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  1. just lost in the league for the first time in 39 games. 2-1 away to bristol city played my second string. i'll never learn.
  2. might have to take over my beloved united though. they finished 14th last season and are now in 19th place after 10 games hate leaving behind everything that i've built though.
  3. the cm has 12 appearances with 2 goals and 5 assists - 7.85 avg rating the bwm has 8 appearances with 2 goals and 0 assists - 7.78 avg rating i do rotate alot though. for league cup and cl group games i tend to swap them out. also they aren't even suited to the position due to me switching from knaps 433 to this and i kinda left it too late to bring in any new players so just trying to retrain them. having said all that though that's still some pretty solid ratings isn't it?
  4. this 442 is insane how do you do it? will post some results later.
  5. just unlocked the top form achievement for not losing in 30 matches
  6. decent season - blew teams away for the most part but unfortunately i lost the fa cup and cl finals. something really strange has happened though. over the summer i sold a few of my top players cos i'm struggling for cash and brought in some younger ones with good potential..weakening my defence in the process, or at least that's what i thought. the difference in goals conceded in both seasons is insane. i was one game away from unlocking the parking the tank achievement for the first time in my fm history. i knew arsenal would score. think i would have won the inter game aswell but i play my 2nd xi in the cl group stages. here's my colombia qualification results aswell. was struggling until i switched to this tactic after the loss to argentina. ended up topping the group on the final day. i've probably tried all of your tactics again this year knap and this one is hands down the best in my experience.
  7. yeh i thought that was the case. i have used your BM 343 though and the other BM 433 (i think?) and they were no where near this good for me. strange how everyone seems to have really mixed results with the same teams and tactics.
  8. i've tried all of your other fm18 tactics and a lot of them have been solid enough and brought success. this one is completely different though, i haven't scored this many before. usually win the league with about 80-90 goals but now i'm on 54 with only 14 games played. the man utd result was probably expected and the bournemouth game i was 2-0 up with about 5 minutes to go. only game which was strange was the southampton game - it's the only time i felt like i wasn't really dominating the opposition. can't win them all i guess.
  9. having a lot of fun with this tactic so far. probably the best i've used on fm18 and i've pretty much tried them all. top work again knap
  10. ok cheers man. by the way when you talk about future tactic testing are you referring to mr l's website like he did last year?
  11. have you tested much of the standard mentality knap?
  12. ah ok cheers mate. i have never bothered with team talks i prefer to just ignore them as they seem to have way too much influence on results. feels like there's some proper hidden intricate formula to them that i just can't be arsed with. i guess some defeats are just unavoidable though which is pretty good i guess in terms of realism, just makes me frustrated because i don't think i'll ever have an unbeaten season glad to hear it's not just me then! i do win the occasional big game but the majority of the time it's just a constant stream of highlights for the opposition. i guess luck plays a big part like you said. i find cup finals extremely difficult aswell. always feels like i'm the only away team when we're at a neutral venue.
  13. my first above could be aimed at you aswell i guess
  14. nice. do you change anything for the big away games? i am having a lot of success and i know sometimes defeats are inevitable but even with all my league titles i always seem to lose like 4-5 games a season which are usually the big away ones. just can't get near them and you can just tell from the 1st minute you're gonna be in for a rough time.
  15. have you found the asymmetric better than your 3412 in testing then? bit reluctant to make the switch as i've found the 3412 very good so far.
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