asked to Get Stuck In and really commit to the press. Too often I find that the each player presses on his own instead of pressing being a team/collective effort; certainly an area where FM can make a LOT of progress. I feel in this version of the ME that the players cut the trajectories of the opposition's passes better instead of running backwards. That said, Sturridge went through the game like Ronaldo did that summer of 1998... As per usual the AI would've rather played him injured than playing someone else. He didn't finish the game either, actually he left the field on a stretcher. How I set it up:
  6. While I don't have FM18, Carrilero indeed makes the most sense as per the description of the role not only because they bring some width to the midfield, but also because they supposedly somewhat cover the wings in the defensive phase on counters, which is the weakest point of the 3-4-3 Diamond. Or at least offer some basic coverage until the wingers drop back (which they never completely do ). Do you find it to be the case in your matches? EDIT: Another thing I want to ask is concerning the behaviour of the wing players. As according to SI Staff somewhere in the feedback thread, wing players with an Attack duty are coded to stay up in order to be used as outlets for counters while Support duties are more inclined to track back. Did you find it to be true in defensive phases?
  7. That's not what I was talking about in the post you quoted; I already gave my sentiment about what you say here in my first post in this thread.
  8. A player in excellent form has a higher star rating.
  9. Unsurprisingly, form also affects star rating.
  10. First of all, star ratings always are relative to the strength of your squad and not to their attributes. Then, and that's more personal, I've always felt FM puts a huge emphasis on physical attributes over technical attributes. It's more egregious in the FB positions, where I kept allegedly 2 star players for seasons over 2.5/3 star FBs because the former(s) actually could cross/pass, use their eyes and brains while the latter(s) had abhorrent technical attributes aside from Marking and Tackling but better physical ones. That said, Semper (EDIT: at least in your picture) isn't exactly a formidable DM at all either and a fairly average CM.
  11. Brexit Rules in FM

    Alt+F9 saves screenshots that go in your "C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20XX\screenshots" folder, or to wherever you've asked FM to store your Football Manager folder.
  12. I had a thread a while back in another section of this forum where I had asked if anyone knew how to achieve that. In the end I had deleted the Reserves out of my custom league instead. I'd like to see that being implemented, and perhaps give some value to U19s league competitions like the UEFA Youth League.
  13. Fm 18 no regen faces

    You weren't the first one to wonder that. They replied with a tangent. They're phasing it out, period.
  14. Fm 18 no regen faces

  15. Fm 18 no regen faces

    About that... Even though the manager creator is fairly bugged in this beta. That said, the beta is pretty rough this year.