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  1. Thank you! Should I use that mentality in the tactic or should I change it before game starts and if, which one?
  2. Hi @knap Which tactic is best for underdog/away games? Im playing with Sunderland and got promotion to premier league. My main tactic still works good at the premier league level, but have trouble when I play away against the big teams. My main tactic is a 4-3-3 with a DM and IF and prefer still to use that formation if possible.
  3. I can't get my strikers to score goals. I'm using the 4231 with IF. Anything to do?
  4. Seems to work great! Just wonder who to take set pieces? @knap
  5. I'm danish, so its nice to see people playing with danish team. A lot of talent in FC Nordsjælland
  6. Okay Think I Will try the 424 IF. I like to have inside forwards
  7. Hi again I’m playing with Bournemouth with the Beowulf 4231 with False 9 striker. The tactic works really fantastic! 2nd in the League after 24 games. But I don’t Think my strikes scores enough (Callum Wilson) 11 goals in 22 (3) matches. I know that is almost a goal every second game and still good for a team like Bournemouth. I know that the false 9 role aint a Real striker but in the screenshot Firmino scores a lot (in a better team I know). Anything I can do/change to score a bit more with the striker?
  8. Hey @knap I'm using the 4231 with F9 striker with Bournemouth and it seems to work good. But have you any tactic I can use for the last 20-30 minutes against stronger teams to control or at least keep my leading? Sometimes I have a lead against big teams and conceede in the last 10 min... Or maybe its enough to change the DLP from support to defend?
  9. Okay. Im using a big underdog team and many of my players aint really good enough for the league, so maybe it's get better when I can buy better players.
  10. Working good, but I got a lot of yellow cards... Can I remove the player instruction "Tackle Harder" (Don't know what it called in english in the game)?
  11. Hey @knap Have using the BEOWULF 4231 for my first 2 season with a danish team (Slagelse) who start in the 3 best division in Denmark and it made me go promotion 2 years in a row, which is very fantastic (and surprising). Now in my third season in the danish superleague the tactic still works great but I'm conceeding goals every game. So far I'm 8 games in the league, number 5 in table with 14 points (Won 4 - Draw 2 - Lost 2) and the goalscore is 18-17. Can I change anything? Or is it just beacuse I'm a big underdog team maybe? I have think about trying to use TIME 4231 (That with F9 striker). Is that tactic better defensive?
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