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  1. Players slowly lose role familiarity if you start training them on another role. Duties don't take much of a hit though. I usually train my players on two roles and I switch between the two every month. For example, my AMRL train as IF-S or IW-S each month, while my STC train False9 or Trequartista. Depending on how training weeks are set up, you can switch between 3 roles every two weeks or so.
  2. I'm modifying the Base Dark Skin and I need help with the quick chat popup box. On the default skin, the quick chat has these additional boxes for each optional reply. But they are missing on the Base Dark Skin. How can I add them? Thanks
  3. Great work. For me the most devastating thing Bayern do is the way they attack the penalty box and how they play the ball there. Liverpool do pretty much the same thing as well from a slightly different framework.
  4. You already have high D-Line so higher LOE makes sense. LOE is where you start your pressing. Only Pique is slow. The rest of the defenders are fast enough - Lenglet, Umtiti, Araujo. Get Eric Garcia in as well. I play with Much Higher LOE and High D-Line.
  5. You can play on lower mentality if you are having hard time against good opponents. Every tactic requires some small tweaks once in awhile based on observations. You just have to understand how each change affects your tactic to hopefully perform better. The base is good enough though. 3 goals from 4 shots is great return for Griezmann (or any player). Much better than in real life, that's for sure. Did you increase the LOE? It will help you win the ball higher up the field and it may lead to more chances. You can also increase the closing down a little bit.
  6. Who scored the goals and who assisted? Be careful against good sides with that left side of your team. It may get exposed on occasion. That's where you will need to have the CM-D for cover on the left side. Or remove the Overlap instruction and Prevent Short GK distribution. Have you considered using Higher Line of Engagement?
  7. They defend deep and narrow as well. So all they are giving you is the wings. You don't need Pass Into Space for that. There are other useful instructions to open them up and I mentioned them. But you don't have to agree or listen to me at all. Play the way you like. I was specifically talking about opponents that defend deep and narrow. Against more open opponents it's a different story.
  8. Pass Into Space is risky passes. The playmakers already do that anyway. When opponents play deep, there is little space to play risky passes. It would be just giving the ball away. I choose not to do that. I play wider and slower to draw them out and for that I up the passing a little. And I didn't say anything about hoofing the ball.
  9. If opponents are defending deep, then is Pass Into Space really effective? They don't leave space behind, do they? I find it more effective going wider, lowering tempo and upping the passing to Standard or More Direct, without using Pass Into Space. I also remove Dribble Less. I prefer to use IFs vs 3CDs+WBs formations.
  10. I would play Messi in Attacking duty. He has "comes deep" trait so with Support duty he may be too deep to be a goal threat from the AMC position. Griezmann in Support role instead. You don't have to use WB-A on the left. You can knock the duty down to Support and use Overlap instruction. This will also bring down the mentality of the IF to Attacking, same as the WB-S with the overlap. But you would still need the CM-D on the left hand side for cover. When you struggle to break down defenses, you should lower the tempo and up the passing to "standard" or "more direct". Also increase the Attacking width.
  11. Correct. I noticed Focus play doesn't affect mentalities anymore. But it has more affect in terms of how midfielders support play in area of focus.
  12. I doubt the Defend duty roles are Positive Mentality. They start as Cautious and can only jump up to Balanced with Focus Through Middle.
  13. The ME is the most important aspect of the game and I'm glad you guys have focused on it this year, considering the pandemic and all. Tactics and training are the next two important things for me. Hopefully next year it will be their turn for some update if the time allows it.
  14. I want to congratulate SI on the very good Match Engine. I think this is the best one for Beta release. I'm only unhappy with the match day widgets. Not very useful and informative. A lot of wasted space. The dugout widget needs to be made customizable or removable. I miss the formation widget available while playing 2D. The other widgets need to be made more customizable and movable. I'm sure someone on the skinning forum will create something to improve that. I also think we should be able to adjust the speed of the replays.
  15. Realistically nobody knows Messi's intentions at the moment. We can only assume he is no longer unhappy since Bartomeu and his board left. His status doesn't depend on when the elections are but rather who wins the elections and what conversation that person has with Messi. It's up in the air at this point. We will find out next summer.
  16. Messi was unhappy with Bartomeu and the board. They have resigned and there is no indication that he's still unhappy. There is also no indication he won't stay. Most likely he is waiting to see who the next president is. Bartomeu is not Barca's president in FM21. Eric Garcia has already told City he won't sign a new contract and nothing has changed there. His preference is to return to Barca.
  17. The earliest I've been hoping for is Nov 10. But I'm thinking it may be more likely like Nov 12. I prefer if SI take their time and make sure the game is really in Beta stage before releasing it, especially when it comes to the Match Engine.
  18. Sometimes we can try all the right adjustments and they still don't work because players just have a bad game. Or the opponents have a better day. It happens in real life too.
  19. If teams are regrouping and sitting back against you, I would suggest lower tempo and standard passing. Also play wider. For this playing style your players are good at keeping the ball, so I would also add Work Ball Into Box. With these instructions you should move them around and patiently wait for opening. You can also have overlapping on both flanks or try underlap on one side for variation.
  20. Personally, I'm not ordering/pre-ordering until they announce some features. The price or discounts don't matter to me. The game features and info is what's important to me the most. I'm specifically looking forward to ME, Tactics and Training info, if any.
  21. SI have removed other elements and then brought them back. Like Sidebar for example. I think we need with the ball and without the ball. We are pretty much there already with In possession, Transition and Out of possession separate instructions. Maybe not for FM21 but in near future the TC will evolve even more. It has to.
  22. I think it's a good solid combo for any kind of playing style. It's simple and effective. Variations can come with different player traits. I ignore which side the player prefers to play as I don't think it effects their performance. The balance of duties is a lot more important for sure. Because the DLP-S and the more attacking fullback on the same side will be exposed by better opponents. Hence why it's better to have more defensive midfielder next to the more attacking fullback.
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