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  1. Yes, really. It's also the case with three men midfield like 4-1-4-1, and it is somewhat mitigated when you play a line of 5 midfielders albeit still noticeable. WMs and AML/AMR can't help but man-mark the opposition's full backs/wing backs no matter what you do.
  2. That's not what I was thinking about at all. I was thinking about something more in line with the recent PES games where you can set up an attacking formation and a defensive one very clearly, which isn't something I feel I can do in FM. For example, if I decide to play a 4-2-3-1, I generally want to defend in a 4-4-2 flat or 4-4-2-0 if I'm being really conservative. In FM I'd have to most likely line up a 4-4-2 and probably use one of the two strikers as a Treq, DLF or CF(S), but most likely a F9. Except that I don't feel they operate in the same zone on the offence that an "actual" AMC does on the offence, nor that they behave in a comparable way and you lose access to the AMC roles too. On the other hand, if I line up a 4-4-2-0, I lose access to the other striker roles and have to most likely use at least a SS paired with a creator. In both cases, I also lose access to the IF, Wide TM or RMD roles too (although a RMD isn't exactly a player you'd make defend very often anyway) since AMR/AML on Attack duties don't defend at all unless they have the right combination of attributes/PPMs... even though I can get the Winger on Attack duty to defend when placed in the WM strata. While you can tweak the WM role to have the same instructions as a IF, I do not feel nor see that they move off the ball like an IF would: diagonally towards the box. You can very well ask them to sit narrower, but then you'd loose the advantage of being able to tell an IF to Stay Wider. So, because I want a player to drop back doesn't mean I want him to stop being a RMD/IF/EG/DLF, which isn't really possible in FM right now. Guardiola's IWB wasn't really available until the role was "fixed" in 17.1, two years after its introduction in FM15 where the role was pretty much a IF on Support duty that happened to be a WB/FB... something that's ironically very easy to do with the WB(S) role and duty. Sometimes I'd also like to flatten a Diamond when defending, much like Juventus used to do when they played a 4-4-2 Diamond: Vidal IIRC would drop in the midfield from his usual AMC position. So yes, I do wish that the players would be able to very clearly and easily use different formations when attacking and defending just like I can when I play PES, which is among the things that were pointed at in the thread that I linked to. It's different than players taking different positions based on their role and duty, which is already possible. I do feel that it would require quite the revamp of the tactic screen and of the tactic system overall of course, so i don't expect to see it anytime soon to be honest. I don't even think the AI would be able to cope with this considering that they're already not exactly that great. EDIT: Well it was worded better there.
  3. No, I meant that I met Man Utd in both of my CL finals.
  4. That's almost if not entirely a matter of reputation. I usually play in a small country, so I had terrible reputation. Turns out that once I won the title, I "overachieved" in 6 European Competitions in a row: -Year 1: Reached Group stages of the Champions' League; -Year 2: Got out of the group and reached Champions' League KO stages; -Year 3: Reached Champions' League semi-finals; -Year 4: Reached Champions' League final (and got destroyed by Mourinho's Man Utd); -Year 5: Get dropped in 3rd place to the Europa League and then win it; -Year 6: Win the Champions' League (and got revenge against Mourinho's Man Utd in the process); Nah, no surprises here, no one expected us! Reputation is more important than money. Club reputation, country standard of living (going from Third-World to a Developing country or even to a Developed country), league reputation... Reputation dictates a lot if not most things in Football Manager, moreso than money. The irony being that once I won the CL, I have now Worldwide reputation!
  5. This conversation has been had there in some way. I invite to read the entirety of the thread as some good points were made here and there. I personally and generally agree with the assessment that your on-screen formation should stop being your defensive formation.
  6. Pretty much an example of promises not having much (if any benefit). It's easier to tell the player to shove it than making a promise that has no real benefit to you besides delaying the morale hit: after all, you're the manager and you're the one who's in charge of assessing the team's strength, not him or anyone in the squad. I would be very wary of using promises; I personally avoid doing so because of situation like these.
  7. Which is kinda why it's way easier to just tell them that I said no and I don't care if they get mad even if I do plan to sell them or don't mind letting them go. Ironically it's way easier to convince the whole locker room that letting them go is a bad idea. The promise system works in such a way that it's simply a better idea not to make any promises at all and just deal with the lower morale.
  8. I'd like to get an answer to that question too, especially since the news report in-game doesn't always say that the supposed "biggest match" as set up in the database is the actual biggest match of the week. The news-report can often claim (correctly, I'm not disputing that) that a match that is on a "shared around" time slot to be the biggest match of the week. I understand that which match is the biggest can be very relative depending of the performances of any given team during a season, but I would have thought that big derbies would consistently be considered and scheduled as big matches regardless, but it doesn't seem to be the case.
  9. I suppose it's fair to say that no one has any clue on how to make this happen. I suppose it could be a suggestion: make a player available for a team only for specific competitions instead of having the choice to make him available for a team or not at all, considering how impractical it is to do on a match by match basis.
  10. Post him so we can see his Attributes. That said, when watching him, to me a DLP(D) isn't exactly a creator. It's mostly a somewhat more defensive CM/DM while being better on the ball than more defensive focused options like CM(D), DM(D), A (D) or BWM(D) but ever so slightly less of a defender; a game of comprises. If your DLP(D) is excellent with the ball, you could give him PPMs like "Likes to Switch Ball To Other Flank", "Tries killer balls often", "Comes Deep To Get Ball" (from your GK/CBs), give him the PI to try "More Risky Passes". If you have a tutor, you could teach him "Try To Play Way Out Of Trouble". You also have to consider that he is in a position where he cannot afford to lose the ball, so be careful with what PPMs/PIs you give him as a poor pass will expose your defence immediately. To me it isn't exactly an issue: a player like Busquets who would fit the bill nicely isn't the primary playmaker of his team either; just see how many goals or even assists (with or without set pieces) he has in FM per season when playing as a DM. He has about 12 goals in over 400+ matches with Barcelona! Sure his "Plays Short Simple Passes" PPM isn't helping, but don't expect too much out of your DLP(D). Also, by nature a DLP(D), even in a Very Fluid system has a low Mentality (which is required in this system). As long as he works well when you watch him play, I don't think there's much of an issue. The rating system isn't that important.
  11. I believe you can just resurrect Yugoslavia as the nation still exists inside the database; it's just set as "defunct" (or whatever is the term). Well, "believe" isn't the correct word as I did play a save in there but I don't know how it's done. You will still face a few minor issues here and there however.
  12. All in the title. Sometimes the U18s Cup, the UEFA Youth League and both the Reserves and U18 leagues stack up. And as the Reserves manager freely picks U18s to play in the Reserves, you can very often end up with very jaded youngsters playing matches after matches with about 50% Condition. Is there any way to tell the Reserves manager to stop using the U18s, be it in game or in the Editor? Even if it means using grey players instead... and there doesn't seem to be many of them in the Reserves squad anyway unless you remove every "real" player from the Reserves. I tried to put my "worst" U18s in the Reserves, but the staff member in charge of the Reserves still picks the best U18s ahead of Reserves players.
  13. It would be extremely boring. Tactics are decided by the senior manager most of the time as well as part of the starting 11 if a player happens to have low match fitness. As well as scouting, transfers, contracts, discussions with the board or even press conferences. You wouldn't be doing anything aside from picking (part of) the team and managing promises as well as team talks; and even then youth players are far more likely to go complain to the senior manager about any issues they may have. It is possible to be a manager for young international teams and you would have far more to do (even if international management isn't handled that well in FM), but on a club level you'd be doing very little. Honestly, it just reads as Miles being tired of answering that question more than anything.
  14. If they have travelled a lot during their career(s) and/or have people from other nationalities in their favourite personnel as a result, it can really help increase your scouting knowledge.
  15. Forgot about Gibraltar's TV money being somewhat linked to England's TV values. Although I didn't say it doesn't increase at all. But to be more precise, a simple look inside the Editor under the Transfer Values for each nation will give you an idea of why it doesn't reach the egregious amount of money you can see nowadays in smaller countries (Gilbraltar being an extremely notable exception in terms of TV money). The game just doesn't allow it to happen. It's not really a bug, it's just not very progressive.