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  1. Which position is it? Should I pick the player/position manually?
  2. I know people have asked before but can't find the answer in the thread. But who to take corners/throw ins in the Beowulf 442? Is it the best player or a specific position?
  3. Yes and I have used it for the last 7 games and have scored 24 goals and only conceeded 1.
  4. https://www.footballmanagerstory.com/best-fm-2020-tactics-knaps-unbeaten-beowulf-4-4-2/ Im using this with FC Copenhagen. I have only change the tackling to "stay on feet". (Because a lot of yellow cards)
  5. https://www.footballmanagerstory.com/best-fm-2020-tactics-knaps-unbeaten-beowulf-4-4-2/ Have tried this and it seems to work a little better... first game I got 4 yellow cards, hope its get better with time..
  6. I have used this tactic in 7-8 games. All wins but seems to conceede goal almost every game. Most in the last 10 of the game. I only had 2 clean sheets. Will it work to change the LOE? I manage FC Copenhagen (Danish top team) maybe you have another/better tactic for a top team? (I want to play 4-4-2 flat)
  7. Hi everyone I just got promoted to the premier league with my Leeds team. I really need to have a quality striker and now I'm trying to sign Mario Balotelli on a free transfer. I just wondering if he still have the skills to perform well, he's stats a really good. Last season he only scored 8 goals for Italian club Brescia (Ended 19 in the league) so think thats okay for a relegation team. How do he perform in your saves?
  8. Using the new 4-4-2 with Leeds and it works good but a bit frustrating that I conceede a goal almost every game, anything I can change to have more clean sheets?
  9. Thank you! Should I use that mentality in the tactic or should I change it before game starts and if, which one?
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