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  1. After his form for the last 3 + months, I think Borna Barisic should have his FM19 stats re instated on the next update. I can see why he was downgraded but now that he's up and running, he has been like a new signing for Rangers down the left. 2 assists in yesterday's win at celtic park too.
  2. Have got the mods sort of working but am unable to adjust the panels vertically (horizontally is fine). Also, when I choose a teams formation box it is just blank. Not got a clue where I'm going wrong here, can anyone help? I'm using the 'Base Skin With Background Support' if any help. Cheers.
  3. Just noticed Sheyi Ojo's wage is still paid in full by Rangers (£32.5k)... This possibly needs looked at as I can't see him being the 2nd highest paid player in Scotland? EDIT: Also a lad in the under 18's on £3k p/w - Kane Ritchie-Hosler...
  4. I feel the better consistency for Edouard is pretty harsh as Morelos has consistently, for a year and a bit now, scored against most teams in the league and in Europe (celtic aside). Agree with the comments regarding his composure too - He is well on course to hit 30 goals for the second season running so 5 for composure is low to say the least. Also, going by Ryan Jack's form this season, I feel he is due an upgrade. His game has went up a whole new level this year and he has arguably been Rangers best/most important player so far. Echo the comments above regarding Borna Barisic too. He was OP on last years version and I understand why he was downgraded so heavily. Last season, he was an absolute shell of the player who was a standout for Osijek but recently theres been a massive improvement and he's now made the Europa League's team of the week twice. Now also Croatia's first choice left back.
  5. PC, budget would be £1200 max give or take? My current Mac is a 25 inch screen so would ideally be after something in that ball park. Cheers.
  6. Thanks mate, appreciated. Fairly usless when it comes to this side of things, do you have any suggestions in mind?
  7. Well after 10 years, my Mac has decided to bite the dust and am on the look out for a replacement. I've came across this one but am just wondering if this would be able to handle FM2020 on highest 3D graphics settings? Also usually play with 7-9 leagues loaded and a large database with facepacks etc... Apple iMac (21.5-inch Retina 4K display, 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB Fusion Drive) 21.5-inch (diagonal) 4096x2304 Retina 4K display Quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i3 or 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor Radeon Pro 555X or 560X graphics processor Fairly clueless when it comes to the above so any feedback will be appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Can't wait for your content mate. Your videos have made me a 100 x better player.
  9. Aye it's a weird one, SFA at it again no doubt Audero has developed alot better in my save, will get a pic uploaded when back on the computer. Rajkovic ended up at Sevilla on 96k per week so hopefully I can get Audero to join permanently.
  10. Not sure why its dearer myself, it's not 7k exactly just a few hundred more. I had everything agreed with Rajkovic to arrive as McGregor's replacement for 2m and 20k a week in wages only for him to fail his work permit. Weird as he had over 20 caps for Serbia and was down as one of their key players. Ended up signing Audero on loan from Juve who looks even better than Rajkovic so pretty happy with how its played out.
  11. Think it was only £6m plus another £3/4m in installments, was still at Ajax and is still only 18, also now down as a wonderkid. Looks phenomenal though and scored a hat trick on his European debut. Massive selection headache with centre mids now though; Gravenberch, Elneny, Alena, Fleck, Kohr and Arfield all fighting for 2/3 spots. Also spoiled on the wings too with Gnabry, Kent, Roberts, Woo-Yeong and Malcolm all in contention!
  12. Aye the board defo seem to be very generous money wise this year! After selling Barisic I signed Rafa Soares and Ryan Gravenberch and still had £10m plus to spend. Also got something like £60k free for wages. I think King has found some extra cash down the back of his couch...
  13. So I'm a month into season 3 and after selling Barisic (£28m) and Xadas (£11m) my bank balance has shot up to £50m. I've asked for a stadium expansion which the board have agreed to but it's going to cost £42m and it'll only be an additional 7k seats. Once this is complete next year, will that figure be wiped off my balance? Pretty annoying if it does as I've wheeled and dealed some amount to get it to where it's at!
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