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  1. Found it. https://www.voetbal247.nl/knvb-krimpt-derde-divisies-in-naar-17-clubs/ Using Google Translate, apparently Vitesse and Groningen no longer field their Jong teams in the pyramid, and the Association couldn't find substitutes even though ADO Den Haag offered to field a Jong club. I have no idea whether there would have been 18 clubs next season, and now the current pandemic makes the answer even less obvious. I'm probably going to run 18 teams if I can't find why the Editor is being so picky, but I would rather figure out the issue. The Editor doesn't even try to verify any league, it just stubbornly says that there are 34 instead of 36 teams in Derde Divisie. EDIT: Trying to add 18 teams to each child division... and the Editor has now moved the goalposts. EDIT: Found it. The "Valid Years" field asked for 18 teams. I don't even know why this field is enabled. Now I have a different issue: I cannot tell the Eredivisie nor the Eerste Divisie (D2) not to use a file that issues their rules. The field is grayed, and I cannot change the Mode of the competition (for example, such as "Fixed Format Rules" or "Flexible Format Rules"). That option simply doesn't exist. Here you can find it... ...And here you cannot. I think this is why the Eredivisie cannot finish in time due to not having created all of its stages. Obviously it hasn't since there's no European Places Playoff. EDIT2: I removed and/or edited those lines from the .xml file since the Editor wasn't too useful, but the Eredeivisie still doesn't create all stages. I guess I have to simulate a file to see what it means. It's always the playoffs anyway. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting a file that used to work (albeit in older versions) to simply not work for obscure reasons. It makes it extremely hard to diagnose. The highest bit of irony is that if I revert to Basic rules, it validates just fine. The Period system obviously disappears in the process, as well as all the Amateur cups and modifications made to the KVNB Beker...
  2. That's because it's like that IRL. It used to be 18 teams, it is no longer is the case. Technically I could avoid the head scratching and just add another team to make it 18 anyway, but that's not how it is. Maybe it's the cup rules that are creating a conflict as they maybe expect 36 teams. The cup rules are pretty rigid IIRC, I'll check it out. EDIT: It isn't. Have to keep searching.
  3. @Wolf_pd Could use some help to find a parameter: I've made adjustments in the Nation's rule, league rules and Reserves/U19s rules to accommodate for the fact that the Derde Divisie has 17 teams per league. That said, the Editor tells me that the Derde Divisie still expects 36 teams; I don't know where to where to change that. League & Data Updates.fmf
  4. Quick note: while the above file works fine in general use, none of the competitions write their history. Whoopsie.
  5. Not sure if a bump is worth it, but anyway. I tried verifying "my" (that sounds pretentious) FM18 version of the database in FM20, by making the necessary accommodations: switching the Derde Divisie from 18 to 17 teams, putting all teams in the right divisions with the information I have (SoccerWay lists teams until Eerste Klasse), removing every Person change from the database to avoid potential conflicting histories, etc. Then comes the time to try to verify it... and I had "forgotten" the joys of deal with the Editor: I'm getting a completely unrelated error, from a completely unrelated competition that was not tempered with in anyway, that prevents me from verifying even one division level at all. On top of that, the complaint the Editor has about that competition is invalid since I went to verify the error, and there is the correct amount of teams in that competition as far as I can tell. There are still failed changes and unknown records that cannot be altered nor removed because Editor reasons (like missing derbies that were manually created but disappeared because why not). That said, assuming that since there's very few changes to the advanced rules themselves, I assume that the rules should work anyway. That said, it doesn't mean that the data for each individual club is accurate, nor I would assume the data for each person is accurate, nor is the competition history accurate for competitions that were created manually back in FM17/18. Aside from that, the database would be "playable" (as in, "it works without errors or conflicts) if the Expectations issue addressing the Periods system that I had mentioned a few years ago could be solved. It's an issue where the AI board assumes incorrectly that because you have won a Period and therefore qualified for the Playoffs, you are not matching their expectations of winning the league. It probably has to do with Ranking Level Priority and Ranking Levels Info, but I have no idea on how to make it work. The rules are still not up to date: there's no playoffs to designate the second promotion spot from the Tweede Divisie (D2) to the Eerste Divisie (D3) the way it is in real life. There's still no European Places Playoff either. I still don't like it. Regardless of this, I'm not sure how doable it is to make them from scratch. I'm pretty sure that the "vanilla" rules require some hard-coded rules for the European Places Playoff to happen. Anyway, if you want to check it out, be my guest. Derde Divisie 17 teams.fmf
  6. You have to fix the file name and ID in the .xml file. It's not plug and play, you have to correctly assign the right files to the right IDs to make it work. You'll find tutorials for that in the Graphics section of the forum, or elsewhere on the internet.
  7. You could switch Yugoslavia with Serbia, it already has the flag. Otherwise, I advise that you search for other Yugoslavian database releases, even from old FMs: some of them have a graphics pack that you could re-use.
  8. I had participated in such a thread back in FM18. I think it involved creating and using local regions. Local regions also were necessary to easily create the Amateur cup system, which allowed to qualify for the "main" National Cup, the KVNB Beker. You can keep them separate up to a point if you say that Saturday leagues relegate only in Saturday divisions. I had re-done a good portion of it for the author of the database to use, but alas it went nowhere. I think there was a similar thread for FM19, but I don't remember if it hatched any eggs... or actually existed. You can check the Editor data if you want if you have FM18 to see for yourself how it worked, it's the last post of the thread. It's a shame it went nowhere because the overall database league and cup setup was pretty good, so while it would require more work to edit clubs and players into the correct leagues and with the correct information, I believe the ground work still holds up even today (I stress "believe", I haven't loaded the data to check). You would need to add a promotion playoff to the Tweede Divisie for there to actually be two promotion spot the way it is IRL (the champion + the playoff winner IIRC), and potentially add the Tweede Klasse if you so desire (seventh tier of Dutch football). That said, FM scales quite poorly down to that level, where teams and players sometimes two or three divisions apart aren't that much better or worse from each other, with only a bit of Reputation sorting out the mess.
  9. I've experimented with the setup as far back as FM17 and have posted my thoughts about it. I've probably said it before but anyway: to me, it's a lot easier to play if you use a 5-4-1 Diamond rather than an actual 3-4-3 Diamond because as usual in FM, the formation in your tactics creator is your defensive formation. I'd retrain wingers to play as WB(A) since I don't need them to be actually any good defensively; I only need them to cover the space. FBs that are good offensively are difficult to find to say the least, so I prefer retraining offensive Wingers instead. WBs on Attack duty contribute surprisingly well to the offensive game, and you can very often find them in the box in good positions. To me, CWBs aren't disciplined enough, so I don't really like to use the role.
  10. That's a shame, kinda kills my interest for the free week. Thanks for your patience looking into the matter and for the replies.
  11. Thank you for your reply. That said, as alluded to in the opening post, this does not work. Neither the Editor nor the Resource Archiver appear in the list. I also have tried to obtain the download link through https://steamdb.info/ to no avail.
  12. Hello, The title is pretty self-explanatory. Would it be possible to obtain the pre-game Editor and the Resource Archiver for people who are trying out FM2020 this week? I cannot find either in my Library. Are they exclusive to those who bought FM2020? Thanks in advance.
  13. We've had a couple threads about it with loads of details and breakdowns about what happens when you do something or another. To keep it short, if you're not willing to get your hands dirty to recreate international competitions, you're going to have a bad time.
  14. To be honest, don't reject the bids immediatly. Simply don't answer them and let them die little by little. You're wasting your time with a robot at the end of the day, so just stop answering until you're forced to.
  15. Finding the next diamond, developing them and shaping them into the next star is far more enjoyable than scouting real players to me, so it's not a regen/newgen issue. But since the AI isn't too challenging but only mostly frustrating, generally it takes me around a decade to take a club from a fairly small European country and get them to win the Champions' League. After that, you dominate so easily that there's little point going on if you don't switch clubs... or confederations altogether. But you can't go in too small a country either, or in a country with too many transfer restrictions because factors like Youth Rating, wages, taxes, interest in the game and so on are fixed in the database and therefore limit how good or poor a country can become over a long period of time. The same goes for continental competitions: no matter what happens, you can't get say, the Asian Champions' League on par in terms of Reputation as even the Libertadores. So yeah, about a decade or so if staying at a single club. Beyond that, FM actually becomes unrealistic, where countries whose profile you have improved by a lot still remain unattractive dungholes (for lack of a better term) because the database says so. Other AI clubs are completely unable to compete with you even if you don't actively try to screw them up by say, ruining the morale of their locker room with transfer rumours. There simply are a lot of things in FM that work for the short or medium term (5 to 10 years), but can really destroy your suspension of disbelief if you play for long enough. And that's why to me, FM isn't a simulation.
  16. IIRC, the former is for use in national league rules while the latter is for the EL and CL. Some leagues seem to require a given number of homegrown players; most likely in other confederations than the UEFA. I think you're likely to find rules like that in Asia for example.
  17. To be honest, I'm not in love with most of the roles in the AMC strata. Switching the Enganche to Support from Attack wasn't a good move at all from SI. The Enganche already was pretty stiffled in its options since it cannot be caught dribbling at all, but putting them on Support duty also lowered their Mentality and made the role even more risk averse. The fact they cannot dribble at all never made sense to me since Riquelme, after whom I suppose the role was modelled after, was indeed extremely slow, but he also was really good at keeping the ball and dribbling regardless. The AM(S) is a nothing role and duty combo, but it fills space I guess. The AP(S) also isn't too great at creating play because it's fairly risk averse due to its rather conservative placement and Mentality, but at least due to what I call "the playmaker bias", his team mates still look for him and while he isn't too available high on the pitch due to its tendency to drop deep, he doesn't have his feet stuck in concrete like the EG; so I guess that if you just want a player to thread safe passes to others, the role can somewhat work and IMO work better than EG as it is currently. I would still prefer his more attacking cousin to create play since I expect an AMC to have a reasonable amount of Mentality to attempt difficult plays. As for the roles on Attack duties, the AM(A) is pretty cool in how customisable the role is, but it doesn't attract balls the way other playmaking roles do, so it's not really a replacement for other roles just because you can customize it. The AP(A) may be my favourite role/duty combination ONLY IF IT STOPPED TO ATTEMPT A DRIBBLE BEFORE ATTEMPTING A PASS ALL THE DAMNED TIME. I get that "Dribble More" is in its instruction set, but he's not a Winger, he doesn't have to try a dribble all the time... and I rarely play wingers for that specific reason. The Trequartista is a liability defensively but doesn't offer much more than the AP(A) creatively, especially since you can manipulate the movement of an AP(A) with Player Instructions. You would really need to justify having a player whom you do not want to defend for some reason. If that reason is age and/or pace, it makes the Treq a better Enganche than the Enganche since it's far more versatile it its movement, and slow players are generally smart enough not to attempt dribbles anyway; and surely if you're playing a Treq, you expect that player to be smart enough to be worth carrying. Remains the Shadow Striker. The SS is a role I used to use in a 4-1-4-1-0, replacing the F9 for a simple reason: it has higher mentality than a F9, so its choices are a bit more aggressive while still dropping down and being available to its midfielders. Alas, when the play moves forward quickly, Shadow Strikers don't push forward quickly enough for my linking the way I would expect a secondary striker to move and at least be available for cutbacks within the box. Or at least it doesn't without Traits... and when talking about Traits, then you can model any player into about anything, so I prefer not mentioning them when discussing a role. I do think it used to move forward quicker and earlier, but I felt that this tendency his far less prevalent than a few editions ago. For me, it's not just that "modern football has moved on from the classic #10 sitting behind the striker(s)" yadda-yadda. I don't find the options there too appealing. Treq is extremely situational, AM(S) doesn't do much, AP(S) is very timid, AP(A) needs to stop trying to dribble all the time, AM(A) is a mild option, SS has to compete with other striker roles, and EG has become a boat anchor... and was too easily closed out of the game even when it used to be on Attack duty.
  18. If they're neither foreigners nor home-grown, there's no reason that they would be able to participate. Perhaps create an exemption the way the current UEFA rules work: players having spent 2 years at the club before age 20/21 can be called to the match squad.
  19. And even then, the CB spread accordingly only with players in the WB strata, not with FBs; which obviously creates huge amounts of space behind the FBs/WBs when you use a 4 man defence. It's been signalled to SI more than once, so I suppose it's how SI wants the role to work. I haven't seen much of a difference in its behaviour in FM20: the CBs spread if you use the WB strata, but they don't if you use the FB strata. I could be wrong though, but as a result I usually prefer an Anchor Man or a simple DM(D) to act as the holding midfielder in a midfield trio. Bummer as per the recommended attributes, the HB would fit the role of a DM that's a bit better on the ball than the other holding options but with more interesting movement and defensively safer than the DLP(D).
  20. We had similar discussions elsewhere. You could make or use a dummy country like the defunct ones, that will act as a wrapper for all clubs, create leagues within that country, tell clubs that now their continental cup nation is said new country, and here you go. National teams would remain separate, the new country wouldn't play any international competitions, perhaps a few friendlies but maybe would produce one or two regen per year that usually would retire quickly upon not finding a club. Don't forget to extinct old competitions. It's actually a pretty painless process aside from creating a good system for competitions. The only big caveat is that all clubs would have to "share" the qualifying places for EL/CL, so you're going to have less clubs qualifying for European football overall, but it would work.
  21. Since the scouting system revamp a couple of years ago (on which I already said elsewhere that I don't exactly enjoy it), you need to buy those scouting packages for the system to work at all. If you have no packages, you can send your scouts wherever you want for however long you want, they won't find a thing. It's not that scouting is broken, as I suppose it does work as intended by SI: it's just that scouting is not very good, to put it mildly.
  22. What I think lacks clarity, and maybe I'm repeating myself, is that FM doesn't tell you the player is just a colossal twit. I mean if it were real-life, it may be easier to read the situation. Obviously if a player doesn't think that picking cards left and right isn't a problem, you're supposed to figure out that the player may need to find himself a new club. But you need to interpret that. The best FM could do is perhaps have your AssMan tell you that the player may have some behavioural issues... if you're not the kind of person who uses the personality and media handling flowchart to figure out a player's hidden attributes. Which is a bout as much as a drag as you can imagine, but it helps answer some questions sometimes.
  23. Depends where you leave. Wage fines are forbidden in France for example. What clubs do is that they give generous bonuses instead, and if something happens they simply cut those bonuses off since they're not considered part of the wage... even though they actually are.
  24. I need to insist that it doesn't actually matter. It's not a question of being programmed to listen or not: he's the kind of guy who doesn't care. It has to do with his hidden attributes; not with the conversation options available. Your problem is that you want to keep him because he's valuable to you, and that's why you want an option to reason with him. But you can't reason nor bargain with everyone... be it in FM or IRL. Think of someone like Balotelli: it's not like he's not good, it's just that he won't listen. And such players keep finding clubs because there's always a manager who needs them. As for how I treat such cases... there's no player that's bigger than the team. I remember I had raised as a home-grown player the best player in my save. He started complaining about wanting to go to PSG at every window, and he was driving up my wage bill significantly because every other player wanted a wage like his. I sold him anyway, and beat PSG the following season in the CL final. No player is too valuable to the team.
  25. That's because the player is a tit and has poor Hidden Attributes and/or hates your guts for some reason. You're better off getting rid of him quickly; mentoring him could backfire as he could rub onto the rest of the squad if he's influential enough. That's what FM is trying to tell you, but it's not doing a good job at it. There's no conversation option that could make your point go through him: he just doesn't care and/or has no respect for you. Perhaps on top of that, your Mental attributes are a bit low and that's why you get no respect from your players; but that's just a guess. In those cases, you can buy time by sending out a warning instead of a fine. Reverse psychology seems to work... even if there's no actual psychology when it comes to talk to an AI.
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