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  1. ah fair enough. i'm sure it was a 442 but yes i remember the barrows. i definitely rememeber a 442 (maybe it was on a later version) and thinking there's no way a 442 can work on fm..but yeh it was unreal
  2. does anyone know if you can get more than 17 first team coaches or 29 scouts? just wondering as the option has been there for years now to ask for more but they always refuse. seems like i've hit the limit but find it strange i can keep asking for more
  3. yeh i'm sure i remember it! if i remember correctly it was a 442? i remember seeing all these weird tactics released and then you came along with a basic 442 and i was thinking who is this guy? but it was incredible and the rest is history
  4. @knap was using dark side of the moon 4132 all season and while it was very high scoring i was still dropping the occasional silly points. mainly in the big away games but also at home to teams like norwich and derby. i was still flying in the league but still wanted more. just noticed you updated the spreadsheet so switched to the hgf pts105 which is currently in the lead (still early days of course as you've only tested 3!) but it is doing absolutely amazing so far. and you made it way back in november! almost at the end of the season so no point posting any screenshots as i've used sev
  5. giggling at the typo of the youtube vid. dark side of the moob sounds like a problem i get when i sunbathe
  6. that's crazy. i must be doing something wrong because i have a much better team than what barcelona have and my record with the same tactic was 29-5-4. for 110 against 34. my top scorer only had 40 also no idea how salah sometimes hits 70+ on knaps tests
  7. just coming back to this. been frustrated for so long as i feel like i'm not doing anywhere near as well as i should be. i mean i'm still winning the league but in terms of dominating games and scoring goals it just hasn't really been there. just decided to add attacking movement match prep before every game and i've won 10 on the spin banging in the goals aswell. seems like it is really helping me. although none of this explains why i can't replicate everyone elses success in terms of points and goals when they most likely let their AM take charge of training anyway
  8. oh nice thanks for the reply. i've been struggling to score with most tactics which is annoying because my strikers are ridiculously good! i have tried doing the training myself and also letting the am do it, not sure if it makes a difference in my opinion. sometimes i think it makes things worse. in fact i don't even know anymore this game drives me insane
  9. are you adjusting column width yourself? because you can right click and press auto size all columns. that usually keeps it locked for me
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