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  1. The second problem is that the AI doesn't rotate much if at all, and you get what they leave you.
  2. Based on what I've tried on my own hardware, you're going to run circles around the i7-920, multicore or not. FWIW, I did the FM17 benchmark on a i5-6600K at both stock settings (3.9GHz Turbo) and overclocked (4.5GHz) and saw a performance gain somewhere between 20 and 25% with a 15% increase in frequency. In your case, the base frequency is higher than the turbo frequency of the old CPU, nevermind the multiple cores. Obviously the benchmark is probably not the same as the situation you propose (full details for every league), and my CPU only has 4 cores and 4 threads.
  3. I suppose you haven't had any time to work on this anymore.
  4. Ran the test for the sake of curiosity to see if overclocking made a significant difference in performance. Most games don't have a boost that warrants overclocking. That said, FM is the kind of game that relies entirely on the CPU bar few graphical aspects, so benching should yield more interesting results. Computer Type: Desktop (Custom Built) CPU: Intel i5-6600K CPU Frequency: 3.5 GHz/3.9GHz Turbo stock speeds and 4.5GHz OC RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133MHz OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: Mixed storage. Game on SSD, Documents folder on HDD @7200RPM Test A (stock speed) Time: 4 min 00sec Test A (OC) Time: 3 min 10sec Test B (stock speed) Time: 8 min 00sec Test B (OC) Time: 6 min 31 sec So between 20 and 25% faster in both cases.
  5. It may be extremely wishful thinking, but a decent support of Japan would please me more than the other countries, all of which can be added by users.
  6. Through ball from where? Who's supposed to assist who? How? You have a fairly static and supportive midfield as CM(S) don't move much, and APs even on Attack duties are very supportive players; nevermind the DLP(D) who's just a holding midfielder who's easier on the ball than the other holding options. Then you have two strikers upfront and WBs covering the width. As you can see with the grind, there's not much activity between your midfielders and your strikers. So your system is designed to score from crosses to begin with: your midfielders will seek your your wingers since they're the guys going forward, who will do their thing, punt a cross and if it works you score. Every once in a while the DLF(S) will drop to get the ball, and the only players who make runs are the WB so he gives the ball to them unless he hoofs it to his CF partner. If they're not available, he (hopefully) gives it back to the midfielders, rinse and repeat until you get an opening. That's about it.
  7. It's not a joke. TMs attract hoofs and do what their role suggest: act as a pivot point for other players. If you want him to score and partner him with a creative outlet, don't give him the TM role, even if he's tall. The "recommended role" as given by the assistant is nothing but that: a recommendation you're free to completely disregard.
  8. That's easy. You don't play him as a TM.
  9. I suppose topics do tend to go full circle, where the old becomes new again, even before it had time to get old.
  10. BMNJohn

    Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB?

    I know and did say so.
  11. BMNJohn

    Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB?

    Do you want to know anything about what you should expect fist?
  12. To be perfectly honest with you, and even if it isn't realistic, good riddance.
  13. BMNJohn

    Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB?

    He probably means a database with no real personnel: no real players, no real staff, nothing. FM generates all the players and staff. Don't try loading it in the pre-game Editor since all these changes take quite a long time to actually load. Also, they're loaded in the RAM, so if you don't have much RAM to spare forget it. I managed to load it with an i5-6600K and 16GB of RAM, and it still took a long, LONG time. I've experimented with it in FM17; the results are interesting. Here is the FM17.3 version. https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/31899/empty-database
  14. I never play with a 4-2-3-1 Wide because the AML/R often get stuck at the corner flags really high on the pitch and hardly track back to defend or offer solutions to the players who are in charge of actually Playing Out Of Defence; in this case your DLP(D) and the WB(S). I also find that Wingers work better when they come at their defender with pace rather than already being next to them. While I usually don't play two men midfields either, in those instances I prefer a 4-4-1-1, but that's a personal bias of mine. Also, Wingers look for the width of the pitch in their instructions, so if you don't have a towering striker he won't see the ball. I usually prefer WM(A) who have a more balanced behaviour than Wingers or Inverted Wingers on Attack duty, then customize the instructions defending of what I'm looking for. They however have a ever so slightly lower mentality than Wingers or IWs, so keep that in mind. Even with the 4-2-3-1, you can also experiment with having a wing player on Support duty: IW(S), W(S), IF(S)... There are quite a few options there; I'd put such a duty on the same side the DLP(D) is to help transition and bringing the ball up. If you choose a role that cuts inside like IW or IF with a Support duty, you can also have the FB behind him be more proactive, like with a CWB(S) or a FB(A). The DLP(D) could somewhat help cover that side of the pitch but be careful about balance. Then I'd play the AP with an Attack duty. Don't be fooled by the duty: a AP is supportive by nature, they're more pro-active with an Attack duty than on Support where they don't do much in terms of movement. And as mentioned before, I'd give Icardi a role where he can play his partners in: I usually prefer Complete Forward on Attack duty. The Support duty tends to shoot from afar instead of provoking and running at the defence or trying to move Off The Ball between them. The Attack duty will try to exploit those spaces while still being a team player. Making Icardi score more is a lot about making the whole team score more and be more effective on attack. If Icardi doesn't score more it's not too much of an issue if he's useful as a player, by chipping assists, making important headers/dribbles and so on. With the right organization, the goals will come to him as well. Among other options and if you really want that striker alone up front, a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide will give you more midfield support while having three attackers. If Icardi is competent at playing others in (CF role), he will also be rewarded.
  15. The Wingers as AML/R are glued to the corner post trying to get away from their FB and can hardly provide from that high up on the pitch, the AP(S) is easily isolated and in charge of providing every single one of the three attackers balls. It's also not the job of a BBM, and the DLP's name is misleading: it has really low mentality (Defend duty after all) and will not try to find the striker on his own unless you tell him to, and even then... So remains Icardi who as a AF hardly participate in build-up play which would help him score through one-twos and the like. That's what you need to address.