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  1. They are a pain in the arse in my 2nd season. Just when you think they're about to drop points, they ALWAYS get a goal right at the death. Done it to me in the Betfred final and still have only drew once in the league, winning the rest. Still 8 points behind them and the gap doesn't look like closing any time soon.
  2. Managed to somehow get 6m off Fulham for Tav so with that I managed to negotiate a 2.5m deal for Dominik Khor!! Now need to find a right back as I'm deciding to hopefully cash in on Flanagan too. Have Dominic Iorfa but hes been bang average so far. Also, by some miracle, I've managed to finish 3rd in a CL group containing Porto Napoli and Liverpool. Highlight without a doubt a 6-1 win over Porto at Ibrox. Will post screenshots when I'm on the comp. Finally, if anyone's on the lookout for a cheap young winger, Jeong Woo Yeong from Bayern has been class for me. 600k in the summer with 5 star potential...
  3. He looks quality mate should still have room to improve as he's only 20. I loaned him out to Charlton this season where he's getting good ratings but seeing that screenshot makes me wish I kept him on. Hopefully be able to recall him.
  4. Sounds perfect then which probably means by come Jan he will be back as a key player! Same thing happened in the summer with Sturaro, 4m asking price from Juve and because I hadn't reached the group stages yet I couldn't afford him. Where does he end up the day before King gives me an extra couple of million for making the CL? Yep that mob across the city Cracking signings btw, I'm trying to play McCrorie as much as I can and he's coming along pretty nicely, him and his bro the first twins to play for us since the De Boers
  5. Just about half way through the 2nd season and after beating Celtic to the league and league cup last season, they're a different beast this year. Won all their games bar 1 draw leaving me 8 points behind them already. Managed to make the CL group stages though and have 25m in the bank so hopefully the financial gap has closed a bit. Am hoping the board release funds in January as there's a few very good transfer listed players that are interested in joining. Dominik Kohr for 3m looks like an absolute bargain so hopefully King gets the finger out
  6. I'm not sure if it's something to do with me using a different logo pack, had a look at the config files in your folder and the one in mine and the text at the top is different? Copied your config into my logo folder and changed the UEFA Cup ID to the one on my game and the CL, EL, etc all appear but still no UEFA Cup, also lost all my other comp logos. Have tried the same with the trophy image and it's the same story, could possibly just be a bug on my game? Have triple checked the ID (100000024) and the image files are definitely renamed to that. Anyway mate I'll not let this drag on as this is just a tiny issue with what is a fantastic database Cheers again for all your help.
  7. Yep, renamed to mirror the ID and put the info into config folder but still nothing. Did notice once I add a line into the config file for the UEFA Cup, all the other logos disappear then when I remove it they show again. Weird one and safe to say it has defeated me
  8. Sorry, thought I'd cracked it but it's not showing again. The ID on my game is 100000024, have added a line into the config file for the logos and trophies but still showing as default. Does this need to be in any sort of numerical order on the config file? Clueless when it comes to this side of FM so any help would be appreciated!
  9. Absolutely loving this so far mate. Proper nostalgia. However, I'm struggling to get the UEFA Cup logo & trophy showing, any ideas?
  10. Managed to win the league in the first season with Rangers quite easily, finished 12 ahead of Celtic who drew 10 games. Also finished the season unbeaten against them! Into September 2nd season now and have made it into the Champions League group stages, eliminating Ajax on the way. Only major signing is John Fleck on loan, managed to get the board to pay the agreed £6m fee after we made the CL so he becomes permanent in Jan. Borna Barisic has been absolutely unplayable and is now a club icon after one season. Dejan Joveljic, a 600k signing from Red Star is also in the favoured personnel now after scoring 11 in his first 3 games of the season. Celtic are a different animal this season though, won 3 of their first 4 league games 5-0 and have spent massively in the window (£35m). Hopefully by making the CL the financial gap will close a little but it's going to be hard to retain our title and keep our unbeaten run against our rivals going.
  11. Aye they are defo a bit overpowered at the start IMO. This is the best I've done against them in a good few versions. Played 3 won 2 and drew 1. They just sold Tierney to Arsenal for 41m in January and never really replaced him well which is typical of FM AI I suppose. Best player for me so far has been Xadas, absolute steak at 800k and now worth £4.5m, every goal he scores seems to be a screamer. Carles Alena and Florin Kainz on loan have been superb too. How's Peacock-Farrell doing for you btw? I'm on the lookout for McGregors replacement but finding it hard to find someone who has similar levels.
  12. I'm just hitting February in the first season with Rangers. 8 clear at the top ahead of Aberdeen who are a surprise 2nd, 9 clear of celtic. Won the league cup against celtic thanks to a 118th minute Barasic free kick (guy is a god). Lost in the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup to St Mirren though who seem to be my bogey team! How is everyone getting on with Morelos? Really struggling on mine with 12 goals. Had 10 at the start of September but is on a terrible run at the minute. January signings Shankland and Joveljic ahead of him in the pecking order now.
  13. Started again as Rangers and am half way through the season 6 points clear of cetlc Was unbeaten up until the first game after the winter break which was a 2-0 defeat at Parkhead. Record as it stands is after 22 games I have 19W 2D & 1L. Betfred Cup also in the bag. Lost out in the Europa League play off on away goals to Copenhagen but in between the 2 games I asked for more funds and was surprisingly given £8m by the board. Squad is shaping up nicely with Danilo (£1.8m), Dario Maresic (£4m), Dominik Kaiser (£250k), Thomas Kraft (£2m) and Jack Grimmer (£350k) all arriving in January to hopefully see me over the line. Maresic already down as a wonderkid and looks phenomenal already at 18. Also got another few quality youngsters in the squad with the likes of Daniel Brancaga, Fransisco Trincao and Tobias Svendsen joining McCrorie as the backbone for the future.
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