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  1. @knap had no idea that existed cheers! love how you have your own section on there. the voting doesn't seem very active though and i'm declaring the whole test void as there's no warrior on there
  2. so for everyone who reads this thread - what's been your favourite tactic? be good if we could do a poll really. think mine is warrior but there's still some i haven't tried. still looking and hoping for something a bit more exciting than 442
  3. i mean according to mr l tests there have been some 4231/3 striker formations that have still been very good, but from trying them out personally i still can't seem to get anything close to the warrior 442 results wise
  4. keep finding myself coming back to warrior370 after experimenting with all the different formations. i think it's the best and most consistent. shame really as i find 442 really boring. would love a 4231 or 433 that was effective as warrior. hopefully that's possible on fm21
  5. @knap Any chance you could test your recent argus 3412 in Mr l league when you get some spare time? I love 3cb formations!
  6. which skin is this please? reminds me of an older version of fm
  7. @knap have you tried creating a flat 343 on this version? i'm guessing you have and the results weren't great? used to love a 343 on the older fms
  8. @knap haha i know mate. felt super solid all season i never really felt like i was going to lose even in tough away games. only lost 2 games all season and that was to swansea in the league cup on pens and utd away 3-0 in the fa cup. was desperate for the park the tank achievement and went 9 games without conceding a few times but never made it to 10 hopefully i can do it next season
  9. using warrior 370pts. probably my best season in all my years of playing fm. may have got a 100% record if i didn't have to keep rotating my team to keep everyone happy. have a team full of amazing newgens obviously but still performed very well. according to gs my team is still on par with utd, city and arsenal. cheers knap!
  10. any idea why this always happens? obviously you have to lose at some point but it always feels a bit inevitable and it's hard to recover from
  11. sorry knap only just seen this. i'm playing my other save at the moment with gloucester. got to the prem using warriorp100 and have been struggling for a few years. my team is good but i think the problem is i'm in 2030 and the ai have ridiculous teams full of regens so maybe i'm not as good as i thought. i'm comfortably top 4 atm using warriorp370 but utd and city are just too strong!
  12. this is driving me insane just lost to everton and west brom at home back to back. i'm just so inconsistent. no idea how you guys are having so much success
  13. @knap by the way do you have a 3412 with wingbacks? couldn't see one on the spreadsheet. it's my favourite formation but haven't used it since the days of cm 01/02
  14. @knap cheers knap. what's best to do with shouts? ignore them or use ass man? i can't be bothered to do them sometimes!
  15. Still having trouble on this version of FM very inconsistent with man utd. I'm convinced it's something to do with tactical briefings/touchline shouts. Not sure whether to leave them to ass man or just ignore them completely. Keep seeing mixed reviews from people. Usually have so much success just plugging and playing with knaps tactics
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