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  1. Aye it's a weird one, SFA at it again no doubt Audero has developed alot better in my save, will get a pic uploaded when back on the computer. Rajkovic ended up at Sevilla on 96k per week so hopefully I can get Audero to join permanently.
  2. Not sure why its dearer myself, it's not 7k exactly just a few hundred more. I had everything agreed with Rajkovic to arrive as McGregor's replacement for 2m and 20k a week in wages only for him to fail his work permit. Weird as he had over 20 caps for Serbia and was down as one of their key players. Ended up signing Audero on loan from Juve who looks even better than Rajkovic so pretty happy with how its played out.
  3. Think it was only £6m plus another £3/4m in installments, was still at Ajax and is still only 18, also now down as a wonderkid. Looks phenomenal though and scored a hat trick on his European debut. Massive selection headache with centre mids now though; Gravenberch, Elneny, Alena, Fleck, Kohr and Arfield all fighting for 2/3 spots. Also spoiled on the wings too with Gnabry, Kent, Roberts, Woo-Yeong and Malcolm all in contention!
  4. Aye the board defo seem to be very generous money wise this year! After selling Barisic I signed Rafa Soares and Ryan Gravenberch and still had £10m plus to spend. Also got something like £60k free for wages. I think King has found some extra cash down the back of his couch...
  5. So I'm a month into season 3 and after selling Barisic (£28m) and Xadas (£11m) my bank balance has shot up to £50m. I've asked for a stadium expansion which the board have agreed to but it's going to cost £42m and it'll only be an additional 7k seats. Once this is complete next year, will that figure be wiped off my balance? Pretty annoying if it does as I've wheeled and dealed some amount to get it to where it's at!
  6. Another freebie who will hopefully see us get the title back!
  7. Tragic. Why bring that up at all? Maybe it's you who's the real bigot here. It's a Football Manager forum ffs.
  8. He's definitely a level above the rest of the Scottish league that's for sure. If I got him for next season my wing options would be outrageous - Gnabry, Patrick Robert's, Kent and Malcolm. Joveljic and Eggestein battling it out up top too, gonna be a challenge keeping them all happy!
  9. So after managing to reduce celtics lead at the top from 8 points to 3, I went into the 2nd last old firm game confident of a win. Malcolm was proving an inspired loan signing hitting 7 goals in his first 8 apps. What do I then do going into this game? Forget to change my heavily rotated squad from the game before and leave him on the bench! Lost 1-0 too which means the league is all but over. Did get some revenge in the Scottish Cup though, sending them out in the quarter finals so it looks like this will be my only chance of silverware after a successful first season. Also in the quarter final of the Europa League after beating both Zenit and Salzburg 5-1 on aggregate. PSG next though so it looks like our Euro journey stops there. Just want the season over now so I can unleash Gnabry and P Roberts.
  10. Well done mate. Do you go straight into CL group stages now?
  11. What. A. Win. Can't believe how well we've been playing recently, absolutely unreal front 3 of Kent, Malcolm & Joveljic. Malcolm was a deadline day addition from Barca on loan, 22.5k a week wages and zero loan fee was a no brainer. Might just be building my best ever squad with Rangers on any FM, if i can renew Malcolm's deal until the end of next season then things are looking good indeed.
  12. Dejan Joveljic turning into a bit of a machine... Back to back hat-tricks putting Edinburgh back in its place
  13. Get in there Him and Patrick Roberts are about to unleash havoc on the Scottish Prem!
  14. King looks quality, great decision and vision stats. Once his passing improves he will create goals left right and centre. This is my current strongest XI: Going back to the 4-2-3-1 means I've got quite a selection headache with a few quality players missing out (Fleck, Arfield, Xadas). Starting to regret asking the board to make Flecks loan permanent, £6m they forked out for what will now be a rotation player due to the emergence of Alena. Some of my best players below (unsure how to make the pics bigger); Carles Alena - First singing I made, been on loan from Barca past 2 seasons and is developing into a real game changer. Dejan Joveljic - £600k signing from Red Star Belgrade, top scorer with 19 goals so far although 13 of them have been in Europe. Kasey Palmer - On loan from Chelsea, absolutely lethal from outside the box, hitting 10 goals already. Out of contract next season so hopefully will snap him up. Jeong Woo-Yeong- Another cheap signing (£650k from Bayern) A real big game player with 5 star potential, been a stand out in the CL for me this season and will only get better. Ryan Kent - Already on loan at the start, renewed his deal for the 2nd season and after not playing much at the start of the season, he's now listed as the clubs key player. And now on to the players who are giving me a selection headache... Xadas - Picked up for £800k in the first window, was superb last season hitting 20 goals but development has stalled due to Palmers form. May send him out on loan to get game time. John Fleck - Home-grown and initially signed on loan at the start of the season, I asked the board to sanction a permanent deal and he was signed for £6m. Now starting to regret that move due to Alena outshining him. Finally a few players who will become key members of the squad in the future... Sigurd Gronli - Picked up for £300k and has spent the best 2 seasons on loan at Brann in Norway where he's been voted the player of the season and also hit double figures in goals both seasons. Leonardo Teixeira - My replacement for Morelos. Picked up on the cheap, he will be given as much game time as possible to maximise his 5 star potential.
  15. He was amazing on FM18 but for some reason he's struggled this year for me. I just signed a 17 year old Portuguese regen for 60k who looks like he could develop well so that will be his replacement. At the start of the season I was experimenting with trying to fit Alena, Fleck, Xadas and Palmer in the same side so went for a 4-3-2-1/4-3-1-2. On paper it sounded good but I just didn't feel comfortable watching it play out. After I lost 3-0 to Celtic in October I switched back to a 4-2-3-1, brought Kent back in from the cold and it has saved my season. He's been on fire and is now showing as the club's key player on the overview screen, scoring 12 goals since mid October. Will post pics of my tactics/key players when I'm back on the computer. Congrats on making the CL btw, you'll notice a massive increase in finances and even if you can manage 2 wins like I did, that's another 4m in the bank (2m for each win). Think it's like 800k for a draw too so even that's pretty good. Shame about Hernandez as he could just about play for any team in Europe. I've been doing a bit of scouting for when Borna eventually leaves and came across a few who look pretty decent; Josh Tymon from Stoke and Aaron Martin from Espanyol who starts on loan at Mainz. Could be worth looking into?
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